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Processes contd Filament Winding Processes contd Dry Lay-up bafore infusion.

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2 Processes contd Filament Winding

3 Processes contd Dry Lay-up bafore infusion

4 Processes contd Infusion (in process)

5 To reinforce our commitment and dedication to the wind turbine industry, the composites adhesives and resins systems have been consolidated into the Structural Composites business unit to provide a total technical solution. We are now offering the added value of combined application expertise, understanding of the whole manufacturing process and development services, to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. Structural composites : A solution provider In the fastest growing energy supply

6 Inner (root) section Structural composites in wind turbine industry applications Manufacture and assembly of main structural composite parts Shells Girders Shear webs/stiffeners Spars Root section Spar Shear web Solid laminate Assembly bondline Sandwich panel

7 Mould preparation and resin application according to the used process Adhesive application Blade demoulding Overall blade manufacturing process Process time Temp °C

8 RESINS: 1.PROCESSES Processes comparison 2.WET LAY UP PROCESS Process Systems and advantages New development 3.RESIN INFUSION Process Systems and advantages New development 4.PREPREG Process Systems and advantages New development 5. RESIN SELECTION GUIDE ADHESIVES: 6.BONDING Process Quality of bonded joint Adhesive selection Blade assembly adhesives systems New development Bonding systems chemistry in comparison 7. CONCLUSION Structural composites Resins & adhesives

9 3 different processes WET LAY-UP Mould preparation Mixing epoxy system Fabrics impregnation and wet laminate build-up Curing Demoulding & finishing RESIN INFUSION PREPREG Build-up of dry reinforcement for Vartm processing Mixing epoxy system Infusion under vacuum Prepreg laying & compaction Vacuum bagging Vacuum bagging

10 Principle of wet lay-up process Easiest way to produce composite parts. With the use of vacuum bagging technology the laminate quality is improved. Features Easy to teach Low tooling cost

11 Wet lay-up system: Araldite ® LY 3505 / Hardener XB 3403 / XB 3404-1 / Aradur ® 3405 80 Pot life (100g 23°C) 600 / 720 min Pot life (100g 23°C) 80 / 100 min Pot life (100g 23°C) 26 / 36 min Pot life (100g 23°C) 260 / 300 min Pot life (100g 23°C) 100 / 130 min LY 3505/XB 3403 (100:35) LY 3505/XB 3404-1 (100:35) LY 3505/XB 3403/ Aradur ® 3405 (100:17.5:17.5) LY 3505/ Aradur ® 3405 (100:35) LY 3505/XB 3403/XB 3404-1 (100:17.5:17.5)

12 Wet lay-up: New systems in development Low viscosity and non aggressive system with: Long pot life hardener Fast hardener

13 Principle of resin infusion process (Vartm) Process to produce parts with dry fabrics impregnated under pressure and heat using a reactive liquid resin. Avoids waste of impregnated fabrics. Features High resin mechanical properties (due to elevated temperature cure) Good health and safety and clean lay-up

14 Araldite ® LY 1564 / Aradur ® 3486 / Aradur ® 3487 Resin infusion system Pot life (100g 23°C) 560 / 620 min Pot life (100g 23°C) 130 / 160 min Pot life (100g 23°C) 380 / 430 min LY 1564/ Aradur ® 3486 (100:34) LY 1564/ Aradur ® 3486/ Aradur ® 3487 (100:17:17) LY 1564/ Aradur ® 3487 (100:34)

15 Resin infusion: New systems in development System with : Long pot life Fast cure

16 Principle of prepreg process Production of high quality parts in a press or autoclave supported by heat and vacuum. Features Well defined resin content Clean handling Excellent fibre wet out Logistic

17 Prepreg: New systems in development Hot melt system with long shelf life and low exotherm Cure at 85°C 4 - 6 h Fast cure up to 120°C1 - 2 h

18 Preparation of parts Demoulding Curing Adhesive mixing & dispensing Bonding process Positionning of parts According to assembly sequence Finishing operations Completed blade Closing mould with upper part shell and compressing


20 Blade assembly New adhesives in development New adhesives generation Toughened system 65-70°C post cured 20

21 General committment Technical support –Selection of matrix –Selection of adhesive –Testing and verification –Process trials and application support –General problem solving Training/seminars –Composites, matrix and processes –Structural bonding Chemistry, formulations, materials and composite knowhow 21

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