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Also available on our internet site +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 INFORMATIVE.

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1 also available on our internet site +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it INFORMATIVE 1. EQUIPMENT (June 20th, 2007) next exit: 2. COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES & MARKETING (July 20th, 2007) 3. In Depth discussion: Business lines and products (September 21st, 2007)

2 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 2/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it INFORMATIVE N° 1 06/22/2007 1 OUR EQUIPMENT

3 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 3/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it 3 printing machines, of which 2 are equipped with in- line lamination, with either solvent based or solvent less adhesives 1 triplex laminating machine, to produce multi- layer constructions, as well as cold-seal application 5 slitting machines 1 rewinding machine 1 mixing station, to produce inks 1 solvent recovery plant

4 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 4/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it CERUTTI 3 CERUTTI printing machines Neophane uses rotogravure printing machines. We can print up to 9 colours, with on-line laminating, using either solvent or solvent less adhesives, as well as cold-seal. We also can varnish with protective, matt, thermo-sealing or slip control lacquers. Maximum printing-width : mm. 1200.

5 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 5/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it Rotogravure machine consists of 2 mainly parts : The printing unit the diagram illustrates the basis of rotogravure printing Drying areas, essential for the solvent evaporation process

6 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 6/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it The pre & post-printing operations Prior to print: Material conditioning Corona treatment Primer application After print: Protective over-lacquering Application different lacquers (such as release, matt, thermo-sealing), also in register Application of adhesive for the in line laminating process In register application of cold-seal

7 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 7/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it NORDMECCANICA The laminating machine NORDMECCANICA Triplex Combi Vertical is a high performance laminating machine. Thanks to its interchangeable parts, we can apply a variety of adhesives (including cold- seal), to offer a range of technical properties. Maximum laminating-width size: mm. 1300.

8 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 8/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it The application element the laminating element The machine consists of 2 units, both of which include applicating and laminating elements, to laminate in a single pass up to three-ply. It is possible to produce laminates of 4 or more layers using multiple passes on the machine. In order to improve the adhesion capacity of films, the surfaces can be corona treated on the machine. The machine consists of 2 mainly parts :

9 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page 9/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it IMS Deltamatic (OFFICINE del MAGLIO) The slitting machines IMS Deltamatic (OFFICINE del MAGLIO) Reels are custom slit to the requested sizes. We have the following equipment in order to slit mother reels from the production machines, into the final dimensions: 2 slitting machines to supply reels on width minimum mm. 180, maximum mm. 1300 (for maximum 6 tracks), core mm. 70/76/152, maximum external diameter mm. 550; 1 slitting machine to supply reels on width minimum mm. 60, maximum mm. 200 (for maximum 17 tracks), core mm. 70/76/152, maximum external diameter mm. 550; 2 slitting machines to supply reels on width minimum mm. 90, maximum mm. 1300 (for maximum 9 tracks), core mm. 70/76/152, maximum external diameter mm. 400; 1 rewinding machine to rewind reels on width minimum mm. 60, maximum mm. 550, core mm.70/76/152, maximum external diameter mm. 500.

10 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page10/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it The Mixing Station Inks for printing are supplied to the presses in compliance with the specified tonality: colours are formulated through the blending of the basic pigments in the mixing station. All formulations are managed by software that can memorise all the recipes and reproduce them with minimal margin for error. Further to this, inks are checked with a spectrophotometer reader, that utilises the CIE-LAB method system of measurement.

11 Informative n°1, 06/20/07 - page11/12 +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it Solvent recovery plant Thanks to this new plant, Neophane has gas-emissions near to zero, that have been 100% checked and verified. Neophane recovers from raw materials (primarily from adhesives and inks) a higher quantity of solvent than it uses in its production. This plant uses technology founded on the absorption of organic solvent through activated carbon, together with an exclusive system of regeneration of the same carbons using inert gas rather than water vapour: this way we have the double advantage of avoiding the pollution with contaminated processing water and the presence of humidity in the recovered solvent. contaminated air, full of solvent, is taken from the presses to the recovery plant. Here is filtered, cooled and then sent to the absorption units. During this step, the solvent is held by the carbon while the purified air is flushed out. A hydrocarbon analyser checks this flow: if the concentration of solvent reaches a predetermined limit, it begins the regeneration process via the injection of nitrogen. The distillation unit can automatically separate the recovered solvents.

12 also available on our Internet site since July 20th +39.02.93269.1 +39.02.9302569 http://www.neophane.it INFORMATIVE Next step on July 20 th, 20072 COMMERCIAL & MARKETING ACTIVITIES

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