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1 Welcome

2 Definition: Fume Cupboard - Regulations - Standards
DIN part 1 defines the fume cupboard as a protection device in laboratories for works during which gases, vapours, aerosols or dusts can occur in hazardous quantities and concentrations. The Euro Fume Cupboard fulfills the requirements of all appropriate standards and regulations: DIN British Standard AFNOR (French Standard) ASHRAE (US-Standard) EN (European Standard soon to come)

3 GS - Label This Euro Fume Cupboard is tested and certified according to the law for safety of appliances. Just as the complete laboratory furniture system, also this fume cupboard is equipped with the GS label.

4 Types and Dimensions Types bench fume cupboard low level fume cupboard walk-in fume cupboard low ceiling height fume cupboard special application fume cupboard (DIN part 2) filter fume cupboard radio-isotope fume cupboard (DIN ) Dimensions All Euro Fume Cupboard types are available in widths of 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm.

5 Construction – Installation
The Euro Fume Cupboard consists of the independent main parts: fume cupboard underbench and fume cupboard top. Both units are completely factory- assembled and are delivered to the site ready for connection.

6 Construction – Installation
Should the conditions on site not enable a pre-assembled delivery, the Euro Fume Cupboard will be put up on site from pre-assembled components.

7 Construction – Characteristics
The fume cupboard underbench comprises: two side panels of coated chipboard two epoxy resin coated upright in the rear; each with levelling device. two epoxy resin coated aluminium profiles at the front with integrated height adjustment two epoxy resin coated steel traverses to hold the worktop

8 Construction – Characteristics
The fume cupboard top comprises: two side panels of coated chipboard one rear panel of coated chipboard one front panel of epoxy resin coated sheet steel one firmly installed sash with epoxy resin coated aluminium frame and hardened laminated safety glass one front sash or two synchronously running front sashes with epoxy resin coated aluminium frame and hardened laminated safety glass

9 Construction – Characteristics
The fume cupboard top comprises: one worktop (of synthetic ceramics, PP, epoxy resin or according to requirement) two or three detach-able service panels integrated in the back panel one rear baffle of solid grade laminate one top baffle of solid grade laminate one front and rear ceiling of coated chipboard one integrated light one exhaust air manifold of PP, hardly flamable

10 Construction – Front Sash
1 sanitary service panel 2 rear baffle 3 air intake openings 4 electrical service panel 5 scaffold rod holders 6 scaffold rods 7 cup sink The Euro Fume Cupboard is equipped with a vertically adjustable front sash and with a sash of laminated safety glass, which is firmly installed on top.

11 Construction – Front Sash
1 front toothed disk 2 tooth belt 3 front sash 4 rear panel of fume cupboard 5 counter-weight 6 plywood panel (4 mm) 7 rear toothed disk Through two toothed belts, which are independently running via a front and a rear toothed disk, the front sash is connected to two counter-weights. The counter-weights are running without any restricted guidance.

12 Construction – Front Sash
31 1 intact tooth belt 2 clamping plate (pulled-up) 3 track mechanism (not released) torn tooth belt 5 clamping plate (pressed down) 6 track mechanism (released) 7 spring The front sash is equipped with an aluminium frame on both sides and with an additional anti-skid device. If the toothed belts are properly working, a track mechanism against spring pressure is lifted. In case the toothed belt is torn, the spring will press the track mechanism to the outside and is wedged in the routing profile. Thus it is reliably avoided that the front sash will fall down in case of an error. 1 4 2 5 3 6 7

13 Construction – Splinter Protection
Illustration: sash in opened position The sash handle at the lower side of the front sash is formed in such a way that splashes, splinters or similar are re-routed down to the worktop if the sash is closed. 1 front sash 2 sash handle 3 double handle profile 4 air-foil cill

14 Construction – Service Panels – Scaffold Rod Holders
In the interior of the fume cupboard top up to three service panels are integrated in the rear panel. These service panels are either equipped with various supplies for water, gas, vacuum, compressed air, etc. or with a drip cup, or sockets for electricity. The valves and switches are located in the service modules of the fume cupboard underbench. The fume cupboard rear panel is equipped with up to 12 scaffold rod holders ( polybutylen-terephtalate) with cam fixing for scaffold rods with a diameter of 13 mm. Service Panels

15 Construction – Service Modules
Each service module (300 mm wide, 180 mm high) can be individually equipped. The sanitary module can be equipped with several valves which are colour-coded and allocated to the outlets in the service panel at the rear panel of the fume cupboard. The electrical module can be equipped with rotary switches, press switches, sockets and fuse protections. These switches are also allocated to the sockets in the service panel at the rear panel of the fume cupboard. Service Modules

16 Construction – Ventilation Connection
The exhaust air manifold is installed above the rear ceiling and is equipped with a connection diameter of 250 mm in order to allow an easy connection to a ventilation system. The exhaust air manifold is also equipped with two air intake openings with a diameter of 200 mm each.

17 Construction – Aerodynamics – Sash Handle and Worktop
Front air foil cill The air foil cill at the front of the worktop is aero- dynamical in shape. . Sash handle The aerodynamic shape with clear tear-off edges provide for defined flow proportions at the sash handle. The backflow of the double profile causes a clear under pressure reduction when opening the front sash. Thus considerably better results are achieved during the dynamic contaminant test according to DIN Illustr.: flow test in flat water duct Illustr.: flow visualization in mist test

18 Aerodynamics – Profile Support
The aerodynamic shape of the patent-applied profile of the Euro Fume Cupboard reduces turbulences. Thus backflows are avoided and the results of the containment tests according to DIN are improved considerably. The laboratory staff is better protected. Illustr.: flow test in flat water duct

19 Aerodynamics – Distribution of Extraction
Criterions for an optimized distribution of extraction at the rear panel are: An even extraction through the entire fume cupboard interior (reduction of air circulation in favour of a piston flow). Extraction of heavy gases (e.g. vapours of solvents, bromine) by pulling down the baffle tightly above the worktop. Low pressure loss at high air volumes (EN, BS, ASHRAE). Service panels with circulating extraction slots completely integrated in the rear baffle.

20 Control and Regulation
The Euro Fume Cupboard is equipped with the fume cupboard function display (FAZ) as required in DIN part 1 as a standard. As an option it can be equipped with a variable fume cupboard control, the Airflow-Controller 2, or with a constant airflow controller, the AC-C. Illustr.: operation of the airflow controller Illustr.: operation of the function display Illustr.: damper for airflow controller

21 Airflow Controller – Damper
Furniture System Airflow Controller – Damper Depending on the ventilation concept and the conditions on site the damper of the airflow controller can be executed in various types: manifold damper twin pipe damper pipe damper crossbox A combination with sound absorber is also possible.

22 Airflow Controller – Control Valves
MManifold Damper (The controller is directly installed on the fume cupboard top.

23 Airflow Controller – Damper
DTwin Pipe Damper RThis damper is used instead of the manifold. dThis controller is also available with sound absorber.

24 Pipe Damper Airflow Controller – Damper
JDepending on the pressure loss and on the construction height various dampers can be used. The pipe dampers are installed in the ventilation plant on site.

25 Ventilation Values Detailed values of the airflows and pressure losses are available for all fume cupboard types. Example: twin pipe controller

26 Ventilation Values Detailed values of the airflows and pressure losses are available for all fume cupboard types.

27 Sound Level Extensive measurements were carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics to determine the A-valued sound level for the various Euro Fume Cupboard types and for the various Airflow Controllers.

28 Euro Fume Cupboard Sash Controller Illustr.: driving motor for SC 2
Each Euro Fume Cupboard can be optionally equipped (also in addition) with the sash controller SC2. It is the task of the SC2 to automatically close the SC2 if nobody is working with the fume cupboard. With a movement detector the SC2 controls the area in front of the fume cupboard for moving persons. As an additional option a photo-electric light barrier can be inserted in the lower cross profile. With this photo-electric light barrier also isothermic and stationary objects (e.g. appliances in the sash area) can be detected. The time between the last detection and the closing process can be adjusted. Illustr.: driving motor for SC 2 Illustr.: movement detector

29 Commissioning The Euro Fume Cupboard control units FAZ, AC2 and SC2 are completely pre-installed, adjusted and calibrated in the factory. Furthermore they are also subject to an extensive function test.

30 Integration of Appliances
Apart from the control units FAZ, AC2, AC-C and SC2 also decentral service supply units can be integrated. Complete systems for vacuum, cooling water, clean and pure water and for the treatment of waste water are available. Illustr.: distribution and waste disposal system for chemical substances - Chem-Change

31 Integration of Appliances
Through a funnel in the worktop flamable solvents are lead into the FWF 90 safety cabinet.

32 Thank you very much for your attention

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