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La poésie.

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1 La poésie

2 1. Name Acrostic 1.This poem you MUST DO!
Write your first name, and then a descriptive adjective that starts with each letter of the name. More advanced speakers can use an entire phrase beginning with the letter. An acrostic for the name Ben might look like this: Brillant / Energetique / Nonchalant. Write with markers onto 8 X 10 paper and we’ll frame them with construction paper & laminate them.

3 2. Topic poem-Cinquains REQUIRED!
These five-line poems are easy. Use them to write about places, animals, or people. Line 1: Noun Line 2: Two adjectives that describe the noun Line 3: Three actions (verbs) associated with the noun Line 4: Short phrase or simile describing your feelings about the noun Line 5: Repeat the noun

4 3. Your choice BIO POEM Line 1: First name
Line 2: 4 adjectives that describe you Line 3: Who is (+ noun) Line 4: Who loves (+ 3 nouns or verbs) Line 5: Who wants to visit (+ place) Line 6: Who is scared of (+ 3 things) Line 7: Who is years old Line 8: Who lives in . . . Line 9: Last name

5 3. Choice “B” Shape Poem This is a more advanced version of the word picture. Instead of single words, write descriptive verses, similes, or metaphors in the shape of the object you are writing

6 4. Choice “C” Your choice Magnetic, Dada, Chain, or Haiki or word picture

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