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Expanding Exports with Food Processing Technology & Packaging Systems

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1 Expanding Exports with Food Processing Technology & Packaging Systems
July, 2012 Central Philippine University Expanding Exports with Food Processing Technology & Packaging Systems Food Technology: Gearing Up for Exports Thomas Dunn Flexpacknology LLC

2 What is Success? WHAT: Increased exports
WHY: Increased national capital Jobs Wealth Economic demand How long: Long term Sustainability Economic Social Environmental

3 HOW: Food Technology! What is that?

4 The study of foods’ First: Food Science is Makeup Decline Processing
 Chemical  Physical  Biological/ Microbial Decline Processing

5 Food technology is the application of the following to Food Science
For the Safe Use of Food! Selection Preservation Processing Packaging Distribution Source: Institute of Food technologists

6 Beginning—Middle—End
END: Distribution Packaging Processing MIDDLE: Preservation BEGINNING: Selection Gearing up for Exports

7 Begin with the End in Mind
Literally: The distribution system Covey’s Successful Habit #2… Product Destination Product Destination Product Destination Product Destination Product Itinerary to Destination Gives direction for: Selection Gives Specification to: Preservation Processing Packaging

8 Distribution: Destination

9 From Distribution comes Direction For Selection
US, Western Europe, Japan Western Pacific The demand for Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) is well established. Cultural pressures influence priorities Convenience Healthy Life Style Perpetual snacking Mix up Global cuisine Ready for imports The growth of Middle Class drives demand for CPGs. Area is the source of “exotic fare”. Opportunity: Global exports Internal/Regional growth Economic dynamics* Slow growth Fast growth

10 * Economic opportunity: Developing Countries#
52% with >$8/day Top 39% with $2-8/day Middle 9% with <$2/day Bottom 2.7 billion people in developing countries: Concerned about safe & healthy food (children) Live in remote areas, Shop traditional stores Buy for one day World Population #TetraPak(2012) ref. Prahalad(2004)

11 From Selection comes Direction For others
Value Addition Opportunity Preservation Processing Packaging Distribution

12 Processed in the Philippines
Selection Preservation/Processing Packaging Tropical Fruits Thermally Stabilized Healthy Snack

13 (Value-added) Product of the Philippines

14 Processing Research Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies (CAPPs): Institute of Food Technologists Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award Processing/Packaging Processing Systems (2009 and 2010) USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) $25Million study to strengthen food safety Studying human noro-viruses across the food supply chain Design effective control measures Reduce the number of virus-caused foodborne illnesses

15 Advances in Processing
Thermal Processing Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization Continuous Flow (North Carolina State University)* Prepackaged (Washington State University)* Pressure Assisted thermal Sterilization Ohio State University National Center for Food Science and Technology Non-Thermal Processing High Pressure Processing (Commercial) Pulsed Electric Field (Commercial) *IFT: Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award

16 “ Fresh Prepared” Food Minimally processed food Healthy life styles
Convenience Sustainable sourcing and product life cycle

17 Packaging & Sanitation Enable “Fresh Prepared” Food
Good manufacturing practices HACCP Global Standards Packaging Contain Protect & Preserve Distribute Inform/Sell Taken to new levels of excellence

18 Case Study: I Stand up pouches with fitments
Solutions in search of a problem Available for decades Gualapack CheerPack

19 Same food: new opportunity
Convenience for time-poor mothers of toddlers Traditional No glass chards Less mess Process - Challenging Reclosable optimized process

20 Same Food: Distinctive Package
Jar Cup Pouch Material Glass jar/metal cap Foil laminate lid/ barrier plastic cup Foil laminate/ plastic fitment & cap Reclosable Yes Additional cap YES Processing Thermal Thermal/Aseptic Hot fill/Thermal Dispensing Assisted Self Distinctive Package: Enhanced Experience

21 Remaining Possibilities
Expand high acid-hot fill/low acid-thermal Continuous Flow Microwave High Pressure Processing Pulsed Electric Field Develop aseptic form/fill/seal Tropical fruit purees Low price point/traditional distribution

22 Case Study: II Global Fresh Foods (US pat No. 8,187,653 )

23 Smart Packaging: Multi-tasking
Component Function GFF Service Module Sum of these parts/temperature control Pallet Basic transport unit/Cube shipping container Product Stored in rigid totes SAF-D Sealed Enclosure Flexible controlled atmosphere packaging GFF Blue Box Convert residual O2 to H2O Smart Packaging: Team Player

24 Impressive Results 30+ days shipping/storage Green Supply Chain
14 Day ocean transport 14 day retail shelf life Green Supply Chain CO2 emissions/lb: 99% Recycled content corrugated Reusable packaging components Natural gases/no preservatives

25 In Summary Packaging is a critical part of food technology
Food technology involves other disciplines Packaging must work with these other parts There are always new jobs for packaging to do! Preservation & processing drive packaging. Begin with Food Science End with food safety

26 Thank you!…questions? www.

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