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Welcome to 1B! Room 112 Mrs. Lynn Graper. Communication Write a note –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today Call school secretary.

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1 Welcome to 1B! Room 112 Mrs. Lynn Graper

2 Communication Write a note –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today Call school secretary –Pick up for today –Early dismissal for today –Medication for today E-mail: –I check it in the morning before 9AM and after school when the kids leave. Voicemail: 724-935-4044 –I will check my voicemail each morning before 8AM and before I leave at night

3 Thursday Envelope Go Green! List of items can be accessed via NA website Still sent home every Thursday Please initial the front and place any forms that need to be returned in the envelope

4 1Bs Daily Schedule 9:05-9:25: Morning Routine (Attendance/Lunch Count, unpack, folders on desk, restroom, Morning Work, Pledge and song, Good Morning song, Joke of Day 9:30-10:00: Word Building (Room 112/CA Support classroom) 10:00-11:00: Communication Arts (CA) 11:00-11:00: Everyday Counts (#1-7),Restroom,Lunch, coat 11:15-11:45: Lunch 11:45-12:15: Recess 12:20-12:50: Math 12:50-1:10: Everyday Counts (#8-14), Weather/Restroom 1:15-2:00: SPECIAL (Art, Library, Music, PE) 2:00-3:10: Finish Math/Science/Social Studies/CA (Monday, 2:50-3:10: Bully Prevention/Class Meeting 3:10-3:20: Pack up/Restroom, if needed

5 Special Area Schedule Monday: Integrated Arts (six-week rotation; Art, Music, Physical Education) Tuesday: Music (Mrs. Litz) Wednesday: Physical Education (Mr.Hudec) Thursday: Art (Miss Ronk) Friday: Library (Miss Dabrishus)

6 CA (Communication Arts) Story Town- Harcourt Thematic Components –Various types of literature –Phonemic Awareness –Phonics/Spelling, Word Building –High Frequency Words –Comprehension –Fluency –Robust Vocabulary –Grammar –Handwriting –Writing Check teacher website

7 Word Building Homework Reading practice Lessons 1-30 (entire year) Keep with Spelling words Match Lesson # on list and homework

8 Spelling Monday: Write words 2x each Tuesday: Triangles Wednesday: ABC Order Thursday: Word Search Friday: Word Building Gimmick, Test

9 Math Developing concepts w/ manipulatives Practicing for understanding Developing fluency of numbers & facts Topics: –Addition & Subtraction Concepts –Addition & Subtraction Facts up to 18 –Graphs –Numbers to 100 –Geometry –Addition & Subtraction to 20 –Money –Time –Fractions –Measurement –Operations –Data –Problem Solving Texts/Resources: –Every Day Counts (calendar system) –Harcourt Math Pennsylvania Edition –Otter Creek Math Facts (Rocket Math) –Problem Solvers Check teacher website

10 Science Seasons Weather Pond Walk –Each season, weather permitting, we will take a Pond Walk to the pond that is located behind our playground. –Our pond walks are always tentatively scheduled due to weather, volunteers, and possible other factors. –Please have your child wear old tennis shoes on the day of a scheduled pond walk and dress according to the weather.


12 Report Card

13 Anti-Bullying Program Getting Better At Getting Along Olweus Bully Prevention Program (OBPP) –Monthly Themes (i.e., respect, responsibility) –Anti-Bullying Rules –Class Meetings –Role Playing

14 MES Anti-Bullying Rules 1.We will not bully others. 2.We will try to help students who are bullied. 3.We will try to include students who are left out. 4.If we know someone who is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

15 School-Wide Theme Every homeroom at MES is working together to earn links. When the links reach the floor, our class will vote for a reward. Building character and reinforcing positive behavior.

16 Behavior Management Objective: Provide a safe, educational environment for your childs growth classroom. I tell the children often that I have two jobs: to teach and to keep them safe. Rules of our Classroom Treat others as you would like to be treated (no teasing, name-calling,or bullying) Respect school property Follow directions given by Mrs. Graper, the substitute teacher, the lunch/recess assistants, parent volunteer Use quiet voices Raise your hand to speak unless given other directions Use polite words (please, thank you, youre welcome, excuse me) Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself Ask permission before leaving the classroom Walk in the classroom and hallway Use THINK cards to extinguish inappropriate or unsafe behavior/s Links given to a classroom for superior behavior/activity to encourage a positive environment Use praise, stickers, notes to home, additional recess as a reward

17 Book Buddies 1x week Thursday, 10:50-11:10 Third Grade, Mrs. Williams, 3A Read together, present Readers Theater

18 Writing Buddies 1x per week Thursday Fifth-Grade, Mrs. Werner, 5A (non-chorus students only) Assist with writing projects

19 Think Central

20 Website NA Marshall Elementary Building Staff Graper, Lynn Volunteer calendar Class Roster Star Student Schedule

21 CogAT Testing The CogAT (a cognitive abilities test): October 9-12. 10/9: Practice Test 10/10-10/12: Testing –Please make sure your child is well-rested and has eaten breakfast

22 Homework Folder PLEASE check this folder every night! LEFT side: Homework, something that needs to be returned, or an item for your immediate attention RIGHT side: Keep at home Please have your child return the homework to the folder

23 Homework Math: Monday-Thursday No Homework on Friday (except Star of the Week) Math Decodable Text Spelling

24 Lunch Money You should have received a letter detailing the POS system used by our cafeteria. Every child has a PIN number to purchase a school lunch Money may be applied to your childs account on any day: Please include: Childs name, classroom section and room number (1B/112), pin number, and the amount on the outside of the envelope. *If your child has brought money for only that days lunch, he/she will take the money with them to lunch. * (NA Web site and locate PayForIt)

25 Recess The children go outdoors for recess unless it is extremely cold, raining, or snowing. It is always windy on this hill. Please keep these factors in mind and dress your child accordingly.

26 Star of the Week One time per year Completes poster, sent home on preceding Friday (displayed on bulletin board) Returns on Monday, displayed in hallway Guesstimation Jar Sits on purple cushion Roster on class web page

27 Parent Volunteers Parent volunteers are very welcome and needed in our classroom. If you can assist in any way, your help will be greatly appreciated! Sign up sheet on round table All volunteers must report to the office before coming to the classroom. Please sign in and receive an identification badge. Please sign out and return the badge when you have completed volunteering in our classroom. You are not permitted to visit any other areas of the building without permission of the Office secretaries. The school policy is that parents are not to bring other children when they volunteer.

28 Birthday Celebrations We like our children to share birthday celebrations with their classmates! Due to the Wellness Policy and to protect children with allergies, please consider a non-food item if you want to provide a treat. Edible treats MUST be approved by nurse 48 hours prior to distribution. We will celebrate everyones birthday (summer birthdays can celebrated on the half birthday or another day). Please do not send birthday invitations to school unless there is one for every child in the class or all girls or all boys. I do not want any hurt feelings.

29 Book Orders Set up account Order ONLINE Class User Name: Graper112 Password: Graper Due date will be on note/label attached to book orders –Sorry, orders CANNOT be placed after due date

30 Book It! Monthly free personal pan pizza. At least 12 books each month (with or without help!) 3 books per week. Record on reading log. Return to classroom when 12 books are recorded and the favorite book activity on the back is completed.

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