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Leader in the wholesale and distribution of wood, wood products and surfacing material since 1961. More than 48 years of experience in the industry. FIRST NATIONAL BUSINESS Sister company established in 2006. Distributor of natural and reconstituted veneer as well as wood.

3 BRANDS FORMICA®: The Formica Corporation born in 1913 is a global leader with close to a century of experience designing and manufacturing all types of surfacing material. Products: Laminate, Metal, Veneer, Solid Surfacing and many more. BUSNELLI: Founded in 1936 Busnelli is one of the world’s leading producers and traders of natural and reconstituted veneers.

4 BRANDS HALSPAN™: Halspan Limited a leading UK provider of timber-based fire products has been instrumental in the introduction and development of a new approach to the manufacture of fire doors. MEDITE: Available in Europe since 1976, Medite is arguably Europe’s most recognized brand of Medium density Fibreboards(MDF). PYROPLEX®: Global Leader in the design, manufacture and supply of intumescent passive fire protection products. * We are the exclusive distributors of the brands in Lebanon and Jordan

5 PRODUCT PROFILE Wood Veneer Laminate Medium Density Fiberboard
Solid Surfacing Fire Doors Material & Fire Protection Products Honeycomb Cardboards

6 WOOD We offer a wide variety of woods from Badi, Beech, Cedar, Dahoma, Frake and Iroko to Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Pine, Walnut and many more… Woods are imported from various countries such as: Africa, Canada, France, Italy, Romania and the United States. *Any wood you need is available upon request

7 VENEER From natural to reconstituted veneer, we have an established reputation on the market for high quality products and competitive pricing. Imported mainly from Busnelli in Italy. Natural Veneer: 100% natural, produced by slicing, peeling or sawing thin layers of wood from high quality logs. Reconstituted Veneer: Offers a unique advantage of stable and constant characteristics in industrial quantities with a variety of sizes, thickness and colors to meet customers requirements. *Any veneer you need is available upon request

8 FORMICA® Laminate Formica ColorCore ® :
“The original decorative surfacing material, available in a wide and attractive range of plain colors, patterns and wood grain designs, that ensure practical, cost-effective solutions for any environment” Formica ColorCore ® : A high performance through color surfacing material, ColorCore ® is a robust laminate that maintains its appearance in high-wear situations. Graphic and layered effects may be fabricated. Maching, routering, engraving – even sandblasting – creates striking impressions.

9 FORMICA® Laminate Formica DecoMetal ® :
Adds to the convenience of laminate the timeless look of plate metal. Styles of classic simplicity complement modern industrial effects and echoes of traditional metal crafts. Formica ® Veneer : Combines the warmth of real wood with engineering innovations that provides great ease of fabrication and a consistent quality. From classics and basic straight grains to tropical exotics.

10 “I Can Put up With Anything”
FORMICA® Compact “I Can Put up With Anything” Homogenous material with a solid laminated core, It has excellent resistance to impact, water, UV, humidity and heat, making it the perfect choice for most demanding environments. Ideal for external use suitable for high traffic buildings, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, airports etc. with great resistance to vandalism, fire, water, scraping, graffiti etc. Also used internally for washroom cubicles, lockers, wall linings and counter tops. Its solid core allows it to be used in a wide range of furniture such as: chairs, tables and benches.

11 FORMICA Chemtop2™ Unrivalled in applications for high stress environments that require resistance to harsh chemicals. Quality, reliable and cost effective solution for the following environments: Laboratories Clinics Mortuaries Nursing stations etc.

12 FORMICA® Solid Surface
“The Widest Possibilities of Design, Let Your Ideas Take Shape” New material manufactured from a blend of polyester, resins and acrylic Can be shaped, carved and sculpted to produce stunning homogeneous surfaces Chemical resistant and very hygenic, ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, schools etc.

13 HALSPAN™ Halspan has been instrumental in the introduction and development of a new approach to the manufacture of Fire Doors. Halspan is a 3-layer particle board, designed to out-perform other types of board. It is ideal as a solid core door and better to make, veneer and laminate. With Halspan, fire resistance can be planned into a project for doors and partitions without detriment to the designer's overall concept. 

14 HALSPAN™ Certificates

15 PYROPLEX® Global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of intumescent passive fire protection products. Product Range Includes: Intumescent Fire Door Seals Acoustic Seals Fire Rated Grilles Pipe Collars Pipe Wraps Intumescent Sealants

16 MEDITE Available in Europe since 1976, Medite is arguably Europe's most recognised brand of MDF. Through consistent commitment to research and development medite is established as the leading brand in the MDF market by introducing a wide variety of quality products. Today the extensive Medite range includes Medite Premier, Medite Plus, Medite MR, Medite FR, Medite Exterior, Medite Ecologique and Medite FQ.

17 Medium Density Fiberboards
Manufactured by breaking down softwood into wood fibers, combined with wax and resin. Used as an excellent substrate for all types of surfacing materials and veneers . We offer a variety of medium density fiberboards imported from Canada, China, Germany, Italy etc. Major Brands: Fantoni, Medite, Finsa etc. Thickness range from 2.5mm to 3 cm. Length range from 220cm to 366cm. Width range from 70cm to 244cm.

18 Honeycomb Cardboards Honeycomb cardboards are made from layers of paper or cardboard bonded together by parallel and uniformly spaced lines of adhesive. While used as core material for doors and panels it is also strong and lightweight. Honeycomb sheets can be made in a range of thicknesses and cell sizes to cater for a huge variety of applications.



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