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A bottle named Desire Merchandising guideline CREATIVE SERVICES.

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1 A bottle named Desire Merchandising guideline CREATIVE SERVICES

2 1.Product presentation 2.Merchandising concept 3.Basics 4.Technical description 5.Process

3 1. Product presentation

4 A bottle named Desire A bottle named Desire film can be used in-store for offer presentation. available on the

5 A unique bottle decorated with golden studs, softly laid down in a jewel case. Each case is individually numbered and signed by Karl Lagerfeld. A bottle named Desire

6 Jewel case



9 Carton box for gifting


11 Product sizes

12 2. Merchandising Concept

13 Visibility strategy Create luxury visibility in a selection of a few flagship accounts – 1 to 5 per market. –Outside wine stores or wine sections –In priority order: Concept/design stores (eg Colette, Lagerfeld Gallery) Department stores (eg Le Bon Marché) Duty-Free stores (eg Aelia) Top wine stores(eg Lavinia)

14 A ray of light, at eye level, radiant and captivating



17 3. Basics

18 The look of a jewellery boutique The whole window space Tailormade

19 Two targeted spaces 1. Spectacular Window as your priority 2. In-store Central or backwall unit A drawer for presentation and stocking space can fit both configurations.

20 A- Outdoor windows Spectacular single or multiple windows must be completed in-store by a central or a backwall unit.

21 Single window





26 Multiple window


28 B- In-store Units To be used in dedicated spaces. Think visibility

29 Central Unit


31 Backwall Unit



34 First drawer for presentation of dummy Other drawers for stocking The assitance of a sales person is recommended. Ensure that his/her look is the one of a cosmetic consultant vs. a traditional sommelier.

35 Dom Pérignon in the City Dom Pérignon in the City film can be used for space negociation. available on the

36 4. Technical description All the technical and execution files are available with more information in the downloadable folders. Send these folders to your supplier for a complete information.

37 1. Units and windows must be highlighted. 2. Black matt finish laminate is required for units. Perfection in execution is imperative: Select a well-known supplier and brief him for excellence.

38 Central unit - in-store (1.10 x 1.10 m on the floor) Only one element per side, bottle or giftbox.

39 Central unit - map

40 Central unit - section

41 Top part Storage part Central unit - structure

42 Central unit - cyclorama The cyclorama is the master piece of the central unit. It makes the products floating in an unlimited space of light.

43 Backwall unit - in-store (1.20 x 0.45 m on the floor) The two elements are on the front side as in windows.

44 Backwall unit - map

45 Backwall unit - structure Integrated storage part

46 Window unit - structure Can be stocker in the in-store side with a printed Ray of Light at eye-level. For a large single window, enlarge the unit, but remain with one dummy bottle and one dummy jewel case, and dont move Logos.

47 Combinated unit - in-store structure The storage part is integrated. This is a double-sided unit for an in-store and window display.

48 Ray of Light image The Ray of Light artwork is downloadable on the in jpg, tif and eps. The eps file can be used to enlarge the visual keeping the layout proportions. You can enlarge the black parts and the white Ray of Light to adapt the image to your medium.

49 The drawers and the stock door are locked with a magnetic system to avoid any handle. The unlock is operated by an electronical and magnetic key when approched of the receiver. Please refer to the supplier web site: http:// Push latch type lock

50 Dummy bottles Filled with water (to give a more qualitative feel than empty bottles) + a small metal roll & "Dummy" sticker on back (to avoid confusion with real bottle) available ex-Epernay as of April 1st Item code 2007246 (C1) Remove the wedge foam from the Jewel case displayed in the Ray of Light and in the presentation drawer

51 Budget Cost estimates: –For window display/backwall unit 5,000 Euros 1.20m wide x 0.45m deep x 2.20m high 2 sides - with drawers for presentation and stocking –For central unit 9,000 Euros 1.10m wide x 1.10m deep x 2.20m high 4 sides - With drawers for presentation and stocking Please note that these costs are for budget reference only and may vary according to the price of such production in your market.

52 On-line folders contents Technical files in zip folders by unit: -Maps -Execution files -Complete materials, finitions and detailed informations Films: - DP in the City for internal use only - A bottle named Desire film can be used in store High res files - Ray of Light artwok for printing (jpg, tif and eps)

53 5. Process

54 Select the outlets and submit list to your BDD Send all creative proposals to François Hallopeau for approval and advice before presentation to the outlet (allow a minimum 5 working days for feedback) Produce locally No sales without dedicated merchandising!

55 Keep in mind… Consistency a mandatory Specific go-ahead needed from brand team for each window set up Luxury, luxury, luxury… excellence in execution is key!

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