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Heart-Walk Presenter: D.Kacher a reinforcement activity.

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1 Heart-Walk Presenter: D.Kacher a reinforcement activity

2 As they walk through the heart, they will follow the pathway of blood through the heart. Students will reinforce their knowledge of the heart by walking on a large floor-drawing of a heart and naming its parts.

3 Objectives identify right and left heart name the chambers, valves, and great vessels associated with both rt. & lf. heart demonstrate how blood flows through the heart

4 Teacher materials 2 strips white butcher paper (approximately 9 long clear vinyl tape pencil with eraser drawing of the inside of heart heart (coronal plane) blue, red, & yellow Sharpie markers scissors access to laminating machine 2 sheets of blank printing paper

5 Teacher preparation 1.Cut two large strips of white butcher paper (approximately 9 in length) 2.Tape strips lengthwise with clear vinyl tape (you should have a large sheet of paper approx 9 x 6depends on width of butcher paper) 3.Using a pencil, draw a large heart (outline & inside– see template side) 4.Do NOT label 5.Outline right heart in blue, left heart in red, & valves in yellow

6 Teacher preparation cont. 6.Cut drawing into lengthwise strips so that they will go through a lamination machine. 7.Using template, draw a large drop of blood on each sheet of print paper. 8.Color one drop blue & one red. 9.Laminate and re-tape heart drawing with clear vinyl tape 10.put sheets of paper with blue & red blood back- to-back and laminate

7 Template for heart drawing

8 Heres how your heart should look once its outlined.

9 You can copy and paste this blood drop onto a Word doc, then print 2 of two copies Color one blue & one red. Place drops back-to-back. Laminate

10 Make a spinner (Can buy blank ones at teacher supply stores. Try to find one with 12 wedges.) Make labels of the following & adhere to spinner: 1.Vena cava 2.Rt. Atrium 3.Tricuspid valve 4.Rt. Ventricle 5.Pulmonary valve 6.Pulmonary arteries 7.Lungs 8.Pulmonary veins 9.Lf. Atrium 10.Mitral valve 11.Lf. Ventricle 12.Aorta

11 How to begin …and end Tape Heart-Walk drawing to floor. Demonstrate how to walk through heart beginning at the superior vena cava Be sure and have the blue drop of blood facing outwards. Once you get to the pulmonary artery, step out of the Heart-Walk into the lungs. Turn drop of blood to red side and return to the heart via pulmonary veins. You are finished when you end up at the SVC.

12 Example of Heart-Walk drawing


14 What comes next? Coronary arteries Electrical conduction in heart



17 Biomedical engineering & biotechnology as it relates to the cardiovascular system: Screening technologies –stethoscope, BP, serum cholesterol levels Diagnostic technologies – EKG, blood enzymes, cardiac catheterization Interventional technologies – medications, angioplasty, stents Therapeutic technologies – meds, surgery

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