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Arbonne Cosmetics.

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1 Arbonne Cosmetics

2 Beauty with Benefits Pure: Botanical Mission:
To use beneficial herbs and botanicals, organic where possible, with new organic certification Not just cosmetic, they are a continuation of the skin care line Safe: No Mineral Oil , Animal By- products or Heavy Metals! Check out ABC news piece on animal ingredients: er/video/americas-consumer-whats- cosmetics

3 Beauty with Benefits Opti- light technology gives soft focus finish
on trend color palette High quality performance ingredients Beneficial: MAKEUP PRODUCED BY NATURE PROVEN BY SCIENCE!!

4 Four Key points Breathable Moisturizing Light as air Long lasting
For more info do the Arbonne University Module on Cosmetics

5 Why use Swiss Botanicals ?
IT IS OUR MISSION to work with botanical scientists and experts on the selection and extraction of alpine plants and herbs. We use a special process to get active molecules into various Arbonne products. A great variety of plants grow in the Swiss high altitudes, they must endure strong sun and freezing snow. Swiss alpine plants are subjected to extreme climatic conditions and must keep leaves and petals moisturized They have internal and external mechanism to combat extreme conditions. Those self protective mechanisms can also protect our skin from the negative aging effects of our environment.

6 Organically Certified
We use organic wherever possible Eco certified- EGO-CERT one of the most respected organic certification organizations It carries out inspections and certification in over 80 countries in the world.It respects man and environment .We are also certified by Bio-Swiss. NO INGREDIENTS WITH GENETIC ENGINEERING!

7 Key botanicals Butterfly Bush Buddleia Davidii - skin conditioning
contains powerful anti-oxidants also has moisturizing properties and DNA protective efficacy also keeps skin moisturize and protects skin against environmental damage North Atlantic Kelp -Alaria Esculenta-skin conditioning

8 Key Botanicals Alpine Skullcap Scutellaria Alpina-skin conditioning
brings a sense of happiness and sense of well being, stimulates beta endorphins In lipstick and lip polish- to really put a smile on your face! Buckwheat -Polygonum Fagopyrum meru -skin conditioning White Horehound Marribium Vulgare protects skin from stress is a soothing anti-inflammatory soft smooth flawless looking complexion Fragrance Thyme is anti-aging, protects against “city stress” free radical protection helps defy aging effects of environment

9 Opti-light technology
works in two ways to promote maximum radiance for your natural best 1)-Finely sized pigments diffuse light from the skin- soft focus effect and flawless appearance 2) Perfectly balanced moisture levels give the skin a “light as air” feeling 3) Breathable cosmetics In clinical trials we measure water vapour levels to show Trans-dermal water loss Breathability is similar to naked skin- won’t clog pores Our clinical trials show Immediate moisturization - and moisturization continues minutes and hours even after it is removed from skin

10 You will need cotton pads, q tips and make-up remover
plastic hair band and washcloth and towel for client mirror spray bottle with 70% alcohol, 30% water( make it yourself) full set of makeup brushes disposable lip brushes, eye liner brushes, mascara wands bag of latex wedges( from Arbonne or Walmart, Shopper’s or Beauty Supply)

11 Keep it Sanitary Use either a stainless steel palette and scalpel ( available from a beauty supply store) or wood sticks or plastic scalpel and a plate or palette. This is to scrape lipstick, lip polish and concealer onto to keep it sanitary. You can then use disposable brushes to apply. Discourage clients from applying directly onto their lips, or touching any product with their fingers. If they do, spray with alcohol. Spay all eye shadows blush and bronzer with alcohol mixture before dipping brush into it. This removes bacteria. Don’t double dip- use disposable mascara and eye liner brushes!

12 Start with the eyes Learn and burn with N.V.P. Michael Anderson (coming to The Source) Michael calls it: “ 12 Steps to Fabulous” Uses a minimum of 12 products on a client

13 Start with the eyes It is a “tip” that makes you seem like an expert
The shadows can deposit under the eyes, so you clean up with eye makeup remover and follow with primer and concealer

14 Know your brushes (70 qv )

15 Prepare the Face

16 Prepare the Face give client hair band, wash cloth,towel, RE9 advanced cleanser,toner and day cream, or FC 5 cleanser and day cream if it is their first time don’t offer them serum

17 Start with the eyes

18 Prepare eye: put medium concealer with small brush from eyelash to eyebrow -It makes the eye POP! Then pick three eye shadows.

19 Eye Shadow Botanicals: cucumber, mallow A.C.E. Vitamins

20 Step One- entire eyelid

21 Sand #7850 All over the eyelid and crease, using smallest brush
- tell client it is easy, like coloring with their kids!

22 Step One A- upper eye VCA Snow Vanilla

23 Vanilla # 7846 Use larger brush apply to upper eye area, then to blend sand and vanilla

24 Snow # 755 TIP: Use a dot of snow under arch of brow bone as a highlight Also on the centre of the lid above pupil- makes eyes twinkle!

25 Step two- crease

26 Smoke # 7852 in a windshield wiper motion over the crease, with a larger eye shadow brush for a softer finish

27 Step Three: Line Liquid eye liner- # 7822
black this is advanced- a more dramatic look- but not necessary scrape excess liquid back into the bottle, or wipe onto tissue long wearing formula, non-fraying tip carefully feather long lash line Botanicals: lilac, horehound, thyme

28 Blackout #7854 or... stamp along lash line with angle brush
can extend under eye explain to client that if they can “dip and stamp” they too can create a perfect line! if liquid liner is on, let dry, and stamp and blend on top of it for a long lasting line

29 Midnight # 7856 or can use midnight alone or on top of liquid liner, instead of blackout , for blue eyes or for a softer look than blackout

30 Chocolate# 7857 For a softer day look, and this can be paired with brown or black liquid liner

31 Step Four : Brows Use angle brush

32 Java # 7849 use with an angle brush for brow shading for medium to dark skin tones start with the thin part of the brow, then feather on thicker part

33 Optional Step: Highlight

34 Sheer glow highlighter# 7821
Y shape: dot and blend a small amount under and over brow bone and along top of cheekbones, and on chin blend with a wedge, or brush gives the Arbonne glow You can watch the Nora Lawrence Sheer Glow tutorial #p/a/u/0/kmv-VBcrKxg Botanicals: Lilac , horehound

35 Step Five- :Lashes It’s a Long Story Mascara- tip : apply looking down onto a mirror so you sweep lashes upwards

36 Eye Make-up Remover #7905 use on a cotton pad or q-tip to remove any eye shadow residue under the eyes Botanicals: chamomile, raspberry, aloe, cucumber, caffeine

37 Botanicals- horsetail,
Step Six : Primer b Botanicals- horsetail, green tea, grapeseed

38 Primer #7825 Start with primer all over face in a downward motion from forehead mattifies and extends makeup wear Tell clients it “spackles the cracks” to make a smooth ,blank canvas for makeup

39 Step Seven: Concealer Choose light, medium , or dark
Use small brush or wedge TIP: when you get to the edge of the eye, sweep it up to the hairline. It’s like a mini eye- lift!

40 Step Eight :Foundations botanicals-lilac, horehound

41 Foundation Tips

42 Sheer tinted moisture,Perfecting liquid or mineral powder
Three choices Sheer tinted moisture,Perfecting liquid or mineral powder

43 Liquid Foundation

44 Liquid foundation establish yellow or pink undertone by looking at veins on inside of wrist blue only means pink if you burn and don’t tan- you are pink blue-green or green means yellow

45 Mineral Powder MIne Minerals: -Peridot ( Olivine) -Rhodocrosite

46 Medium Beige # 7832 very forgiving- all powders are good for both yellow and pink undertones- also color match by trying three shades

47 to shade match pick three shades- one that you estimate will match, and one lighter and one darker i.e. on a medium caucasian woman with yellow undertone, choose neutral beige as the likely, and also try rosy beige and golden beige

48 Mineral powders- all shades good for yellow and pink

49 Tip: to set Mineral Powder
Use Awaken Aromassentials for normal to oily Unwind Mist for Dry Skin AWAKEN MIST for oily to normal skin.

50 Tinted Moisturizer

51 Step Nine :Cheeks

52 Bronzer # 7824 tip: purse lips and contour cheek hollow up to temple - also apply along temples sweeping up into hairline for a sun-kissed look and under chin to slim one shade suitable for all complexions Botanicals: lavender, licorice, chamomile

53 Blossom # 7839 Top: exaggerate a smile and apply on apple of cheek
blend into bronzer has buildable coverage long wearing pigments Botanicals: cucumber, mallow A.C.E. Vitamins

54 Step Ten: Lip liner

55 Cafe lip liner # 7902 similar to Mac’s Spice color, which is one of the best selling lip pencils of all time looks good with a wide arrange of lipsticks smudge proof formula helps extend wear of lipstick and lip polish Vitamin E

56 Step Eleven Lipstick Fourteen Lip colors Botanicals: Wild Mango, Alpine Skullcap, pomegranate, A.C.E. Vitamins

57 Fourteen shades- condition and hydrate lips Study shows moisture content higher 15 minutes after usage

58 To keep it simple, suggest the combo of satin lipstick and pearl lip polish .
This is a “nude” or “natural “ look that works on almost It is something alot of people haven’t ever tried, so it increases sales

59 Satin# 7884

60 Step 12: Lip Polish Pearl lip polish # 7875
dot on centre of top and bottom lip and blend Botanicals: alpine skullcap, wild mango butter, aloe, sunflower oil, safflower oil, Vitamins A and E

61 Optional to finish: Sheer pressed powder light, medium or dark
lightly dust over face to set

62 Mattifying powder # 7831 can use this instead of sheer pressed powder
makes you shine free longer,good for summer or for events where you will be photographed ( weddings)

63 Download document

64 Laminate and put in your makeup kit
Text download from The Source ~ search download forms

65 Arbonne Cosmetics ~ watch video www. arbonne
Arbonne Cosmetics ~ watch video ~ under Company/multimedia

66 Red Carpet Ready!Hello! Magazine
Sea Salt Scrub followed byRe9 firming body cream ( check bare leg gleam on ankle) Face: Primer LiquidFoundation in Neutral Beige Bronzer Blossom Blush Medium Concealer Sheer Highlighter FC5 powder to set and mattify Lips:Cafe pencil Satin LipstickPearl Lip Polish Eyes:Vanilla SmokeSnow Blackout Black eye pencil and eyeliner Triple Volume Mascara

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