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Merrill Soccer Officiating Seminar Presentation Designed by Bryan Schroder.

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1 Merrill Soccer Officiating Seminar Presentation Designed by Bryan Schroder

2 Welcome Purpose – To review the basics and fundamentals of officiating – To establish uniformity in officiating – To eliminate creativity in officiating

3 Officiating What is expected of me ? (as an official) – Be on time! – Ask Questions – Work Hard – Have Fun

4 Officiating Program Overview

5 Local Officiating Program Referee-in-Chief – Bill Wendorf Local Scheduler/Head Referee – Bryan Schroder

6 Game Reports

7 GAME REPORTS The Official game report will serve as the Officials version of the incidents occurring on the pitch. Key points to remember: – Include any unusual circumstances that occurred during the game. – Note specific player(s) involved. – Describe any infraction that requires a suspension THOROUGHLY. Must be filed immediately following games

8 GAME REPORTS Cautions and Ejections – Key points Continued: Be brief and only describe pertinent information. Make sure you have the players name and team #/color Be accurate and complete in your descriptions. Avoid expressing an opinion by only stating facts. Must be filed immediately following games

9 Concussions Referees should review about new Wisconsin concussion law – If a referee thinks a player has a concussion, inform coach and dont allow player to return that day. Game report immediately so board can ensure that player is treated properly before returning to play. Board has some serious responsibilities with the NEW Wisconsin law. – Your help is greatly appreciated.

10 GAME REPORTS Concussions – Key points Continued: Be brief and only describe pertinent information. Make sure you have the players name and team #/color Be accurate and complete in your descriptions. Must be filed immediately following games

11 GAME REPORTS Key points Continued: – Distribute the game report to Bryan Schroder. Avoid unnecessary discussions about incident Call with any questions Must be filed immediately following games

12 Personal Appearance Officials

13 Looking the Part Create a Positive Impression Build Credibility Defines Your Roll as an Official – Teacher and Game Manager Good Looks Compliment Good Skills Looking Like an Official Commands Respect

14 Equipment Needs Jersey – Pick one up from concession stand before first game Shorts – Black preferred but not required Shoes – Cleats (recommended)

15 Equipment Needs for the Official Whistle – I always have a spare one as well Watch (timer function helpful) Coin Cards – Also available in concession stand Pen/Pencil Paper – Wallet pages and Pay Vouchers on web-site

16 Pre-Game Responsibilities

17 Officiating Etiquette Punctuality – 15 minutes prior (minimum) Short conversations with players and coaches : be polite – Avoid opinions of other officials – Avoid controversial matters Good warm-up a must

18 Visual Inspection of Playing Area Checking the goals – Holes in netting Fix if possible – Posts properly anchored – Warped goal frames Familiarize yourself with area

19 Post Game During hand shake line – Watch players – Stay back away from players

20 Verbal Communication Importance of verbal communication – Explains penalty reason – Official should briefly explain to player (younger age groups only) Be brief and to the point Speak to captains – Coaches when necessary – Other reasonable players also

21 Officials are Teachers Penalties are always a penalty in younger classes Penalties must always be assessed at the lower levels whether accidental or intentional – EXAMPLES: Tripping Holding Charging

22 Rules

23 Points of Emphasis Safety – #1 priority Slide tackling – NOT allowed in U6, U8 or U10 – Never allowed from behind Jewelry – Must be removed

24 Rule #1 Field of play – Not much to worry about for us. People laying out fields do a great job – Goals and nets Should be checked and holes fixed as necessary Let someone in the concession stand know about any other problems that you cant fix.

25 Rule #2 The Ball – One of the reasons to show up 15 minutes early Pick up game ball at concession stand Return to concession stand after game – Balls will be kept properly inflated in concession stand

26 Rule #3 Players and substitutions – U8 9 players – 8 players and the goalie – U10 10 players – 9 players and the goalie – U12 and above 11 players – 10 players and the goalie

27 Rule #3 Substitutions – All levels Goal Kicks and after goal – Both teams Throw-ins and corner kicks – If team in possession has subs, both teams can sub – If coaches have them at center, easy to know when they are ready to sub.

28 Rule #4 Players equipment – Covered in other slides Can allow players to play without shin guards during first week of games. – Cast and/or braces Inspect to ensure that they wont cause injury to other players Questions, find Bill, Bryan, Josh Hipke, or Russ Noland

29 Rule #5 The Referee – Covered in other slides Any problems, let Bill or Bryan know – Uniform Pick up jersey and cards at concession stand Keep and wash as necessary – Wallet cards – Use to keep track of scores/captains/cards Pay vouchers

30 Rule #6 and Rule #10 Rule #6 – Other officials and their duties Not relevant in Merrill Soccer leagues Rule #10 – Scoring Covered later

31 Rule #7 Duration of the game – Halftime 5 minutes for all levels – U8 4 x 10 minutes – U10 2 x 25 minutes – U12, U14 and U17 2 x 30 minutes

32 Rule #8 Start of play – Coin Toss Decides who gets ball possession first Decides who defends which goal first – After a goal Non-scoring team kicks off – After halftime Opposite team kicks off from first half

33 Rule #9 Ball in and out of play – Out of play When the entire ball crosses a boundary line When the game has been stopped by the referee – In play The rest of the time

34 Rule #11 Offsides – A player is offsides when he/she is nearer to the opponents goal line than the ball unless: In his/her own half Has at least two opponents between them and the goal line – Goalie and one defender or two defenders

35 Rule #12 Violations and Misconduct – Violations Spitting Kicking Striking Tripping Jumping at an opponent

36 Rule #12 Violations and Misconduct – Fighting Ejection and Game Report – Handling Deliberately handles the ball Inadvertent touching shall NOT be penalized – Holding and Pushing Pulling the uniform

37 Rule #12 Violations and Misconduct – Charging in a violent and dangerous manner – Fouling the goalkeeper – Kicking the ball held by goalkeeper – Obstruction Running between player and ball without attempt to play the ball – Dangerous Play High kick or lowering the head or playing the ball on the ground

38 Rule #12 Misconduct – Unsporting conduct Cautions (yellow card) – Persistent infringement – Dissent – Profane language – Taunting, baiting, and ridiculing – Fails to respect proper distance on kicks – Joins team during game or leaves and returns to field without permission

39 Rule #12 Misconduct – Ejections Guilty of serious foul play Guilty of violent conduct Fighting Spits at an opponent or any other persons Denies a goal by handling the ball Denies a goal scoring opportunity by fouling opponent Second caution Uses abusive, threatening or obscene language

40 Rule #13 Free Kicks – Direct Spitting, Kicking, Striking, Tripping, Jumping at an opponent, Handling the ball, Holding an opponent, pushing, charging, violently fouling the goalkeeper – Indirect Playing the ball a second time, offsides, dangerous play, obstruction, others

41 Rule #14 Penalty Kicks – Direct kick violation inside of defensive box Spitting, Kicking, Striking, Tripping, Jumping at an opponent, Handling the ball, Holding an opponent, pushing, charging, violently fouling the goalkeeper Everyone except kicker and goalie must be outside of penalty box

42 Rule #15 Throw-Ins – Both feet down – Both hands over the head Second try in U8 and U10 – Second try taken by same player after you explain what they did wrong – Another violation and the other team throws-in

43 Rule #16 Goal Kicks – Ball placed in/on goal box – Kicked by defender or goalie Must leave box before being played by anyone after kick

44 Rule #17 Corner Kicks – Defender kicks ball out over end line – Attacking team kicks ball back into play from corner Defenders must be as far back as size of center circle

45 Awarding Goals and Assists

46 Awarding Goals Ball must completely cross the line Goal credited to player who propelled the ball into opponents goal

47 Injured Players

48 Stopping Play Thought to be serious injury – Stop play immediately – Always be overcautious Not a serious injury – Stop play when team of injured player gains possession – Monitor injured player while play continues Always Err on the side of safety

49 Protective Equipment Shin guards: All Players – Must wear shin guards – Must wear a sock completely covering hard plastic guards – Can wear soft padded style shin guard (younger levels)

50 Other Equipment Cleats – Optional (tennis shoes are acceptable) – NO baseball or football cleats (Toe cleat) – NO dress shoes or boots Hats – Goalies can wear soft yielding cap Glasses – Prescription glasses only

51 Wrap-up Always Professional Look the Part (Professional) Know the Rules Display Confidence Be Impartial Be Consistent

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