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The Oakley Way School-Wide Expectations That Lead to Student Success.

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2 The Oakley Way School-Wide Expectations That Lead to Student Success

3 We Are Oakley! Mighty, Mighty Oakley!

4 The Oakley School Promise At Oakley, I am a part of a school family that works together, respects each other, and follows the rules. I will encourage myself and others to learn, grow, and be successful. This is who I am, even when no one is watching.

5 Student Rules There are appropriate times and places to be quiet.

6 Respect Yourself and Others Respect the speaker. Use your manners. Respect everyones learning.

7 Hands to Yourself

8 Keep Our School Clean! Playground Cafeteria Classrooms Hallways Bathrooms Buses

9 Walking Travel on the right- hand side of the hallway. Lines should be orderly and quiet. Be respectful of other students that are learning.

10 No students in classrooms until 7:30 a.m. Arrival and Departure

11 All students go to cafeteria before 7:30 unless accompanied by an adult. Leave cafeteria in an orderly fashion. Students may go to classrooms at 7:30 am. After the first two weeks of school, older students are not allowed to escort younger students to their K-2 classrooms.

12 Bathroom Expectations Students must check into their homeroom classrooms prior to going to the bathroom in the morning. Students must have a bathroom pass in order to go to the bathroom.

13 Bus Behavior Stay seated. Stay out of the aisle. No food or drink is allowed on the bus. Water bottles (must be empty) and kept in bookbags.

14 Lunch Please Remember… All Oakley Way rules about keeping our school clean, respecting others and school property, and keeping hands to self apply to the lunchroom as well as any other room in our school.

15 Lunch Rules Six students in line at a time. Enter the serving area on one side and exit on the opposite side. Line up in the order of your lunch choice. When the lunchroom becomes too loud, the red light and siren will be used to begin five minutes of silent lunch.

16 Playground No playing with rocks or sticks! Keep your shoes on! Areas that are off limits: - the hill by the parking lot - the ramp - behind the dugouts and buildings No football allowednot even passing!

17 Playground No bullying! No climbing the fence, even to get the ball. Beware of mud. Be respectful of the building.

18 Field Trips Use your manners. Stay with your group. VERY IMPORTANT- As a student at Oakley, you are a representative of our school. Please put forth a good image for us when you are out in the community by following the Oakley Way.

19 Thank you for following The Oakley Way and helping our school and students be the best!

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