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Roulette Game Protection

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1 Roulette Game Protection
Presented by Ron Buono

2 ROULETTE The only way to win any money at
Roulette is if “the player steals chips when the dealer isn’t looking” No other game like Roulette Built in blind spots, impedes the dealer’s view Players naturally leaning in over layout Can block the dealer’s view and bet late Can act like a typical tourist or novice Natural to always be playing with your cheques Natural to have your hands by your wager when getting paid

3 ROULETTE Common indicators, which would be noted if someone
was attempting to “Past-Post” the game. Player attempting to past post wrong number by going over the top of the winning number – “Top Hat” move Dealer habit is to catch last move seen Losing bet will usually be more cheques of less value Late and unusual hand movements across the layout Late cash buy-ins Distractions at the top of the layout Hands and cheques very close to the outside bets and columns The majority of the time the player will be standing, not sitting down at the game Player is always playing with cheques Watch for the player at the end of the game having different color non-value cheques in his possession – Team play Two handed play, one hand blocking with minimum wagers the other hand past posting

4 Common indicators, which would be noted if someone was
attempting to make a “Bet Switch” on the game. Usually the bet is made with folded cash on an outside or column bet Will grab up the losing wager with one hand and return the bet with the other hand. Player will usually be at the far end of the layout Player will usually be standing, not sitting Constantly playing with cheques Bet will usually come in late Hands and cheques very close to the outside and column areas Will draw attention to the dealer’s mistake very quickly Why do the dealer’s clear and pay the layout from the outside in and top to bottom? This helps prevent past posting and bet capping and pinching Why is it important for the dealer to push tall stacks of cheques to the back line on even money wagers before paying? This to will make it harder for a player to past post a bet behind the tall stacks

Cash outs incorrect/short stacking Mis-value on cheques (incorrect lammers) Dealer’s “Capping” winning wagers Not locking up losing wagers Paying losing wagers Overpaying payoffs Moving losing wager to a winning wager Stealing cheques from the game

6 Dealer setting dolly correctly with one hand capping bet with other
Dealer will correctly set dolly palm up Will cap cheques(s) with other hand when verifying the number of winning cheques Be aware of a large dolly Large base dolly can conceal cheques easier Observe dealers going directly to winning bets after clearing the layout without clearing hands first Concentrate on the top color of the winning number Dealer can clear that color last before touching winning number Watch for a “Wave off” after the ball has landed Dealer will appear to wave off properly, but the ball has already landed Dealer will wave off game very low to the layout dropping a cheque on the winning number Dealer should never be allowed to wave off lower than 12” above layout Two handed wave should always be used The wave off is also essential for G.C.B. Sliding cheque with coat sleeve from losing to winning wager Attempts to go to inside numbers to place bets for the next round - play dumb

7 Watch the dealer when he is clearing the layout of losing cheques
Layout should be cleared from the outside in, and bottom to top Losing cheques should be swept away from the wining number Dealer can slide a losing cheque to the corner or split of the winning number very easily Watch the dealer when he is doing a color up for a player Dealer will count down a full stack of 20 cheques and restack Dealer will palm 2 or 3 cheques adding these to the next stack counted and so on, the process will go until all stacks have been counted Player will end up with 10 plus extra cheques to his overall color up Watch the dealer when he puts the cheques back into he table bank, he will have to make up for the short stacks somehow Coffee cup or drink glass scam Dealer will push cup or glass off to the patrons just as he finishes clearing the layout Dealer will palm cheques and deposit it in the cup or glass Dealer will pick up cup or glass just after clearing the layout and put behind the discard rack for the cocktail waitress

8 Make the Big Bet up front then remove/switch if the wager loses.
Small cheques on top of large cheques - Bet for dealer explains small cheques Large cheques in front of you, as decoy Larger stacks to hide bet Color from back of working stack furthest from the Dealer Color roulette cheques that matches color of large wager Smaller “Departing Wager” if you win First column box being the furthest betting point on the layout from the dealer – ideal for hiding cheques Using prop, glasses/cases, drinks, bottles, etc. to hide view from the dealer

The associate plays Roulette and buys in for a color of cheques requesting that there value be set at usually $1.00. He will play for a short period of time making minimum wagers on the game. He will remove and hide some cheques from play and put them in his pocket. Once the cheques have been removed from the game he will depart the immediate area and meet up with his partner. The cheques will be exchanged and now the partner will return to the same game that the associate just left and request the same color cheques when buying in, but this time he requests that the cheques be made $25.00 in value. Then he will play minimum wagers and slowly add the cheques from his pocket to his stack and proceed to cash out all cheques for $25.00 each.

10 ROULETTE CHIP SCAM Indicators Of The Scam
Asking for a color that has cheques missing The color may be one that is not right in front of dealer Minimum wagers being made combined with short play Hands and cheques going off the game Player may scatter his cheques on the layout so casino staff/surveillance can not determine how many cheques there are Keep one hand covering his cheques from view Placing a bottled beverage in front of his cheques to block the Dealer’s view

11 ROULETTE CHIP SCAM Casino Protection Procedures
Retire any color that is missing 20 or more cheques from play Requested color that is missing cheques can only be valued at $1.00 Casino par of 280 cheques is maintained between the table bank and chipper champ – This will vary from Casino to Casino

12 ADVANTAGE PLAY Bias wheel play Individual number and section bias
Visual wheel tracking Dealer’s signature Wheel signature Can the dealer control the ball?

13 Ball Track Bias (BTB) A wheel showing a “Ball Track Bias” must be used. BTB is defined as a point on the ball track where the ball falls off most of the time. A clock-able rotor speed must exist. Slower is better but the most important element is a predictable, consistent speed from the dealer. The ball should bounce, consistently, forward and less than 16 pockets from its drop point.

14 Casino Scam Takes On New Spin
Using a laser scanner hidden in a mobile phone and linked to a microcomputer. “On a wheel with a definite bias and a manageable scatter, a prediction device of this nature, when operated by a ‘skilled’ roulette player, could obtain an advantage when used in a casino.” Used a laser in a mobile phone to scan the speed of the ball as it spun around its track along the circumference of the roulette wheel. The information was transmitted to a microcomputer, programmed to calculate the ‘decay’ speed of a ball dropping towards the spinning numbers. The microcomputer would not be able to specify precisely which slot the ball would fall into, but it would be able to calculate that quadrant of the roulette wheel in which the ball would land. This information could be transmitted to the men’s mobile phones and bets placed on numbers in the quadrant – greatly increasing the chances of big winnings. Regularly pointing mobile telephone at the spinning ball and two friends glancing at the screens of their cell phones before placing bets. Made easier by the layouts having the ovals on them, the cheats don’t have to set up so many wagers in a short period of time

Clean dust & felt from wheel head (especially the ball track) & pockets. Clean any foreign matter from laminate, number ring & pockets. Check spin of wheel. Roulette wheel ¼ turn. Clean plastic shroud on table. Play few games to check roulette display. Level wheel

Clean dust & felt from wheel head (especially the ball track) & pockets. Clean any foreign matter from laminate, number ring & pockets. Remove turret & turret base, place a few drops of oil on pilot bearing, replace turret. Check canoes & frets for tightness Check bottom of pockets for tightness (bounce test) Clean plastic shroud around wheel. Play a few games to check roulette display. Level wheel. Rotate wheel ¼ turn

17 FULL SERVICE COMPLETED AT 3 TO 4 WEEK INTERVALS, UNLESS A NEW LAYOUT WAS INSTALLED, THEN IT WILL BE SERVICED WITHIN 10 DAYS, AND AGAIN AT 20 DAYS. AFTER THE 20 DAY SERVICE, THE SCHEDULE WILL RETURN TO NORMAL. Clean any foreign matter from wheel head (especially the ball track) & pockets . Clean any foreign matter from laminate, number ring & pockets. Remove wheel cylinder from bowl. Remove turret, turret base & ring. Remove height adjuster from cylinder. Clean & inspect pilot bearing (replace if necessary). Inspect top bearing, if dirty remove & clean (replace if necessary). Remove housing plate & inspect bottom bearing if dirty remove an clean (replace if necessary). Inspect bearing seats and clean. Re-oil bottom bearing & replace Inspect gaming seals on bottom of cylinder (verify they’re not broken). Verify serial #’s on all parts of the wheel match. Re-oil top bearing and re-install, install the height adjuster. Clean bowl & liner. Clean main spindle & inspect for wear, re-lube spindle. Re-install wheel head & adjust the ride height. Test spin for length of time & consistency. Clean plastic shroud around wheel. Play a few games to test display. Rotate wheel ¼ turn. Level wheel.

18 Q & A

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