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My Solar Oven By Nathan Varnell.

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1 My Solar Oven By Nathan Varnell

2 Objective and Hypothesis
My objective was to see if I could cook S’mores using a solar oven to harness the Sun’s energy. My hypothesis was “I can cook with a solar oven as long as the necessary conditions exist”.

3 What I Used In this project the materials that I used were: a recycled pizza box, black construction paper, aluminum foil, heavy plastic laminate, non-toxic glue, tape, scissors, a ruler, a black marker, and two straws.

4 What I Did To make my solar oven I first measured and drew out a one-inch border on the top of the pizza box. Next, I created a flap by cutting along three of the sides that I had drawn, leaving one of them uncut. I then folded the uncut side back, and glued aluminum foil onto it.

5 What I Did [continued] After I put on the foil, I took the laminate and tightly sealed it onto the opening that I made, creating an oven window. Next, I lined the bottom of the pizza box with aluminum foil, then carefully placed and glued a sheet of black construction paper onto the foil.

6 What I Did [continued] I carefully put two S’mores in the oven and placed it outside with the flap angled towards the sun.

7 Finishing Touches. . . Finally, I took two straws and used black duct tape to secure them as props to keep the oven flap open, helping to direct sunlight into the oven. I left the oven outside for about an hour or two, occasionally checking on the progress.

8 Conclusion Objective: To cook S’mores with a solar oven.
I did not completely achieve this. It only made the marshmallows stick to the chocolate as they both softened slightly from the heat in the oven. Reasons it did not completely work for me: Cooler outdoor temperatures, lack of direct sunlight, plastic laminate might have been too thick, and I might not have had the oven at the proper angle to reflect the sun’s rays into the oven. Also, heat may have escaped from certain parts of the oven. Hypothesis answer: I believe that my hypothesis could still be correct as long as the conditions needed for success existed. The things that I would change are: A) Conducting this experiment when there is more direct sunlight. B) Conducting this experiment in warmer outdoor conditions. C) Finding a thinner plastic laminate. D) Finding a better angle towards the sun. E) Taping up the edges of the pizza box to keep heat from escaping.

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