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Robert Lasser, Marvin Lasser, Ron Westernik, John Kula, David Rich

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1 High Resolution, Low Cost Ultrasound Camera for In-service Composite NDI
Robert Lasser, Marvin Lasser, Ron Westernik, John Kula, David Rich Imperium, Inc.

2 Imperium Formed in 1996 Focused solely on ultrasound camera technology
In development for 10 years, now selling commercially Implement for different embodiments of ultrasound camera

3 Easy-to-Interpret Image Examples
Imperium Conventional Bone Medical Image of Finger: Industrial Detection of Fault: Defect

4 Industry Sectors Industrial Underwater Biometrics Medical

5 Sampling of Customers

6 Imperium Architecture
Apply optical imaging techniques to ultrasound Optical Sensor Lens

7 Imperium Architecture
Acoustic Flashlight Acoustic Lens Set Ultrasound Sensor

8 Through Transmission Imaging Array Acoustic Lens Target
Source Transducer

9 Imaging Array Piezoelectric Layer Pre-amp/ detection
Signal Conditioning Multiplexing I500 to I600 Pin Grid Array Package Ultrasound ( piezoelectric) material Read out integrated circuit (ROIC) Wire bonds

10 Through Transmission of Composite Laminate
Three inches

11 DAV TM Technology - Pulse Echo Pulse echo image of quarter
Sound Transmitter Water Pulse echo image of quarter Subsurface fault Array Video Water Lens Electronics Target

12 Pulse Echo – 50/50 Beamsplitter
Sound Transmitter Pulse echo image of quarter Array Subsurface fault Video Water Lens Acoustic beamsplitter Target

13 Pulse Echo of Composite Laminate
One inch

14 Pulse Echo of Quarter One inch

15 Camera Head Cutaway Source transducer Imaging Array Target LCD
Acoustic Lens Beamsplitter

16 B-scan versus C-scan Defect

17 Impact Damage in Composite Structure
One inch Leading Edge Inspection

18 Pulse Echo of Honeycomb Composite
One inch

19 Range Gating Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3

20 Range Gating for Depth: Pick the C-scan plane of interest

21 Integrated A-scan for Flaw Detector Functionality
“Transparent” A-scan Sensor

22 Presentation of Imagery and A-scan/ Match Gates
Set A-scan gates, automatically changes C-scan gates

23 Production Scanning Results: ATK Thiokol
Hex nut and paper clip placed on surface Graphite/epoxy laminate defect standard with embedded Teflon wafers

24 UT camera scan with stitching algorithm applied
- 0.3” scan increment Conventional immersion scan MHz, 0.25” diameter transducer scan increment

25 Gridlines/Sizing

26 Future Developments: Pulse Echo
Handheld portion goes from 4 lbs. to 2 lbs.

27 Current Development: ‘Camcorder’ Handheld
Focus with finger Strap Grip Handheld portion goes from 4 lbs. to under 2 lbs.

28 New Control Unit

29 Current Development: ‘Camcorder’ Handheld

30 Time of flight: color code different depths
Blue: Level 1 Red: Level 2 Yellow: Level 3 2 3 3 1 2 Increments to be selected by user (e.g. 1 mm)

31 Future Developments: Through Transmission

32 Boeing Remote NDI Program
Lack of trained NDI personnel Use by non-certified personnel SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE Remotely monitored in real time Wireless Program began in early 2007

33 Remote Wireless NDI Program
C-scan, A-scan, Audio, Video of inspection Audio, Control of camera

34 Boeing Remote NDI Program
Successful demonstration Fall 2008 Equipment at Boeing’s Everett, WA production facility Remotely monitored at Boeing’ GoldCare center in Seattle, WA Pilot program with airlines during 2009


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