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Veslařský materiál lodě vesla nářadí čluny vleky na lodě

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1 Veslařský materiál lodě vesla nářadí čluny vleky na lodě
veslařský bazén

2 Construction: Olympia X The hull is made in sandwich construction with Carbon Nomex Honeycombs.. Our sandwich laminate is pressed together by using vacuum technologies, which is increasing the stiffness. Riggers: Carbon 2-stay rigger

3 Karbon: krakorce, kačena, slajd
( několik velikostí..) Cena: skif 6 700,- € (bez DPH) dělená osma ,- (alum. krakorce) karbonové krakorce: 880 €/1 pár


5 Junior: These boat is made in two pieces, totally hand laminated in glass fibre. The cockpit and the hull piece are sticked together. Cena: €


7 Construction:: Touring boats are made out of a glass fiber laminate, which is reinforced by Kevlar. The interior is made in sandwich decks and bulkheads, which increases the boat buoyancy. Carbon reinforced wooden ribs increase the boat stiffness

8 Cena: Skul € (+ 450 sandwich ) Skul s € (+ 1200)


10 performance connection recovery support no slippage Cena: 75 €/1 pár


12 accuracy of 0.25° Blades. from 0 to 7° footstretcher from 38 to 45°.


14 accuracy of 2mm or less range of boat from 350 to 700mm

15 accuracy of 2mm or less height range from 130 to 200mm .


17 With beginning of 2002 BBG became official distributor for

18 BB 2198 796 cm2

19 APEX Blade 816 cm2 Cena: 460 USD 445 €

20 The theory of a smooth faced blade causing less disturbance to the flow of water over the front face of the blade seemed to us to be in direct contradiction to basic hydrodynamic theory. Potential gains in hydrodynamic lift could be achieved if the back, not the front face of the blade, is free of impediments to the smooth movement of water in the direction of flow. It is not the front, but the back of the blade with its longer curved surface that accelerates the water flow and should provide a lifting force as the blade traverses out to the 90 degree stall position and back again during each stroke. By making the back surface "smooth" with the spine, or shaft attaching ridge parallel to the water flow, the blade would be more efficient and easier to handle.

21 APEX-RE 757 cm2


23 Cena: 325 USD 310 €

24 Obaly na vesla: párová 30 € nepárová 35 €
Typ Tvrdost Nast. dél. Tlošťka rukojeti soft yes small (s), medium (m), large (l) medium stiff

25 APEX-REX 742,5 cm2 Cena: 665 USD 560 €

26 „Sekyrky“ pro mládež Cena: 340 €

27 „Macon“ pro mládež Cena: 340 €

28 Cena: 15 USD



31 CD-X the all-white Kevlar composite                     
Custom * Special in stained-black wood                       




35 Available for Empacher,
Sims & Vespoli (others to follow). AeRowFin© is all about precision coxing, drag reduction and performance enhancement. All in one beautifully-finished, high-tech Carbon composite.


37 Custom Single (mahogany hull/cedar deck, all fittings)
Ł Custom * Special Single (the Custom of your dreams) from Ł CD-X Single (Kevlar composite, white finish, all fittings) Ł CD-XL Single: the only true sized 125kg 1x (Kevlar composite, white finish, all fittings) Ł Custom Double or Pair (as single) Ł Custom * Special Double or Pair (as single) from Ł


39 HUDSON BOATS 5:19.85 World's Fastest 2000 Meter Of All Time,
US Men's Eight, Athen's 2004 Construction The elite model is a prepreg carbon fiber and honeycomb core sandwich construction designed specifically for torsion/longitudinal stiffness while adhering to strict weight restrictions.

40 HUDSON BOATS BOAT ELITE SPORT Single $8,175 $6,350 Pair $12,100
$11,100 Double $12,400 $11,400 Double / Pair $13,250 $12,250 Coxed Four $16,950 $15,800 Four $16,850 $15,600 Quad $17,500 $16,250 Quad / Four $18,500 $17,250 Eight $29,250 $26,250

41 HUDSON BOATS Construction The sport single model is multiple layers of carbon fiber laminated together in the infusion process to produce a single skin allowing for increased hull durability. These shells are intended to be used for the more non competitive level because some of the performance characteristics such as torsion/longitudinal stiffness and added weight have been slightly compromised for durability.


43 HUDSON BOATS Recreational ( CAD ) T - 6 1x $2,495 T - 7 2x $3,895

44 HUDSON BOATS Complete wing rigger (sweep) - Includes pin, oarlock and backsay $400.00

45 HUDSON BOATS Complete wing rigger (scull) - Includes pin and oarlock $550.00

46 HUDSON BOATS Chesepeake Boat Slings Price:  $160.00

47 HUDSON BOATS Four fin (Aluminum) Price:  $33.00  

48 HUDSON BOATS Four/Eight Breakaway Fin (Mid 2005) Price:  $33.00

49 HUDSON BOATS Eight Rudder (11") Price:  $25.00

50 HUDSON BOATS Four rudder (angled for use on model with rudder positioned at stern) Price:  $25.00

51 About 2000 boats are produced annually
About 2000 boats are produced annually. This ranks Flying Eagle as one of the largest rowing shell manufacturers in the world, as well as the largest in China. Flying Eagle has square meters of work shops and hi-tech facilities to produce rowing, kayak, canoeing, sailing and motor boats.

52 Engineers and Technicians from WinTech Racing have been on the ground in China for over 10 months as a continual presence Bruce Kirby (USA) G-Boards (Australia) Klaus Filter, a man revered in Europe, Asia and Australia as the sport's most prolific and successful hull designer, is almost unknown to American rowers

53 Shell: sandwich structure with Kevlar,Carbon fiber and Nomex paper Honeycomb.

54 Adaptive

55 Ocean Rower

56 Sea Boat

57 Water Jogger

58 Dragon Boat

59 Coaches small

60 Coaches large

61 TV Catamaran


63 Karbonový krakorec

64 Křídlo

65 - colour : white - lenght : cm. 6,55 - width : cm. 2,44 - weight : kg







72 The Slick Blade has no ridgeline so there is less splash at the catch
The Slick Blade has no ridgeline so there is less splash at the catch. The low volume blade enters the water quickly and quietly The gentle asymmetric curvature of the blade assures a clean release from the water with every stroke. Slick Blades are visibly cleaner than other blades.

73 The Droop Snoot Sculling Blade.
The ridgeline is not in line with the shaft. The ridgeline is almost horizontal and hence the blade is more stable through the stroke

74 The Cleaver Sculling Blade was first introduced in 1992
The Cleaver Sculling Blade was first introduced in It is identical in curvature to the Droop Snoot but does not have the benefits of the horizontal ridgeline

75 Macon Sculling Blades The Macon blades are the original blade design
Macon Sculling Blades The Macon blades are the original blade design. This blade was first manufactured in timber. Although the Macon blade is not used in the racing world, recreational rowers prefer them and they are a good blade for learners.

76 42mm-39mm Black end cap 42mm-42mm Yellow end cap
45mm-42mm White end cap

77 The handles are avaliable in three sizes small medium and large:
Small handle fit pink grip Medium handle fit yellow grip and blue grip Large handle fit grey grip and green grip



80 Sweep Scull Fat Smoothie 27x54cm* Smoothie 25x54cm Big Blade 25x52cm Big Blade 25x55cm Macon M Macon L Macon XL Fat Smoothie 23x46cm* Smoothie 21x46cm Big Blade 21x43cm Macon M Macon L *(The Fat Smoothie can only be made with the Vortex edge.)

81 This picture is one frame of an overhead video taken from a bridge
This picture is one frame of an overhead video taken from a bridge. The boat is shown on the bottom and is moving from left to right. The red dots mark the tip of the blade at each frame of the video.

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