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Going Green Thruway Hardwood and Plywood Corp.. All information gathered by: Gwendolyn A. Bork Specification Representative specializing in Green products.

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1 Going Green Thruway Hardwood and Plywood Corp.

2 All information gathered by: Gwendolyn A. Bork Specification Representative specializing in Green products and Sustainable Design This information was concluded in May of 2008, thus will not reflect the constant changes that are taking place as we speak in Green Development. Throughout my research on Green Building and how we, as your local distributor, can help fulfill the needs of the A & D community as well as the mill shops who will be working with our products, the more I began to see a line drawn in the sand between Green and Sustainability. Due to the Green Washing that is taking place right now in the industry, it is our responsibility to use whatever resources we have available to discern whether or not a product is green or not. Even when products meet certain requirements, there is still the question of whether or not extracting that product or making the product has not effected the social aspect of the region in question. At this point in time, if our clients are not requiring of us to meet LEED requirements but would like us to practice those standards and incorporate those methods into a privately funded project, before we start we need to ask them one thing: What is more important, to be Green or Sustainable? Sustainable Development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. The term was used by the Brundtland Commission which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development as development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Brundtland Commission, formally the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), known by the name of its Chair Gro Harlem Brundtland, was convened by the United Nations in 1983. The commission was created to address growing concern "about the accelerating deterioration of the human environment and natural resources and the consequences of that deterioration for economic and social development." In establishing the commission, the UN General Assembly recognized that environmental problems were global in nature and determined that it was in the common interest of all nations to establish policies for sustainable development. The less demand we have on other countries and the more we supply to our local area markets, the more profitable our nation will be and by using the resources made available (wind, solar, geo-thermal) that this planet was equipped with, the more secure our childrens future will be for a place to live, not just survive. Everyday we make a choice that affects the face of our future, let it be selfless not selfish.

3 Why Green? Why now? LOOK AT THE HEADLINES!! The U.S. is facing a number of issues that has finally come to forefront of all our discussions The Energy Department estimates the nations energy demand will increase more than 25% by the year 2020 Residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. expend 42% of total energy consumption on Heating and Cooling Within 15 years, renewable energy could be generating enough electricity to power 40 million homes and offset 70 days of oil imports Oil has reached record highs, effecting the pricing of transporting goods which also effects the end cost of a product in the building industry. When the cost of oil goes up, production costs increase and profits reduce for industries who depend on oil Methanol shortages and increasing costs of urea that is added to particleboard, MDF, and laminated panels, has caused the cost of those products to rise dramatically American Forests organization reports that the U.S. could offset 20-40% of its carbon dioxide emissions by increasing carbon storage by 300-600 million tons per year which would require a comprehensive plan to plant trees, improve forest management practices, and discover alternates to wood and biomass fuels Legal supplies of wood fiber fall short of demand by up to 40 million cubic meters per year. Illegal logging makes up for 70% of that demand, in 10-20 years 40% of intact forests will be gone

4 WE DECIDE OUR FUTURE From the ones who pass legislation federally to the ones who control local government; we are the people and the people still have time to act, it begins right here in our own backyards with the resources already made available. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or the Green Building Rating System is a third party certification program intended to guide green construction. It is now up to us to put into practice methods that can help the generations who depend on us to make decisions for tomorrow today!!

5 THE GREEN INITIATIVE OF N.Y. August 2007: The N.Y. State Dormitory Authority announced that beginning in 2008, all new State construction projects and major renovations managed by the Dormitory Authority will meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards established by the United States Green Building Council. August 2007: Former First Lady Spitzer announces that the Legislation will offer incentives to home-owners who build or renovate homes that meet Green Building criteria. The incentive will depend on the size of the home, capping at $10,000 and will in turn offset the 5% increase in construction costs when green or sustainable features are incorporated. Summer of 2007: a comprehensive environmental and energy agenda has been referred to as the 15x15 plan: reduce energy use by 15% from forecasted levels by the year of 2015. By using the standards established by the U.S. Green Building Council and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), N.Y. can achieve reduced emissions, energy costs, and decrease carbon imprint.

6 21-26 points = Certified 27-31 points = Silver 32-41 points = Gold 42-57 points = Platinum Sustainable Sites (7 possible points) Water Efficiency (2 possible) Energy & Atmosphere (12 possible) Materials & Resources (14 possible) Indoor Environmental Quality (17 possible)

7 How can Thruway Hardwood help the A&D community as well as our local Fabricators Go Green? We supply materials that meet the standards set by LEED under the M&R and EQ sections; if you can design it we can supply it. Recycled Materials: 10% or 20% post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer (MR credit 4.1, 4.2) Regional Materials: 10% or 20% Extracted and Manufactured Regionally or within 500 miles (MR 5.1,5.2) Rapidly Renewable Materials: products and materials that can be harvested within a 10-year or shorter cycle (MR 6) Certified Wood: certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and supplied by a distributor who is also FSC certified (MR 7) Low-emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants used in the building interior have to meet standards set by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Green Seal Standard GC-36 requirements (EQ 4.1) Low-emitting Materials: Composite Wood and Laminate Adhesives that contain no added urea-formaldehyde (EQ 4.4)

8 Products and Applications: Introduction At Thruway Hardwood and Plywood we strategically set into place manufacturers by location and capacity to maximize our product potential.

9 Veneers FSC certified (MR 7) Located within 500 miles (MR 5.1 & MR 5.2) Any true wood veneer available unless endangered Reconstituted or Composite veneers Rapidly renewable (bamboo) MR 6 Custom Laid Veneers on Plywood: Diamond match, Reversed Diamond, Sunburst, Herringbone, Book, Slip, and Random Match Various backers: wood on wood, phenolic back, peel and stick, 10 mil, 20 mil, and 30 mil back Wall panels, conference tables, fine furniture, high-end cabinetry, columns

10 Veneer Cuts RIFT SLICE Commonly used for Red and White Oak, Rift cut can be easily sequenced and matched, by cutting a slight angle to the radial to arrive at a quartered appearance without excessive flake. ROTARY Similar to unrolling wrapping paper, this is the most economical method of producing veneer, resulting in the highest yield. This type of veneer is best suited for paint grade or utility surfaces.

11 Veneer Cuts PLAIN SLICE The most common method of veneer manufacturing, used mainly in architectural plywood which produces a grain pattern known as cathedral. Ideally suited for wall panels, furniture and store fixtures. QUARTER SLICE Similar to the Plain Slice, this cut requires the largest diameter logs and produces straight grained veneers, often resulting in the appearance of flake.

12 FSC certified (MR 7) Located within 500 miles (MR 5.1 & 5.2) Veneer one side, thermally fused melamine on other Custom laid designs on individual panel Various cores to choose from: fire rated, moisture rated, no urea or formaldehyde added, marine grade, foils 1 or 2 sided (EQ 4.4) Custom panel face matching Wall panels, cabinetry, fine furniture Custom Plywood

13 Matching Panel Faces Pattern of the veneer face will continue to the next sheet after a specified sheet size Running MatchBalance Match Each panel face is made with an odd or even number of veneer pieces but balanced within the panel Center Match Panel consists of an even number of veneers, equal widths, matching faces, center of panel is center of panel

14 Melamine Thermally fused laminate to either MDF or particleboard Located within 500 miles (MR 5.1 & MR 5.2) 100% recycled and recovered wood fiber (MR 4.1 & 4.2) Compliant with formaldehyde emission standards, EPP and CPA compliant (EQ 4.4) Can specify a laminate for your countertops and use the melamine to match for all fixture or vertical applications State of the art finishes to add to the trueness of every design and its application Largest manufacturer in the world located in Canada is supplying all their melamine with no-urea or formaldehyde added substrates as well as FSC

15 Mystera Solid Surface Made in the U.S.A.-Oklahoma (MR 5.1 & 5.3) Mystera exceeds all testing data from NSF, and ISSFA for durability etc. Mystera will retain all its durability throughout the life of the building it is put into, surface is renewable If the requirements to existing building structure and shells are met, Mystera products used can contribute LEED points The adhesives and seaming products used in Mystera installations have low VOC emissions and fall within the current standard set by Most Air Quality Management Districts in the U.S. (EQ 4.4)

16 Pionite High Pressure Laminate and FRL (Fiber Reinforced Laminate) HPL (all horizontal applications conceivable) Recycled Content: 3-5% post-industrial recycled content and 0% post-consumer recycled content (MR Credit 4.1) Local/Regional Materials: plant is located in Auburn Maine (MR Credit 5.1) Pionite laminates are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified (EQ 4.5) 80% of Pionite sold is for Commercial applications A variety of finishes available including embossed Slate, embossed Leather, and Ashwood (wood finish) FRL (durable, impact resistant, Class A Fire Rated, wall panels) Recycled Content: 1-3% post-industrial recycled content and 0% post-consumer recycled content (MR Credit 4.1) Local/Regional Materials: product made in Auburn Maine facility (MR 5.1) Low Emitting Materials: Fiber Reinforced laminates are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified (EQ 4.5)

17 Greenguard Certified Pionite Products Markerboard High Pressure Laminate Micastat (Electrostatic Dissipative Laminate) used where static- sensitive electronic components are manufactured or assembled as well as any areas in a hospital or clean rooms where the surface cannot attract dust or dirt particles Pearlescent (printed with Metallic and Pearlescent inks) used in low abrasion areas only ChemGuard (Chemical Resistant Laminate) chemical resistant throughout the laminate used in photographic darkrooms, nurses stations, medical, dental, veterinary clinics Thick Phenolic Core (laminate available in thicknesses up to 1) toilet partitions, tabletops, doors, workstations, wall panels, desktops MelCor II (Color-through Laminate) color through the core construction good for hi-wear applications since gouges will not readily show

18 Chemetal Decorative Metal Laminate Made of aluminum, aluminum is the most recycled material on the planet Mainly Vertical applications or light Horizontal Average 50-80% recycled content with 100% pre- consumer Recycled Materials (MR Credit 4.1 & 4.2)) Plant located in Easthampton Massachusetts Regional Materials/within 500 miles of project site (MR Credit 5.1) Low Emitting Materials-Adhesives and Sealants (EQ Credit 4.1) Columns, wall panels, elevator walls, wainscoting

19 Caution: Beware of Green Washing Use the LEED standards as a tool to either confirm or deny a green product line All LEED standards depending on the type of build or remodel are downloadable on the U.S. Green Building Counsel website ( The GreenSpec Directory is a resource of products that are green Utilize a data base called The Pharos Project designed to provide comprehensive product analysis and ratings on what an environmentally sustainable product should be. Pharos also tried to compare existing products to that ideal, LEED product database, searchable by information submitted by manufacturers, environmental evaluation of community opinion, reviews and advice on residential builds

20 GreenSpec Directory: Product Standards Products made with Salvaged, Recycled, or Agricultural Waste Content Products that Conserve Natural Resources Products that Avoid Toxic or other Emissions Products that Save Energy or Water Products that contribute to a Safe, Healthy Environment

21 Green Product Certifications FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) ATFS (American Tree Farm System) CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Green Guard-Indoor Air Quality Control EPP (Environmentally Preferred Products) Green Label and Green Label Plus Floor Score Indoor Advantage Energy Performance Certification Energy Star Verified Directory Water Sense Green Seal Eco Logo Sustainable Choice C2C (Cradle to Cradle) Smart Certified (Sustainable Materials Rating Technology)

22 Supplying standards for the future in our materials today! Proud Distributor of Karran solid surface sinks, Lansen stainless steel sinks, Mystera Solid Surface (Made in U.S.A.), Chemetal, Tree Frog, Slotwall, Specialty Hardwood Plywood, Veneers, Tafisa Melamine, Green products Members of the U.S. Green Building Council FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified Provides wood from monitored forests to prevent illegal deforestation and reduce our carbon imprint Strategically set into place manufacturers by location and capacity to maximize product potential with Green products Promotes local businesses and American produced material Privately owned and operated, we have a local perspective enabling us to personally service our clients Highly educated professionals in building Green, making the process of LEED building effortless and invigorating Servicing New York, Canada, and Pennsylvania Personally servicing Architects, Designers, Kitchen and Bath dealers, Home Centers, Home Builders, Fabricators, and Millwork shops Sustaining and protecting our natural resources is our responsibility. With everyones help and cooperation, the Western New York business community can take responsibility and action to reestablish natures balance.

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