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Tuboplast Hispania / CTL Packaging presents

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1 Tuboplast Hispania / CTL Packaging presents
For A precise dose And Optimum protection of your formula

2 What´s an Airless system?
Airless packaging is a system which prevents air from entering into contact with the formula. How? 1-With a dispensing pump without canula and without air return ( pump or spray ) 2-A packaging body with barrier material Preventing the entrance of air, an Airless packaging gives solutions to the 3 main cosmetic or pharmaceutical problems : 1- The preservation of the formula during its shelf life 2- The effectiveness of a formula 3- Allergic reactions Airless packaging allows the development and launch of sensitive formulas .

3 EASYDOSE AIRLESS A complete answer to the 3 main problematic issues in this packaging particularly appreciated by consumers for its practicality: Airless Snap On Precise Dose Pump A plastic or laminated tube Overcap

4 EASYDOSE AIRLESS The only packaging which proposes a protection “ a la carte”, with 3 possible degrees of protection: Monolayer Tube: for simple protection against oxidation of the formula. Multi-layer ( Coextruded )Tube: for reinforced protection, as internal ( with an airless pump preventing the entrance of air ) as external thanks to the barrier effect of the coextrusion which prevents any air permeability of the packaging body. Laminated Tube: for total protection thanks to the guarantee of the aluminium complex which ensures a complete barrier against air.

5 EASYDOSE AIRLESS A Multi-position packaging ( upside down )
80% of consumers value it spontaneously and 100% assisted Imagine your consumer, putting on his leg an anticellulitic cream or make up or sun cream lying on the beach… why not make his life easier ? Whithout canula , it works upside down

6 EASYDOSE AIRLESS A Practical, Precise and Clean packaging
Thanks to the flexibiltity of the tube associated with the dose pump, the consumer uses a packaging: Easy, flexible and unbreakable Precise, one drop of 200 µl Clean, the finger cleans the delivery hole Localized, for direct applications Clean? Precise? No Yes

The collapsable body of the tube allows an effortless restitution rate between 92 to 98% ( normal packaging: 85% aprox.) A benefit… For the consumer ( “ positive perception ”) For the brand (“honesty of the content”) For the manufacturer ( “savings: the filling is closed to the nominal content” )

An exceptional dispenser in prime use with only 2 or 3 presses A benefit…. For the consumer: The make up or treatment gesture is “instantaneous”: perception of high quality, For the brand: A strong point of differentiation compared to other airless solutions which are not offering the same qualities

9 2 possibilities and various options of dispensing
THE PUMP 2 possibilities and various options of dispensing Ergonomic Pump Soprano Straight Pump Elegancia 1 1 2 2 3 4 3

10 The overcap Soprano Elegancia When the product is in a protective box
Let see the pump to the “consumer – buyer”

11 Errors and Advises Decoration with Easydose Airless: The decoration can be reversed if you give more importance to leave the tube stand on the overcap like a tottle ( advantage of viewing on a shelf ) or the decoration in the sense of use (advantage for the consumer ) The filling: It is filled as a normal tube with the same intensity The filling canula must level progressively in order to avoid trapped bubbles in the formula Try to trap the minimum amount of air when tuning the filling of the product + closing. For Further information, please contact: CTL Packaging : ( 00 33) for France & Export Tuboplast Hispania: ( ) for Spain & Portugal

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