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Custom-Built Kiosks UL Subject 2361 Presented by: Scott Smith.

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1 Custom-Built Kiosks UL Subject 2361 Presented by: Scott Smith

2 Subject 2361 UL Category Control Number (CCN): EMHH Scope: Information Kiosks, Ticket Machines, Electronic Point of Sale, and Business Application Products Published December 22, 1999 Uses UL 1950/60950 as a reference/base standard Manufacturers have the option of submitting their kiosks for evaluation to Subject 2361 or UL60950.

3 Rationale for Subject 2361 Provides greater flexibility to kiosk manufacturers who build one-of-a-kind products to suit clients specific needs. Based on use of Listed products within an enclosure (ex. Computer, Monitor, DVD player, etc.) Manufacturers approved to build kiosks in this category can apply UL labels without having UL test or perform field evaluations (Excludes Configuration III).

4 Types of Kiosks Covered Configuration I: Cord connected, complete enclosure. Field wired, complete enclosure Configuration IV: Cord connected, incomplete enclosure (provided by installation). Configuration II: System includes unevaluated assemblies, requires further evaluation. Configuration IIII:

5 Subject 2361 Enclosure Construction Enclosure (Clause 6.4): Evaluated to UL 1950/60950, or: Evaluated to UL 50, or: Min. HB material (Configuration I), or: Laminated Plywood or Similar Substrate (Laminate evaluated to UL 723 with an FSI of 200 or better), or: Wood or Wood Composite minimum ½ thick (no uninsulated live parts, minimized unbroken exposed surfaces), or: Configuration IV.

6 Subject 2361 Testing & Exceptions Input Test (not prohibited as manufacturers test) Exception: Sum of all rated currents of subassemblies does not exceed 80% of power supply attachment plug. Stability Test (not prohibited as manufacturers test) Exception 1: Kiosks weighing 18 kg or less, less than 2 ft high, and intended for other than floor standing. Exception 2:Configuration IV.

7 Subject 2361 Testing & Exceptions (cont.) Heating Test (At UL only, if needed) Exception 1: Metal enclosure, min. 200% volume of the sum of all assemblies. Exception 2: Ventillated enclosure, min. 200% volume, ventillation covers up to 10% of enclosure. Exception 3: Ventillated enclosure, min. 200% volume, air is turned over by a fan at least twice an hour. Exception 4: Enclosure with min. 200% volume, assemblies all vent directly outside kiosk. Exception 5: Configuration IV

8 Subject 2361 Testing & Exceptions (cont.) Electric Strength Test (May be conducted as manufacturers test) Exception : Configurations I & IV.

9 Limitation For US & Canada Only

10 Advantages 1. Reduction in overall certification costs: There is a one-time engineering fee for a UL training session. Manufacturers can apply UL labels to completed kiosks without having to submit for evaluation of each individual model (Kiosks must be Configuration I, II, or IV. Standard UL Follow-Up and Label fees still apply.) 2. Flexibility Manufacturer can substitute subassemblies as needed as long as components are UL Listed and meet the overall construction requirements of the category.


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