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1 SYSTEM 2000

2 Warranty Warrants to the original user. –defect free standard, non-custom products 12 year 5 sentence warranty. Limited to repair or replacement. –F.O.B Concord Plant –Pursuant to normal usage per Concords written instructions

3 System 2000 Features Wood Options PVC high impact capping Monolithic Panel System Positive metal to metal interlock connection system Custom height and width capability Beltline raceway option Rapid installation timeframe due to unitized connection system

4 Standard Panels Fabric Fabric acoustic Fabric high performance Fabric tackable Full glass Open frame Half glass Vinyl Veneer Pass-Thru Radius Laminate End filler Doors and gates High pressure laminate Power and non-power

5 Panel Sizing Based on a consistent, precise 6 module and made in six (6) inch increments. Interior dimensions are the sum of the work surface or surrounding panel widths. At right-angle intersections, panels are connected with panel adapters. –Same thickness as the panel (1 3/4) Exterior dimensions of the workstations are the sum of panel widths plus panel adapters or each right-angel intersection.

6 Panel Connection Concord Products unique internal panel connection system –provides the highest level of structural integrity –resists flex over the life of the system –Positive metal to metal connection (prevents tolerance variance) Each panel is furnished with a panel locking bolt. –screws to force the wedges together Panel Connection System is delivered fully assembled –prevents vertical panel movement Ensures your client a piece of mind that their investment will meet their complete satisfaction.




10 Raceway Panels Powered raceway available –4 circuit (8 wire) 5 circuit & 10 wire available upon request –rated at 20 amp 125 volt, 2 pole, 3 wire –grounded both as a full system and individual panel –receptacles are rated at 15 amps All raceway panels are furnished with factory provided cutouts –allowing multiple receptacles per panel –2 per side –back to back positioning –each cutout is finished with a self storing cover

11 Raceway Panels Electrical components are approved by U.L. #498 safety standards. –meets NEC requirements Power distribution assembly is factory installed. –can be retrofitted in the field –wire management space for up to (12) 25 pair (non- teflon) communication cables to be provided Flexibility in raceway specification. Shipped from factory with power installed

12 Beltline ECR

13 Power Electrical distribution block –mounted within the panel –block mounting clips Festoons –are used to make panel to panel power connections. In-Feeds –connects building power supply to base unit –right, left straight line available –NYC handed connection from building power into unit –installs in place of electrical distributor box

14 Finished Ends Panel top cap and end trim finish Included on panel as standard Snap-on finished ends –fit over panel wedge connectors –no tools are required to install High impact PVC plastic trim –available in all trim colors –fabric wrapped, wood veneer, solid wood Transitional finished end –panels of different heights connect


16 Wall Connectors Wall Starter –secures first panel against existing wall –connecting system included Wall Channel –first panel has no work surface or hanging accessories Wall Brackets –used if full length channel is not practical L Brackets –wall fasten panels Wall Mount Standard –steel slotted channel to attach work surfaces or accessories Wall Mount Frame –fits behind the accessory Panel Mount Assembly –designed to secure a panel to mid-length of another same height panel

17 Surfaces Standard –high pressure laminate finishes Curved –24 inside radius Inside corner –maximum work area in a 90 panel connection Conference D or P shaped Pass-thru –fits pass-thru panel Curved extended –fits in a radius panel Cluster –various angles to fit workstation layouts


19 Open Shelves Metal bottom shelf with matching end panels –8 to 15 high profile –available in all trim colors Display shelf High shelf Low shelf Garment shelf Data storage shelf

20 Pedestals All pedestals provided with locks –can be keyed alike Letter size pedestals are 15 wide –legal is 18 wide Closed tops, custom laminate fronts, and casters are available options Glides are on pedestals (4) Any combination of box and file drawers are available –Ability to match any other colors


22 Flipper Doors Door recedes inside cabinet or over the top with hydraulic options Steel, laminate, fabric, and veneer covered Locks are optional


24 Accessories Lighting Monitor Arms Paper Management Accessories Sound Control Coat hooks Shelf dividers Keyboards



27 Value Proposition Quality Competitive price point Predictable cost model Ease of system Time to market Flexibility and scalability Comprehensive field services Client service model

28 The Better Way SYSTEM 2000

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