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International Trip 2011 Before we begin This is a Trip, not a Holiday - A holiday is a time to relax and do as you please when you want - A Trip is an.

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2 International Trip 2011 Before we begin This is a Trip, not a Holiday - A holiday is a time to relax and do as you please when you want - A Trip is an organised event, where you are expected to take part in activities, do as told and what is needed of you (not as you wish) and respect the organisers IF ANYONE IS UNHAPPY TO DO THIS, THEN THEY SHOULD STAY AT HOME AND NOT RUIN THE EXPERIENCE FOR THOSE THAT ARE GOING FOR THE RIGHT REASONS Why is the pre-trip meeting compulsory? From experience we know some people dont read the information until the day before. This way we know everyone has been given the info in plenty of time. This is the last opportunity to ask questions and find out what you need to know. After tonight I need time to relax before we go, catch up with family I havent seen for three months and to organise myself. All text messages or emails with regards to Iceland will be ignored. The info booklet and this presentation will be on the website within the next 7 days.

3 International Trip 2011 Before we begin Its involved (and some unnecessary work):- 143 phone calls for late payments 23 emails for late payments 15 letters for late payments 1 passport returned 3 months after deadline 1 EHIC returned 2 weeks after deadline, 1 EHIC returned 3 weeks after deadline Medical conditions not declared so had to rearrange Travel Insurance 2 CRBs returned 1 month late, 1 CRB returned 3 months late 488 emails (as of 16 th July) 27 phone calls to Iceland 215 files\documents - over 1 Giga Bytes of data 149 bank transaction (as of 16 th July) 2 sets of colour laser toners, 3 mono laser toners Over 2500 sheets of paper

4 International Trip 2011 The result of the work put in Through negations and deals this is SOME what I have managed to do ItemGeneral CostOur Cost Haunted Tour £ 16.00 £ 5.35 Whale Watching £ 48.00 £ 35.94 Golden Grand Slam Tour £ 96.07 £ 71.98 Blue Lagoon £ 26.63 £ 12.98 Horse Riding £ 48.00 £ 43.00 South Shore Super Jeep Tour £ 133.50 £ 120.15 Lava Fields Tours £ 133.50 £ 39.91 SAVING OFF £ 172.39 Flights £ 575.00 £ 301.04 SAVING OFF £ 273.96

5 International Trip 2011 How did we get here? All started back in December 2008 with an email to Reykjavik… Followed by a promotion on our website… And then a presentation night on 24 th April 2009…


7 International Trip 2011 General Information Electricity – Is 220volts but you will need an adapter if you wish to charge batteries or plug in anything. Time – Iceland is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) throughout the year, and does not go on daylight saving time. Currency – The Icelandic monetary unit is the "króna." Coins are in denominations of 100 kr, 50 kr, 10kr, 5 kr and 1 kr. Bank notes are in denominations of 5000 kr, 2000 kr, 1000 kr and 500 kr. Language – Icelandic is a Teutonic language of the Nordic group. It is believed to have changed little from the original tongue spoken by the Norse settlers. English is widely spoken and understood. Icelandic has two letters of its own: Þ/þ pronounced like th in "thing" and Ð/ð pronounced like th in"them."

8 International Trip 2011 Departure Time/Location Saturday 6 th August Outside Co-Op at 7.55am, coach leaves at just after 8am (we will not wait or ring round for those that are late). These people are getting picked up at Prances and the minibus leaves there at 7.30am. Martin Exall Andrew Goodwin Neville Oldfield Anthony Price Philip Kilburn Sara Goodwin Irene Price Chantelle Goodwin (Ellie) Daniel Goodwin (Lewis) James Oldfield Tommy Price Jessica Kilburn Joanne Middleton

9 International Trip 2011 Return Time/Location The pick up point on our return will again be the Co-Op in Silver End (the minibus will go to Prances). Allowing time to go through customer, baggage reclaim etc, it is estimated to be between 10:30pm and 11pm on Saturday 13th August. Flight Details For your information here are our flight details (carrier is Icelandair):- Outbound - Saturday 6th August 2011 Flight No. FI451LHR - 13:00 (BST) KEF - 15:00 (GMT) Inbound - Saturday 13th August 2011 Flight No. FI454KEF - 16:10 (GMT) LHR - 20:10 (BST)

10 International Trip 2011 Baggage Unlike other week long international trips, this time we are flying so there is a weight restriction. You get one bag for the hold and one item as hand baggage. Hold baggage is restricted to one case each of a maximum of 20kg and hand baggage is just 6kg. You are only allowed one case or bag as hand luggage NOT a case/bag plus a handbag, rucksack, laptop. Due to security restrictions - certain items cannot be carried in hand baggage. For the safety and convenience of all passengers, cabin baggage must fit underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment. Total of the 3 dimensions (L+W+H) does not exceed 115cm (45in). On all International flights the following objects may be taken on board free of charge, as additional cabin baggage: 1 coat or wrap 1 small camera 1 pair of binoculars reasonable amount of reading material Hand baggage containing any liquids, gels, pastes, lotions or liquid cosmetics MUST be presented at the airport passenger security point in a transparent re-sealable bag of no more than one litre capacity (20cm x 20cm). Only gels, pastes, lotions and liquid cosmetics in containers of 100ml or less will be permitted through the passenger security screening points at all EU/EEA Airports, please note there is a limit of one transparent resealable plastic bag per person.

11 International Trip 2011 Baggage continued… Excess weight – if your hand baggage is more than 6kg you will have to check it in as hold baggage at an additional cost of £10 per kg. Likewise if you hold baggage is more than 20kg the charge of £10 per kg will be applied – which you will have to pay. Duty free imports Food - Travelers may import duty-free up to 3 kg of food, not exceeding the value of ISK 18.500. 200 cigarettes or 250 g of other tobacco products Restricted articles Among goods which are subject to import restrictions are the following types of products: Telephones and other communications equipment The importation of various types of telephonic and communications equipment is subject to a permit from the Post and Telecom Administration. Equipment requiring such permit includes cordless phones, remote control devices for toys and radio transmitters and receivers not intended for regular broadcasting reception. However, a permit is not required if a traveler imports one GSM mobile phone. More info at :-

12 International Trip 2011 Food on the Journey You will be able to buy snacks once air side at Heathrow. Scouts under 12 are supplied a free meal, and everyone else will be given £5 to spend on food on each flight - the money will be given to you on board. This is for food only, not alcohol. Soft drinks are free. Please return any change and the receipt. No receipt and you will need to return the full £5.

13 International Trip 2011 Food Prices

14 International Trip 2011 Food Prices

15 International Trip 2011 Travel Groups To make it easier to control such a large group, we have split you into smaller groups for travelling and will use the same groups when we all go out together around Iceland. We have kept relations together as it makes it easier when organising Passports etc. There are two spare adults so they can back fill if needed and can also go in advance of the group to let tour companies know we have arrived etc. GrahamAllenSarahBrownAndrewGoodwin AshleyPurcellElaineHallSaraGoodwin JoshBrasierDavidBrownChantelleGoodwin MatthewChildsRosalieHallDanielGoodwin BenjaminFroodEmmaLambCharlotteTofts PeterLawrenceAdamHoughtonMollyEdwards GlynHallIrenePriceTimothyPomfret MaryPalmerAnthonyPriceJillHeron AlexHallThomasPricePhoebeNicoll MatthewFishCameronHarbisonWilliamNicoll SamuelFishDominicHarbisonLawrenceEastall KarenHopkinsPhilipKilburnElizabethBradley PhillipHopkinsRichardHallRichardBradley ConnorHopkinsJessicaKilburnMichaelBradley IsabelOsborneRebeccaDawsonJosephHornsby JemmaSullivanRoxanneLyonsOctavianHayden LeslieTaylorJoanneMiddletonDanielSutton MartinExallNevilleOldfield KatherineFriendJamesOldfieldAntonyBugg MaisieFriendAlexanderGoate LaurenHatchTimothyGoate

16 International Trip 2011 Passports Please hand your passport in before getting on the coach. Once on the coach do not get off as we will tick you as being on, so if you get off for any reason, you could be left behind. EHIC These should be handed in tonight before you leave (if we havent got already). Home Contact The Home Contact throughout the duration of the trip will be Jackie Hooks. She can be contacted on the following number: - 01376 583783 or 07763 197611. Please only use this number if you urgently need to get in touch with your Child. Please do not use to just find out how we are. Remember no news is good news!! Please do not try to phone anyone else that is on the trip. Will be regular updates on what we are doing on the Blog on website (

17 International Trip 2011 Kit List - Complete Uniform- Polythene Bags to separate Clean/Dirty Items (wet swimwear) - Pyjamas/Night Wear- Waterproof Outer Garment/Coat - Warm Sweater- Socks - Shorts/Trousers- T-shirts or Similar - Underclothes- Towel(s) - Swim Wear- Hike Boots/Strong Sturdy Shoes for walking/activities - Hat/Cap- Shoes/Sandals that can wear round pool - Personal Wash Kit- Spare Shoes - Sun Cream (high factor)- Gloves & Scarf - Sunglasses - Small Rucksack for when going out for day/taking on coach/aircraft - Wet Wipes (keep these in your hand luggage so you can freshen up during the journey) -You may also wish to bring an eye mask to help you sleep as the evenings will not get very dark ISSUED CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT You may bring games consoles / MP3 Players for the trip – but are your responsibility

18 International Trip 2011 Kit List - General Notes 1. We would ask that you arrive at the coach in Scout uniform also wearing your Iceland Fleece and UK Scarf and blue or dark trousers (no jeans please). 2. In your hand baggage you should place any food for the duration of the coach journey and medication you may need on the coach or aircraft. No food or drink can be taken through customs at Heathrow 3. Please place wash proof name labels in all clothing, which should have your Childs name on. 4. Since it will be along journey we will permit games, MP3 players etc to be brought along. However they are your responsibility and down to you to look after during the journey and the rest of trip. They are not to be taken out of the Hostel or taken on trips and tours. If we see people with them, they will be confiscate and not returned until we get to the UK. The Leaders will not be held responsible or accountable for any loss or breakage. 5. You may just wish to bring earphones with a 3.5mm jack so you can plug them in to the in-flight entertainment console. 5. NO MOBILE PHONES. If you have international roaming, it will cost you a fortune to send and receive calls or texts and if gets lost or broken they are not covered by insurance. If any are seen or heard they will be confiscated for the trip and the young person excluded from taking part in any future trips or camps.

19 International Trip 2011 General Information The trip will be a fantastic experience for everyone that goes as long as everyone works together, listen to the Adults in charge and obey any rules. If an Adult in charge asks you to do something or to help in anyway please do so. They have also paid the full fee to go away on the Trip and look after you! They will not tolerate any back chat or abuse. Anyone doing this will be excluded from taking part in activities – so they will only have themselves to blame if they miss out on something! Its also essential that the Scouts look after themselves and each other. It could be hot so make sure you drink plenty of water. Always carry a water bottle with you and when empty fill up as soon as you can. Remember water quenches your thirst better than fizzy drinks! Also, if out in the sun for long periods wear a cap and a high factor sun cream. If you get burnt, dehydrated or go down with sunstroke on the first day, your whole trip will be ruined. It could also be very cold, so make sure you wrap up warm, wear lots of thin layers instead of a T-shirt and just a jumper and drink warm drinks or soup. If at all feeling ill let an Adult know before things get worse. Medication Scouts should make sure they bring any medication with them onto the coach and aircraft (if within the fluid allowance). On arrival in Iceland this will be collected in and stored in a safe place. Anything that needs to be taken regularly will be handed out when its needed. Other medication will be stored for use when necessary. If you need an inhaler bring 2 – 1 to keep with you at all times and 1 for the First Aider to have. Put your names on them. You may wish to bring travel sickness medicine for the Whale Watching

20 International Trip 2011 First Aid Cover (notes from Tony) As we are flying to Iceland it is not practical to take the large first aid kit. All excursion providers will have first aid kits as well I will be taking my first aid kit with some extras to cover all kinds of issues. The following will be taken in the central first aid kit but you may wish to take extra plasters with you for blisters etc. ScissorsPlastersMicro pore Tape Steri stripsCrepe bandageTriangle Bandage Small BandageMedium BandageSterile Dressings Sting relief penCleansing wipesHand cleaning gel TweezersSafety pinsDisposable gloves Resusi-face shieldCotton BudsAspirin ParacetamolIbuprofenImmodium Dioralyte Rehydration solutionBlister Plasters Capol Anyone over 18 can look after their own medication. Anyone under 18 will need to hand in any medication to the first aiders when we arrive at the hostel in Iceland. This will then be issued as per instructions. ONLY THE FIRST AIDERS TO ADMINISTER ANY PILLS OR POTIONS TO THE YOUNG PEOPLE

21 International Trip 2011 Money We will be running a bank to keep your pennies safe. Once at the Hostel you will pay your money into the bank. At times throughout the trip (normally morning and night) the bank will be open to withdraw money or pay any in. If its not in the bank and you loose it - its your responsibility. The maximum amount you are allowed to bring is 13,000 Icelandic Krona (approximately £70-£75). This should be more than enough since money is only needed for any souvenirs you may want to get from the places we visit and the odd snack. All excursions, trips and activities are paid for. To help us with the bank we would appreciate it if you could bring your money in a number of denominations. For the flight you can also use British Pounds so you may also wish to bring up to £10 as well in case you want to get something on the aircraft. (shouldnt need as provided with money) Please can everyone respect this maximum amount, even if you are a Leader with children going. Its not fair on the other Scouts that some can keep going to the bank of mum or dad when they have spent their money. Its also not fair on the bank of mum or dad. We have also had in the past Scouts pay in the maximum amount allowed but keep more in their bag. By having a limited amount it helps to teach the Scouts to budget and not waste their money on sweets and junk food and then have nothing left for souvenirs or gifts. We will monitor the bank and if its obvious Scouts have spent far more than they were allowed to bring we will know they have gone against the rules so will be excluded from all future trips. If they have paid to go on a trip already their money will not be refunded.

22 International Trip 2011 Money To give you some idea of cost… Cup coffee- £0.53 - £2.11 T-shirt- £10.53 - £20.06 Hot dog- £1.32 - £1.58 12" subway sub and drink- £6.86 Hamburger, fries, drink- £7.49 Milk 1 litre- £0.54 Maarud potato chips- £1.89 Bónus potato chips- £1.21 Snickers 7 in a pack- £2.62 Orange juice (Bónus brand) 1 litre- £0.68 Corny muesli bar, 6 in a pack- £1.55 Chocolate milk 6x250ml- £2.20 Euroshopper energy drink 500 ml- £0.84 Ready to go pizza- £2.62 (pepperoni and cheese)

23 International Trip 2011 Where to get Iceland Krona (ISK) There are only two places we have found that do ISK. You can order from the post office website ( but there is a minimum amount so you would need to group together. They may do over the counter if you ask nicely. The other place (and best rate and with no minimum) is at Camera Dont forget your camera. Its your responsibility though so you may want to get cheap disposable ones instead of bringing an expensive digital or a cheap digital camera from a supermarket. If you bring a digital you will need memory cards. A cheap source is Toshiba Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card - 2GB - £3.99 including delivery!

24 International Trip 2011 Food We are eating most nights at the restaurant next door to the Hostel. They supply a buffet so everyone should be able to find something they like and eat as much or as little as they like. They usually have 1-2 hot meals – one with fish or meat and another one with pasta or a vegeterian course. They always have soup and bread as well. In addition they have fresh salads, vegetables and/or fruits. No sheep heads or shark – fortunately. We are also doing our own BBQ at the Hostel one evening and the last night going to the Viking restaurant where you can try sheep head if you want! Lunch is made of:- Orange juice, sandwich, yoghurt, muslibar, one fruit. SaturdaySundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday Laugar Café 18:00 Laugar Café 18:00 Laugar Café 20:00 Laugar Café 18:00 BBQ at Hostel 18:00 Laugar Café 19:30 Viking Meal 19:00 On Aircraft

25 International Trip 2011 From the Jeremy Vine Show…

26 International Trip 2011 Hostel Rules No eating or drinking in rooms (apart from water) Strictly no smoking anywhere in the house. Causing the fire alarm to be set off for that reason will incur a fine. Any damage caused to the Hostel or property will incur a fine. Please respect the needs of other guests, especially between 23:00–08:00 Please note that your rooms will be checked daily and cleaned every second day unless specified otherwise. We kindly expect to find all waste in waste bins and reasonable conditions to move around and clean. Cans and bottles should be placed into special waste bins situated in your hallway.

27 International Trip 2011 Alcohol Policy We will be paying attention to the law of the UK when it comes to alcohol, no matter what they may be in Iceland. This means that no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to consume alcohol. Also, no one over the age of 18 may buy it for someone under 18. For those old enough to consume alcohol, we dont mind them having a drink with their meals – but that will be at their own cost as only soft drinks are budgeted for. In the Hostel we are staying in they have a private bar. All the young people going will be used to seeing adults have a beer or two, so to hide it and make it seem like something wrong and illegal wouldnt really change the young peoples opinions of alcohol. Again only those legally old enough to purchase and consume drink will be allowed to use it. With this in mind I ask that all adults drink in moderation and not to excess. If they have one to many and miss breakfast and when the tours are supposed to start, we will not wait for them and no money will be refunded. Be warned that alcohol in Iceland is VERY expensive (£5 for 500ml). If you are ON DUTY any night you will not be able to drink. Smoking Policy Smoking in Iceland is frowned upon and illegal for anyone under 18. There are strict places you can and cannot smoke too, with hefty fines for breaking the law. For adults that do smoke, please can they do this away from the young people as well.

28 International Trip 2011 Hostel Location

29 International Trip 2011 Room Allocation You are not to start changing what room you are in each night or as and when you feel like it. The Hostel has been sent a list of who is in what room and they need to remain like this for administration purposes. Scouts are not allowed in each others rooms. There is a large field and communal spaces to sit and chat or play games. The only time they should be in there rooms is when they are changing or asleep. This stops people accusing each other of taking their stuff and gives everyone somewhere where they can have a bit of privacy. Anyone consistently caught in someone elses room (even if they were invited in) will be excluded from taking part in activities. To save weight in your bags you may wish to share things like hair straightners, hair dryers etc.

30 International Trip 2011 ROOM No. 21ROOM No. 24 James OldfieldPeter Lawrence Tommy PriceLawrence Eastall Lewis GoodwinSam Fish Dominic HarbisonTim Goate Ben FroodAlexander Goate Will Nicoll ROOM No. 25 ROOM No. 22Elaine Hall Matthew FishSarah Brown Michael BradleyMary Palmer Tavy Hayden Joanne Middleton Joseph HornsbyIrene Price Connor Hopkins ROOM No. 26 ROOM No. 23Martin Exall Matthew ChildsLes Taylor Cameron HarbisonGlyn Hall Josh BraiserAshley Purcell David BrownGraham Allen Adam Houghton ROOM No. 27 Tony Bugg

31 International Trip 2011 ROOM No. 31ROOM No. 34 Maisie friendRoxanne Lyons Molly EdwardsBecky Dawson Charlotte ToftsKath Friend Phoebe NicollLauren Hatch Isabel OsborneEllie Goodwin ROOM No. 32ROOM No. 35 Emma LambPhil Hopkins Rosie HallTim Pomfret Jess KilburnRichard Bradley Jemma SullivanRichard Hall Alex Hall ROOM No. 36 ROOM No. 33Andrew Goodwin Sara GoodwinNeville Oldfield Jill HeronTony Price Elizabeth BradleyPhil Kilburn Karen Hopkins ROOM No. 38 Dan Sutton

32 International Trip 2011 Leaders/Adult Roles LEADER/ADULTROLELEADER/ADULT Dan SuttonTrip Leader\OrganiserPhil Hopkins Glyn HallEvening ActivitiesKaren Hopkins Tony BuggMedication\First AidGraham Allen Sara GoodwinMedication\First AidMary Palmer Phil KilburnPacked LunchesJoanne Middleton Ashley PurcellPacked LunchesIrene Price Tony PriceBBQAndrew Goodwin Neville OldfieldBBQJill Heron Martin ExallPassports\EHICSTim Pomfret Les TaylorPassports\EHICSRichard Bradley Elaine HallBankElizabeth Bradley Sarah BrownBank Richard HallLogistics

33 International Trip 2011 Programme for the Week Evening Activities… Climbing

34 International Trip 2011 Programme for the Week Evening Activities… Bowling

35 International Trip 2011 Programme for the Week Evening Activities… Cinema

36 International Trip 2011 Programme for the Week Evening Activities… We appreciate that there are some families or a parent and related child going that may want to go somewhere different. However, we can not allow this as its not fair on those that dont have relations on the trip. People need to remember that it is a Scout Trip and if they wanted a family holiday they should have booked one. The only way we will accept anyone going anywhere different is if they are prepared to take the whole group and those going are paying out of their pocket money for the week and not having it paid for by a parent. If a few adults want to go out by themselves that is fine, as long as there are leaders available to cover the optional evening activities and to look after anyone staying at the Hostel. Glyn

37 International Trip 2011 Programme for the Week There are some import rules with regards to swimming

38 International Trip 2011 Programme for the Week Here is the confirmed programme for the week. Saturday 6th August 2011 Morning We will leave Silver End early in for the coach journey to Heathrow Airport. Afternoon We will be in the air and flying to Iceland Evening After dinner it is off on the Haunted Iceland Walking Tour. The Goecco Outdoor 90 min to 2 hrs Haunted Walk is still Reykjavik's most popular walking tour. All of their stories are thoroughly researched and will delight even the skeptics in the group! The tours are offered in the evening, when the atmosphere is just right for a good ghost story.

39 International Trip 2011 Sunday 7th August 2011 Morning Swimming at Laugardalslaug (next to Hostel) Afternoon City Walking Tour (after the Tour there will be will be some free time in the City). The 90-120 min walk through Reykjavik focuses on Icelandic culture, history, dining, shopping and entertaining, and will also help us get our bearings for the rest of the week. Evening Free time in the Hostel, or options of Swimming or visit the Volcano Cinema.

40 International Trip 2011 Monday 8th August 2011 Morning/Afternoon Leaving at 08:00 its the Golden Grand Slam Tour (11 hour day tour). The trip starts with a stop at Þingvellir National park. Þingvellir is a UNESCO world heritage site and the original birthplace of the oldest existing parliament in the world. In addition it is the place where the great tectonic plates of America and Europe meet and the rift valley is clearly visible. Next we walk through the geothermal area of Geysir, the home of the one and only Geysir. There the ground gurgles, bubbles and super heated water escapes from the ground with enormous force. Next we stroll down to Gullfoss, the undisputed queen of Icelandic waterfalls. Gullfoss is an amazing sight, the water rushes down three steps of lava layers with breathtaking power and grandeur. Drumbó basecamp is our following stop and there we eat lunch before heading out for a great rafting trip on Hvítá river. Afterwards the showers and sauna are at hand before entering the road again back to Reykjavík. This trip has it all; stunning natural beauty, interesting history, amazing geological wonders and a great rafting adventure! Evening As we will be eating late after a long day, there will be a bit of free time at the Hostel before going to bed.

41 International Trip 2011 Tuesday 9th August 2011 Morning/Afternoon We leave at 09:00 for a Lunar Landscape Adventure - including Blue Lagoon (10 hour day tour) The lunar landscape at Reykjanes, with all it´s volcanos and different lava formations, gives you a good idea why Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin came to Iceland to practice their moonwalk. Our adventure is not quite as extreme but still very extra terrestrial. You might call this a "hot" tour since we experience geothermal power, blowing steam, hot springs and endless lava before a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon. We start by going driving up to the geothermal area around Hengill volcano and visit the geothermal powerplant. Not only do we get to go into the powerplant but we also drive into the lava field and feel firsthand the power of a blowing borhole. We then continue through a secret little track where we need to cross an unbridged river many times before we get back to a main road (our driverguides love this bit). We don't stay long on the main road but go into another lavafield where you have the opportunity to do some caving in a lava tube cave. A bit further we see how Icelanders still dry fish in the lava field just outside of the capital area - even if it's just a few miles from the city, it still the middle of nowhere. We make our way along the rough tracks to Lake Kleifarvatn, a secluded mountain lake with black sanded beaches. At Seltun in Krysuvik we will explore a large geothermal area with many hot springs, boiling mud pools and blowing steamvents. Later in the afternoon we go by the back roads to the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing soak before heading back to Reykjavik. Evening Depending on exact time we get back and have eaten, there will be free time in the Hostel, or options of Swimming or Bowling.

42 International Trip 2011 Wednesday 10th August 2011 Morning/Afternoon 08:20 - Group One Horse Riding / Group Two off to Laugardalslaug when it opens 13:00 - Group Two Horse Riding / Group One off to Laugardalslaug For those that opted out of Horse Riding then can spend the day in the pool\spa etc This tour goes through meadows and lava fields. On our way we pass several farms, which give us an idea of how the agriculture, and particularly the horse breeding, have developed in the last decades. On the way we have a good opportunity to experience the gait tölt on the many good tölt paths. At the end of the tour you are invited to our Hotel for coffee and something homebaked. Total riding time is 1.5 - 2 hours Evening Free time in the Hostel, or options of Swimming or Coastal Walk.

43 International Trip 2011 Horse Riding Groups AM - HORSE RIDINGAM - SWIMMING PM - SWIMMINGPM - HORSE RIDINGPM - FREE TIME GrahamAllenElizabethBradleySaraGoodwin SarahBrownRichardBradleyIrenePrice MartinExallAntonyBuggKatherineFriend AndrewGoodwinGlynHallMaisieFriend ElaineHallRichardHallRoxanneLyons NevilleOldfieldJillHeronJoanneMiddleton AnthonyPriceKarenHopkins AshleyPurcellPhillipHopkins DanielSuttonPhilipKilburn LeslieTaylorMaryPalmer JoshBrasierTimothyPomfret DavidBrownMichaelBradley MatthewChildsRebeccaDawson MollyEdwardsLawrenceEastall BenjaminFroodMatthewFish AlexanderGoateSamuelFish TimothyGoateAlexHall ChantelleGoodwinRosalieHall DanielGoodwinOctavianHayden CameronHarbisonConnorHopkins DominicHarbisonJosephHornsby LaurenHatchJessicaKilburn AdamHoughtonEmmaLamb PeterLawrencePhoebeNicoll JamesOldfieldWilliamNicoll ThomasPriceIsabelOsborne CharlotteToftsJemmaSullivan

44 International Trip 2011 Thursday 11th August 2011 Morning/Afternoon We leave at 09:00 for the South Iceland & Glacier Super Jeep Tour (10 hour day tour) Walk behind a waterfall, cruise on the white plains of a glacier and go off-roading on a black sand beach, your driver guide will take you to all of these places in the modified Super Jeep, while you enjoy the beautiful countryside of south Iceland. Our journey begins driving east from Reykjavik and toward Eyjafjallajokull glacier, the volcano that caused all the trouble in spring 2010. There you stop at Seljarlandsfoss freefalling waterfall. A short path leads behind the waterfall, where you can feel the spray and drizzle on your face and see it from an interesting perspective. Refreshed, you travel to Myrdalsjokull glacier where, powered by the Super Jeep, you travel up to the glacier and if conditions allow, drive on the glacier. On a clear day, there is a great view of the south shore, the two glaciers and the two famous volcanoes; Eyjafjallajokull and Katla. After getting back to ground level you go to Skogafoss, a beautiful waterfall which flows down from a high cliff. Near the waterfall is the Skogar folklore museum, where you can see old turf houses and tools and household objects made in the late 18th and early 19th century. Heading towards the ocean, you go off-roading on a black sand beach and enjoy the view of Reynisdrangar, strange basalt sea stacks that stand out from the ocean. Close by is Dyrholaey, a small peninsula which forms an arch into the sea. In the summer many puffins make their nesting at Dyrholaey. Please note that Dyrholaey is closed from May 1st until June 25th to preserve birdlife. On the way back to Reykjavik we pass the town of Hveragerdi. The town is built on a geothermal hot spot and many inhabitants make their living from greenhouse cultivation. Evening Free time in the Hostel, or options of Swimming or Climbing

45 International Trip 2011 Friday 12th August 2011 Morning We will be picked up at about 08:00 to go on a Whale Watching Tour to Puffin Island. The whales most frequently seen on tours with Elding are the Minke whales, Humpback whales, Dolphins and Porpoises - other species are sometimes spotted. We leave from the Old Harbour of Reykjavik. For your comfort and warmth, hey have special suits on board they can lend us, but they advise to wear your warmest clothes - hats, scarves, gloves etc – as it can get very cold, even on the warmest of days. They also offer hot drinks and light refreshments on our on-board café. Alternatively, you can sit inside the boat in the warmth, where you can watch the whales outside from large windows. The guides tell you about your trip and describe what you can see and where to look, together with an introduction and safety guide. They will tell us about the seabirds and nature in the Faxofloi bay. How much we see depends on the sea conditions and season. Depending on the tide and sea they start or end the trip by going to either Akurey or Lundey to watch the puffins. No two whale watching trips are the same. Afternoon Free time in the City to do the last bit of shopping for gifts and souvenirs. Evening We go to the Viking Village for our last evening in Iceland. There is sure to be singing and Dancing!

46 International Trip 2011 Saturday 13th August 2011 Morning Clean rooms, pack bags, and prepare for journey home. Afternoon/Evening Travelling back to the UK

47 International Trip 2011 Thanks to (in no paticular order) In the UK:- Chris & Lisa Bickham - Cheques and finances and driving Minibus Richard Hall - Coach and T-shirts Elaine Hall - Blue Lagoon Tony Bugg (and his mum) - Chasing late payments and Fleeces Jackie Hooks - Home Contact Regatta (at Freeport) - discount on Fleeces Glyn Hall - Evening activities (and for being someone to talk to when the going got hard) Mike Robards - Tiptree Scouts for the use Minibus at discounted rate Nev, Jo, Irene, Tony, Sara, Andrew - for New Years Eve party and donating money raised to trip Martin Exall - Passports and EHICS Chris Smith, Robert McCarthy, Ben Rhodes at insure and go - Travel Insurance Ashley Sefton, Mark Johnson - Icelandair James Lincoln - One Stop Scouting (scarfs)

48 International Trip 2011 Thanks to (in no paticular order) In Iceland:- Rannveig - Whale Watching Tour Jóhannes Viðar Bjarnason - Viking Restaurant Frida - Eldhestar (Horse Riding) Hrefna Karitas - Iceland Private Tours Svanhildur Harðardóttir - Reykjavik Excursions (Airport Transfers) Kristín Birgisdóttir, Freyja Ágústsdóttir - Golden Circle/Rafting (Arctic Adventures)

49 International Trip 2011 Thanks to (in no paticular order) In Iceland:- And a MASSIVE thank you to Harpa Jóhannsdóttir and Juste Cimermanaite at the Hostel for all their help and advice.

Download ppt "International Trip 2011 Before we begin This is a Trip, not a Holiday - A holiday is a time to relax and do as you please when you want - A Trip is an."

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