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2012-2013 Season. Bill Malin Mike Bierbaum James Grim Rick Haynie Pete Marotti.

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1 2012-2013 Season

2 Bill Malin Mike Bierbaum James Grim Rick Haynie Pete Marotti

3 Anderson Bellmont Bishop Dwenger Canterbury Carroll Columbia City Dekalb Central* Heritage Leo North Side West Noble * New Team

4 YBOT needs your help. We need volunteers to research the possibility of starting a YBOT Workshop. We are in the planning phase right now. Mentor and recommended students are needed. Sign up today!

5 Yes you can help YBOT too. We need help both post-season and pre-season. Programmers, Web Designers, Photographers, Videographers, etc. If you are interested please let your mentors know.

6 YBOT has purchased a MakerBot Replicator. Would like to make parts for teams. More details to come.

7 Material Rules Stock no thicker than ¼ Teams may laminate material together No bolts thicker than ¼ O.D. and related hardware No bearings larger than ¼ I.D. Up to $300 total on non-VEX wheels, sensors, and controllers. Up to two 7.2 VEX or equivalent batteries may be used.

8 Robot Controllers Teams must use VEX Cortex robot microcontroller and transmitter. Teams will no longer be able to use VEX Pic microcontrollers. Teams may use a Arduino controller if controlled by the VEX Cortex microcontroller.

9 Whitepapers Teams will be allowed to use non- VEX electronics and/or modify VEX electronics. Teams will be required to provide a whitepaper for approval PRIOR to competition. Teams will not be allowed to use any non-vex electronics and/or modify VEX electronics unless the whitepaper is approved.

10 WARNING!!!!!! We cant verify how all modifications will effect your robot. It may cause your robot to act in an unexpected manner. You may also harm your robot components. It will be the teams responsibility to test compatibility to the field.

11 Robot Size No larger than 18x18x18 at start of match Robot Weight

12 Team Colored Lights Remember to leave room Have hook Velcro on your robot Must be clearly visible Must be in an upright position Not included in size and weight of robot Robot Transmitters Must be connected to field control boxes at the start of each match Only referees may disconnect transmitters.

13 No re-matches No time-outs 2 minutes between rounds Please be queued up before match starts

14 Please build your robots to handle the rigors of game play. Including contact with the field and other robots. Please use caution when coming in contact with other teams and the field. Remember to be a good sport!

15 January 12 th – Practice day @ North Side HS January 26 th – 1 st competition @ IVY Tech February 23 rd – 2 nd competition @ IVY Tech March 16 th – 3 rd competition @ IVY Tech April 27 th – Championship @ IVY Tech

16 8:30 am to 8:45 am INSPECTIONS 8:45 am to 9:00 am DRIVER MEETING 9:00 am to 9:15 am OPENING CEREMONIES 9:15 am – 12:00 pm MORNING ROUNDS 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm INTERMISSION 12:30 pm– 2:00 pm AFTERNOON ROUNDS 2:00 pm– 4:00 pm CLEAN UP

17 Team Self Inspection Must meet Youth B.O.T. guidelines Must bring list of purchased parts and receipts to every meet Robot must be sized in the largest configuration Only one robot per team at each meet – No back-ups

18 The tournament will consist of 5 meets 1 practice meet 3 competition meets 1 championship meet Seeding Method First by Wins and Ties Then by Average Score rounded to two decimal places Then by Highest Match Score Then by Coin Flip

19 All teams will be divided into one of two groups: The top four teams The middle eight teams

20 Check often for rule changes and cancellations Submit questions via Game Q&A section of website Via email:



23 The Field

24 Eggs Plastic Eggs 12 Red, 12 Green, 2 Blue, 2 Yellow Weighs ~ 1oz. 3 ½-13 nuts inside

25 Chicken Feeder Towers Located on the sides of the field Each team will have two towers Yellow and blue lighted buttons at the base

26 Candling Station Located directly in front of each teams drivers station Each team will have one station Lighted button at the base

27 Skillet and Incubator Towers Located at the corners of the field The Skillet (Yellow) will be located to the right of the driver The Incubator (Blue) to the left of the driver CMUCam will be used to count the number of eggs deposited under the heat lamp.

28 Egg Crates Located at midfield Holds 12 eggs One for each team Seperated by a divider

29 Blue Plate Special Located at mid-field Hold blue and yellow eggs 10 inch blue plate centered on aluminum sheet metal

30 Teams will attempt to out-score their opponents first by feeding the chickens. Teams will navigate the field autonomously to press the lighted Feeder Buttons for the first 15 seconds of the game. Then the teams will earn more points by candle their teams eggs and placing them under the appropriate heat lamp and counting each egg as its placed. Teams will then take their candled eggs to the Blue Plate Special. They will earn points by strategically placing their eggs on one or both Blue Plates. Scores can be altered by adding or removing the Golden or Rotten eggs. The team with the highest score wins.

31 2 Minutes per match 15 second autonomous mode 1 minute 45 second manual mode Robot may start anywhere on their teams side of the field. Robot cannot extend over or touch any field component except the carpet and white field striping. Only the drive team may be in their designated driving area during the match All drivers and coach must be behind the autonomous line at the start of the match. Robots MUST stop ALL motion at the end of the match

32 The field will start with 12 of your teams colored eggs directly in front of the driver at mid-field. One Blue egg will be placed on your teams side of the field to the right of the driver at mid-field. One Yellow egg will be placed on your teams side of the field to the left of the driver at mid-field. All field lights will be off.

33 Feeding the Chickens 0-15 seconds At the start of the match the Blue Feeder Button on the Feeder Tower to the left of the driver will light. Robots will navigate the field to press each lighted button. Every time a button is pressed a new random button on the opposing tower will light. Each lighted button is worth 6 points with a maximum of 36 points available. Each unlit button pressed will score 1 point for the opposing team. Each team must press at least 2 lighted Feeder Buttons either autonomously or manually to move on to the Egg Candling round. A maximum of 12 points can be earned manually.

34 46 seconds – 2 minutes Teams can start candling their eggs after autonomous mode and pressing at least 2 lighted Feeder Buttons Teams must candle each egg at the Candling Tower by pressing the lit Candling Button After the Candling Button is pressed a corner tower light will light indicating which tower to bring your egg to. Either the Skillet (yellow) or Incubator (blue). The teams must then deposit the egg under the appropriate Heat Lamp.

35 The teams will then count the eggs under that Heat Lamp by pressing the random Feeder Button closest to that Heat Lamp. The process will repeat until all eggs of been candled. Teams will receive 1 point for each egg counted every time the lighted Feeder Button is pressed. If a team has too many eggs under the heat lamp at the time of counting a total of one point will be scored for the opposing team. Teams will be responsible for egg placement under the camera. Please keep an eye on your egg count.

36 Scored at the end of the game Teams will deposit their eggs on one or both of the Blue Plates The team with the most eggs their color on each Blue Plate wins that plate The winning team will earn 2 points/their teams eggs for winning the plate Each Golden Egg on the plate will add 1 point/egg to the score Each Rotten Egg on the plate will subtract 1 point/egg from the score Eggs touching their teams robot will not count. Eggs extending past the rim of the plate will not count.

37 All robot must stop at the end of the match Students will wait until the referees have scored the game and given the go-ahead before taking their robots. Field will be scored as it sits after robots have stopped all motion Robots may need to be moved to count eggs. Care will be given not to disturb eggs during robot removal When entering and exiting the field DO NOT step on any field components. This may cause damage to the field.



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