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Introducing DUO: PCH Porcelain Composite Hybrid Vanessa Amador

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1 Introducing DUO: PCH Porcelain Composite Hybrid Vanessa Amador

2 Objective To reposition, rebrand, repackage & enhance the product quality of Cerinate One-Hour Reposition from being a ‘cheap veneer’ to a premium anterior direct restoration system Rebrand away from the misleading name of One-Hour Cerinate Permanent Veneers Establish a new sub-category within direct restorations Introduce a simpler product and a smaller 28 unit starter kit

3 Dilemmas with current Procedures
Composite Complex sculpting into ideal form Significant reduction of natural tooth structure More susceptible to staining and fracturing Require regular polish due to staining and loss of luster Veneer Involve custom lab work that can extend into long turn around times High end of the price spectrum with average unit price of about $1000

4 Current One-Hour Obstacles/ Challenges
Cumbersome Intro Kit (80 units, difficulty shade modifying) Difficulty Identifying Suitable Target Market (targeting Lumineer dentists) False promise of 1 hour treatment time Positioned as a ‘cheap veneer’

5 Customer Insight Dentist Insight:
“Many of my patients have thought about improving their smile, but they simply are not committed enough to invest the time and money into veneers. I am doing far fewer veneer cases today than I used to. I would offer these patients a composite veneer solution, but the quality of an anterior composite restoration does not meet my standard of practice. I wish there was a product that addresses the shortcomings of current direct bonding techniques so I can provide quality anterior restorations more affordably.” Consumer VOC (Inside Dentistry, May 2012.): I want to fix my teeth with either orthodontics or veneers, but I don’t want it to take forever and I can’t afford to pay a lot.

6 Target Market Clinicians who currently do a lot of direct composite bonding Clinicians catering to lower to middle income patients Clinicians who do a lot of PFM repair

7 Duo: PCH Value Proposition
Duo PCH (concept name) + Porcelain Composite Hybrid (descriptor) Duo PCH is the next evolution in anterior direct composite finishing, providing a superior solution to composite veneers. Reasons To Believe No need to layer composite “free-hand” Porcelain holds its luster better than composite and does not chip or fracture as easily Porcelain facing provides improved durability and easy finishing

8 Clinical Applications
Permanently whiten stained or dark teeth Reshape misaligned, awkward or crooked teeth Even out uneven teeth Lengthen short teeth Close gaps Revitalize old crowns and bridgework Fix chipped teeth

9 Duo: PCH - New 28 Unit Kit Starter Kit Veneer Content
All Uppers – Pre Etched (14) Medium & (14) Large (2) Bicuspids, (4) Cuspids, (4) Laterals, (4) Centrals per size Standard translucency Price Point DISTRIBUTOR PRICE Composite Cement Shades A1/B1 A2/B2 A3.5 OM1 Flexural Strength 195 MPA Thickness mm Opacity 35% / B1 Shade

10 Bottom Tray 28 Veneer Units Uppers: (14) Medium & (14) Large
Per Size: (2) Bicuspids, (4) Cuspids, (4) Laterals, (4) Centrals Patient Caddy Station Pink Syringe Tips 18g/30* (20pc) Black Composite Syringe Tips (25 pc) Brush Tips (25pc) Brush Tip Handle (1pc) Matrix Strips CLR Schure 349 Instrument CeriSaw Anterior Handle (1pc) CeriSander Strips Fine (6 pc), Ultra-Fine (6 pc) Sizing Guide Upper S, M, L Sizing Guide Upper XS, XL Sizing Guide Lower S, M

11 Top Tray 4 Composite Cement Shades (A1/B1, A2/B2, A3.5, OM1
TetraPaque® Enamel Paste 1g Porcelock® Porcelain Etchant 1.7mL Etch ‘N Seal® 3mL Porcelain Laminate Polishing Paste 5g Porcelain Conditioner 6g Cerinate Prime® 5mL Tenure® A&B Adhesives 6mL Tenure® S Dab-Eze® 3g Dappen dishes (7pc) Patient Caddy (7pc)

12 Supplemental Features & Accessories
Covering from Bicuspid-Bicuspid 5 Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Uppers- in all sizes Lowers- in S/M only Standard and High* translucency to emulate natural tooth esthetics 4 Cement shades instead of shade modifiers *Available December 2012

13 Key Benefits Patient Duo: PCH gives those patients who could not afford traditional veneers the opportunity for a smile makeover Dental Professional A more affordable cosmetic solution that you can stand behind clinically Combines the convenience of a composite build up with the finishing beauty of porcelain An enhanced anterior direct restoration that does not require ‘free hand’ layering No lab fee required

14 Placement Protocol: Pre- Procedure
Determine if composite build up and/or prepping is needed. Complete build up- or reduction. Determine if either intraoral or extra-oral customization is preferred. If latter is preferred, impression taking is required to create stone model. Use the sizing guide to help assist in selecting appropriate veneer size.

15 Preparation – Porcelain Shells
Contour outline of veneers for aesthetic alignment; mesial-to-distal and incissal-to-gingival margins Contour lingual (mating) surface as required for proper fit Treat the veneers with Porcelain Conditioner for 30 seconds. Rinse and dry well. Apply Cerinate Prime to the porcelain shells for 30 seconds and blow thin Apply one coat of Tenure S Place porcelain shells into Patient Caddy and immediately shield from light until the veneers are seated

16 Surface Preparation – Tooth
Prepare tooth using minimally invasive techniques, if desired Trial fit the porcelain veneer to the prepared tooth. If another shell is more suitable, clean and sterilize the discarded unit for future reuse. Repeat steps 3-7

17 Bonding Apply Etch N’ Seal for 20 seconds, then rinse and dry
Apply 3-5 coats of the Tenure A-B mixture to each tooth and gently blow thin with air Apply 1 coat of Tenure S and blow to a thin coat Place Mylar strips interproximally, if desired Select the appropriate shade and apply the composite cement to the prepared shell, then seat the veneer Wipe off gross excess composite cement and ensure veneer is positioned properly

18 Bonding Tack cure using a curing light such as the Sapphire PAC light or FlashLite with a 2mm tip near the mid- incisal edge for 3-5 seconds to stabilize veneer Repeat steps 9-15 to place the remaining veneers Remove excess uncured composite cement from all veneers Final cure all surfaces of every tooth veneered for seconds with a 9mm broad tip Finish all margins as you would for a composite Finish interproximal areas using finish and polishing strips We recommend using the Lumineers Finishing Kit or your own fine diamonds

19 New Duo: PCH Advertisement

20 Edelweiss Competitive Overview
Manufacturer Ultradent Brand Edelweiss Product Positioning Direct Composite Veneers: Minimally invasive, reduces the amount of necessary tooth preparation, less costly than Lab based veneers, seated in just one appointment Comes in one shade and uses composite to modify shade Come in different shapes and sizes so there is minimal tooth prep allowing you to keep more natural tooth structure Clinical Indications Correcting anatomical deformities, Repairing damage caused by bruxism, Changing the shape and length of teeth, Closing a diastema, Fixing tooth discoloration, Treating caries Technology Laser Sintering (Durability), Amelogen Plus (76% fill rate by weight) Starter Kit Contents (18 Veneers total): 6 Small Uppers (#6 -11), 6 Medium Uppers (#6 -11), 6 Large Uppers (#6-11), 1, 1.2 mL syringe Ultra-Etch, 1, 1/2mL syringe Peak Universal Bond, 7 Jiffy Polishing Cups, 5, 0.3g Composite Compules of ea. Amelogen Plus shade (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, N, SL), 20 Inspiral Brush Tips, 10 Blue Micro Tips, 1 Shade Guide

21 Edelweiss Competitive Selling
Ultradent Claim DenMat’s Response Harder; more resistant to scratching and wear than other composite veneers Duo: PCH offers: Superior esthetics, stain resistance, durability -Composite lasts 4-8 years while porcelain lasts years -Composite requires constant maintenance and Porcelain is extremely resistant to staining and chipping Laser sintered combining high gloss uniform surface with a thermally tempered base for added durability Duo: PCH offers: Strongest leucite reinforced, pressable glass ceramic on the market today -Porcelain has better physical properties including hardness, finish and resiliency of enamel and dentin 18 Veneers 28 Veneers

22 Componeers Competitive Overview
Manufacturer Coltène (Whaledent AG) Brand Name Componeer Product Positioning Direct Composite Veneers: nano-hybrid- composite material offers strength and stability- used same way as enamel veneers Cement is light-cured Shiny and naturally designed surface adds a look of vitality to the restoration Clinical Indications Single tooth Reconstruction, Complete Reconstruction in the anterior region: Extending incisors, Malposition, Cosmetic Correction, Discoloration, Anatomical Malformation, and Diastema Technology Highly filled nano-hybrid-composite which ensures excellent homogeneity and stability of the enamel shells Starter Kit Contents 84-unit Premium System Kit & 36-Unit Basic System Kit: Both include Accessory Set/Instruments, Accessory Set/ Materials. May order both Kits with Synergy D6 Tips or Syringes Comments Pre-shaped veneers available in different sizes and two shades

23 Componeers Competitive Selling
Coltene Claim DenMat’s Response Extremely thin veneer coatings from 0.3mm allow a high level of conservation of hard tooth substance during preparation Duo: PCH Thickness: 0.3mm – 0.4mm   Novel micro-retentive inner surface increases wettability and ensures a durable bond Duo: PCH offers: Strongest leucite reinforced, pressable glass ceramic on the market today -Porcelain has better physical properties including hardness, finish and resiliency of enamel and dentin If Componeers chip, doesn’t have to be replaced (like porcelain) but can be repaired Composite lasts 4-8 years while porcelain lasts years -Composite requires constant maintenance and Porcelain is extremely resistant to staining and chipping 84 Veneers 28 Veneers

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