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Furniture Design (3) ( IDF 4102 ) Fourth Lecture Week six Faculty of Arts and Design.

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1 Furniture Design (3) ( IDF 4102 ) Fourth Lecture Week six Faculty of Arts and Design

2 Furniture Design (3) Course Lecturer : Prof. Hana Yassen Course assistant : Eng. Maha Elwany Location ( F 513 ) Lecture (8:30-9:20) Tutorial ( 9:30-1:20 ) Office hours: Thursday ( 8:30 – 12:30 ) E-mail :

3 - Developing your creative ability on a course with a design culture that considers all aspects of furniture and related product design, and a philosophy that thrives on new ideas, new ways of doing things and the exploration of creative possibilities. We celebrate diversity and encourage our students to develop - their own personal identities. -- Learning to think about furniture in its broadest terms, developing your creativity by exploring space, form and structure. -- Designing different furniture units to suit any interior space according to the needed function (counter – storing shelves – chairs – decorative partitions, etc ……) within architectural artistic aspects, considering working details and used material, and according to human scale standard measurements (Anthropometric) and duty function (Ergonomics). - Studying includes research skills idea generation concept development ergonomics model making production and communication. Course Objectives:

4 Course Description: - Training students on drawing different elevations (plan – vertical elevation – side elevation) for interior spaces ( residential, commercial and office) furniture units using suitable drawing scales. - Drawing different illustrating sections showing the working details used in each unit. - Drawing different isometric perspectives showing the wooden joints used in each unit. - Studying the different line textures used in illustrating different wooden parts and joints through plans, elevations, sections and perspectives. - Designing a decorative furniture unit using the suitable joints and geometrical drawing details.

5 Way of evaluation The course grade is 150 in total in a final evaluation committee with three examiners Attendance: (10) Presentation: (30) Mid-term exam (A daily project): (10) Final evaluation: (100) - First project (50 ) -Second project (50 ) Total = 150

6 Websites: - Joseph De Chiara, Michael J. Crosbie. Time-saver standards for building types.4th edition. Mc.Graw-Hill.New York. - The best of fine wood working tables & chairs. Fine wood working pub., Tauton press. - Thomas a. Heinz. Frank Loyd Wright Interiors & Furniture, Academy Press. Textbooks: - - - interior-design/99943

7 Research for working details (needed joints and connections for different kinds of materials and partitions) - The fundamental structure and technical details are the basis for all designs. - offering all the tools necessary to enhance and maximize the aesthetic visions for each design. Optimal designs, elegant details & simplicity in technical methods. Here are some connector samples for modern partitions

8 Example one: Flow composite panel Connector


10 - CONNECTOR is a ceiling mounted partition system with a unique linking element incorporated into each of the panel designs. - Each panel seamlessly integrate into the next panel to create a continuous extension without the need for additional hardware. - These patterns are developed organically from its connection points and continually morph to create its final shape. - CONNECTOR is available in a variety of design options. - Our standard material for this system is made from a double sided, brushed laminate with a walnut stain color.

11 Example Two: Domino cellular, aluminum composite panels



14 Domino - DOMINO is a simple and elegant ceiling mounted paneling solution designed to fit in any space and situation by employing a simple and flexible concept. - This system combines hardware and panel designs into a package providing easy assembly and seamless integration into any environment. - The impeccable aluminum surface is finished on two sides with a hard plastic core for rigidity and strength. - Its modern and sophisticated designs can enhance any décor and help define a space. - DOMINO is available in a variety of panel sizes that can extend using the proprietary aluminum hardware included in this package

15 Example Three: Constructor cell extruded plastic panels

16 Web extruded plastic panels

17 Wave extruded plastic panels

18 Forest extruded plastic panels

19 Constructor - CONSTRUCTOR is a freestanding and fully self-supporting partition system designed to create walls for dividing and defining areas for privacy without blocking views or light. - Manufactured from rigid lightweight plastic sheets, this system is developed to allow limitless configurations without restrictions. - CONSTRUCTOR is available in wide color options and designs to compliment any interior. - The patterns vary in style, from simple and elegant to intricate 3D effects, these partitions are visually striking and can easily integrate into any designed or envisioned environment. - The hardware for this system is developed for endless configurations and expansions.

20 Example Four: Folding screens

21 Folding screen - FOLDING SCREENS is a new take on the traditional folding screen with modern twist combining new designs with new materials. -Manufactured from wide range of materials, this system is developed to allow easy integration into your space. We have a few different systems to choose from. -The double layers create three dimensional effects and dramatic shadows. - The hardware for this system is developed for endless configurations and expansions. - Some of the modular systems allows user to add panels to create wider lengths.

22 Assignment: Applying the suitable Working Details for the Designed partition

23 Thank You Prof. Hana Yassen Eng. Maha Elwany

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