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Update of Product Information Funeral Merchandise.

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1 Update of Product Information Funeral Merchandise

2 Burial Caskets Cremation Caskets Outer Burial Containers Urns Cemetery Merchandise Other Merchandise

3 Burial Caskets Casket vs. Coffin Values of Caskets will be determined by: 1.Materials 2.Production method 3.Features

4 Materials Three types of materials used in casket construction. 1. metals 2. woods 3. Polymers and Fiberglass

5 Metals Two types of metals 1. Ferrous Steels Stainless steels 2. Non-ferrous Coppers Bronzes

6 Steels Steels are sold in gauges –20 gauge –18 gauge –16 gauge The lower the gauge the thicker the metal

7 Stainless Steels an alloy of steel, carbon and chromium Come in two types 300 Series 400 Series

8 Copper & Bronze Copper and Bronze are sold in 32 oz and 48 ozs per sq ft.

9 According to material value Stainless Steel 300 Stainless Steel 400 16 gauge steel 18 gauge steel 20 gauge steel 48 oz Bronze 32 oz Bronze 48 oz Copper 32 oz Copper

10 Wood Caskets Three different types Solid hardwood Wood laminates Wood by products

11 Solid Hardwood caskets by values Mahogany Walnut Cherry Oaks Maples Birch Pine Poplars, Select Hardwoods

12 Laminates Wood veneers Artificial laminates

13 Wood by products

14 Polymers Fiberglass Plastics –Mostly associated with infant caskets

15 Casket production methods Although the overall appearances of the caskets may seem like they are all alike. There are subtle variations which contribute to the caskets aesthetics and price. Cap opening Body style

16 Cap Openings There is no difference in price

17 Body styles Corners Elliptic Octagon Square Round Body panels Vertical Flaring Urnside






23 Features of caskets will increase value They include –Interiors – the style and interior lining –Finishes- the style of finished applied –Hardware- the handles and corners applied to the casket

24 Finishes

25 Hardware

26 Interiors Gaskets vs. non-gasket Type of material used style

27 Cremation Caskets An environmentally safe casket which is designed for encasing dead human remains for cremation. Burial caskets Cremation casket Rental casket

28 Burial Casket

29 Cremation Casket

30 Rental Casket

31 Alternative container An unfinished wood box or other non-metal receptacle without a fix interior lining or ornamentation.

32 Outer Burial Containers Is a general term referring to any container which is designed for placement in the grave around the casket, including but not limited to, containers commonly known as burial vaults, grave boxes and grave liners. Not all outer burial containers are created equally.

33 Vaults An outer burial container which offers protection from the earth load as well as inhibiting the intrusion of outside graveside elements such as soil and water. There are two different types. Air seal Top seal

34 Air Seal Vault

35 Top Seal Vaults

36 Grave Boxes or Liners Designed to support the earth load

37 Outer Burial Containers Cemeteries might require the use of a outer burial container for interment.

38 Urns After the cremation process is completed some type of container is necessary to hold the cremated remains. No standard size, but acceptable volume would be over 200 cubic inches –Adult –Companion ( two or more ) –Keepsake - infant

39 Urns Metal ( bronze, pewter and steel ) Woods ( all species ) Marble Ceramics Plastics/polymer resins Other material

40 Urns Many urns are designed to facilitate what the families want to do with the cremated remains –Scattering –Burial –Entombment –Jewelry

41 Acrylic urn

42 Keepsake

43 Scattering urn

44 Double capacity

45 Cemetery Merchandise This section will mostly cover the most common items such as: –Markers, monuments and memorials –Mausoleum and Columbarium –Property or grave space

46 Markers Are classified into 6 different types 1.Flush or grass 2.Bevel top 3.Slant 4.Bench 5.Upright 6.Specialty

47 Materials Granite Bronze Marble Slate

48 Marker types

49 Mausoleum A building containing crypts or vaults Crypts or chamber

50 Private

51 Columbarium A structure or room in a mausoleum or other building containing niches or recesses used to hold cremated remains.

52 Cemetery Property An area of ground set aside and dedicated for the final disposition of dead human bodies Memorial Park – a cemetery or section of a cemetery with only flush type markers Lawn crypt- a grave space two or more persons may be buried in grave liners which have been stack upon themselves

53 Property Subdivisions Sections – group of blocks Blocks – are made lots lots Lots – several graves Example: Rose garden section, block 24, lot A, space 1

54 Lawncrypts

55 Other merchandise There is now a wealth of merchandise which is sold by funeral homes, cemeteries, direct disposer establishments and third party sellers.

56 Air tray

57 Alternatives

58 Hand Blown Glass

59 Diamonds and Crystals

60 Funeral Merchandise Caskets Outer burial container Cremation and alternative containers Urns and Urn vaults and liners Other cremation products Monuments Burial clothing Personalizing options Printed materials Other sundries

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