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HONG KONG 2011 Music : Reminisce Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbor in Cantonese Hong Kong.

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2 HONG KONG 2011 Music : Reminisce

3 Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbor in Cantonese Hong Kong

4 Hong Kong Island ( with Victoria Peak on the right ) and Victoria Harbor in the 70s

5 A typical small village in New Territories in the 70s

6 In the 60s, 10 cents HK ( a little more than 1 cent US) buys you a home brewed herbal drink …

7 or rents you a comic book in the street

8 20 cents HK (3 cents US) buys you a soft drink at this corner store Those days are gone

9 Hong Kong was famous for its night lights even in the 60s

10 Lights at Central today outshine the twilight

11 Central harbor front at dusk showing the round domes of the Convention Center

12 Kowloon harbor front showing the U-shaped Cultural Center on the right

13 Ferries used to be the primary mean of crossing the Harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

14 I always like the crew uniform of Star Ferry

15 Then came a new way for cars and subway to cross the Harbor

16 Wooden boats are still being used

17 … especially at offshore islands ….

18 …. where you can still find fishermen

19 This giant boat in Aberdeen became the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant

20 Amazed at the cables and tracks that carry the Peak Tram up and down the Peak

21 Breath-taking view from the Peak

22 View of Harbor and Kowloon Peninsula from the Peak in 1996

23 Another angle in 1996

24 Ten years later More buildings and smog

25 Nature at the Peak a rare find

26 Gondola rides to Ocean Park offer spectacular views of the back side of HK Island

27 1997 Authority transferred peacefully from British Crown Colony to Special Administrative Region of China

28 War Memorial to the left of the Supreme Court is a reminder of the citys British colonial past

29 The Supreme Court at night

30 Major bank buildings at night in Central

31 City Hall built in the 60s

32 The prestigious Hong Kong University founded in 1911

33 Another one of the 7 universities in HK

34 This Anglican secondary school St. Pauls College has the longest history (founded in 1851)

35 Subway is very convenient

36 Other means of land transportation include buses, electric trams and taxis

37 Expressway built on landfill along the Central harbor front

38 Some buildings here are very tall

39 Tall but narrow because land is expensive

40 Lan Kwai Fong a popular hangout for young expats

41 HK is not exempt from American fast food

42 For the rich, a private yacht is the way to go

43 … but you can always be creative

44 Here, East truly meets West - both western and Chinese holidays are observed …e.g. Christmas

45 …. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

46 Always a bilingual city

47 Even though Hong Kong is one of the most modern cities in the world, many things remain unchanged for decades

48 Many still hang dry their clothes

49 They still shop in open markets

50 where goods are sold the same way as 50 years ago

51 where fish and meat are chopped in front of you to show they are fresh



54 Fresh vegetables

55 Asian pears

56 American apples and oranges

57 Fresh pastries

58 You can shop everywhere, even in alleys


60 Service is efficient You can have your shoes repaired while you wait

61 Old fashioned pawn shop


63 Most recognized old landmark Tsimshatsui Clock Tower

64 I hope this show leaves you with sweet memories of Hong Kong

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