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Walking in each others shoes Our Comenius multilateral project 2013-2015.

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1 Walking in each others shoes Our Comenius multilateral project 2013-2015

2 Portugal N-Ireland Belgium Germany Poland Finland Romania Turkey Italy Spain Cyprus Czech Rep. Switzerland England The participants Greecel

3 Europe, at a decisive moment: THE STARTING POINT

4 The economic crisis and the Euro-crisis

5 Youth unemployment THE STARTING POINT

6 Well, I guess its due to the change of the climate… Why is it still winter down there? THE STARTING POINT Tension North-South, East-West

7 THE STARTING POINT Is Europe falling apart?

8 THE STARTING POINT Or can we find a way towards a common future? What could such a future be and where might be our place in it?

9 THE STARTING POINT A fact: WE cannot solve the crisis. But we also dont just want to resign! Because we believe that we can make a contribution, and that it is relevant. Meanwhile we hope that many others will do the same in their places…

10 OUR CENTRAL IDEA The key: EMPATHY We want to discover Europe from the perspective of other European citizens. Only the process of getting to know each other enables us to become empathetic. Empathy is the key for discovering new aspects of other cultures identities, as well as of our own. A more comprehensive concept of identity helps us to understand the many aspects that connect us and enables us to imagine and contribute towards a common future.

11 In other words: Lets try and walk in each others shoes! OUR CENTRAL IDEA

12 OBJECTIVES Objectives: 1.Students develop empathy (analytical, emotional and practical) a) on a personal level (role-plays) b) through tangible things 2. Students build high-order thinking skills (ex.: mock-parliament) 3. Students raise their awareness of different and continuous possiblities in life 4. Students develop analysis and anticipation skills (constructing a vision of Europe as they would like to see it) 5. Teachers share innovative teaching methods

13 4 steps from the I to the We and from the Present to the Future: WE PRESENT FUTURE I 4 STEPS 1. Who am I? Personal and social identity 2. Who is the Other? Immersion into diversity in Europe 3. Who will I be? Developing skills for the job market 4. Who will we be, together? Imagining the Future

14 Who am I? Who are the others? Where will I be?Who will we be together? Walking from the I to the We and from Today to Tomorrow

15 METHODOLOGY Metholology: Reflection – feelings – practical work

16 RESULTS Documentation of the results: A tangible result in each meeting The results of each meeting will be compiled in an e-booklet.

17 To be decided in England: -Dates of the project meetings in the first year; - What does each school have to prepare? - How are we going to do the e-book? Rules for the schools who send in material. - Caracteristics of the school-profiles - Agreement about finances during the meetings… AGREEMENTS

18 *** END ***




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