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Riverwood Middle School Welcomes the Class of 2020

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1 Riverwood Middle School Welcomes the Class of 2020
Mrs. Stetson, Counselor

2 Who’s Who? Principal – Mr. Joseph Assistant Principals – Counselors –
Mr. Barron A-L Ms. Pence M-Z Counselors – Mrs. Stetson 6th Grade Mrs. Josey 7th Grade Mrs. Monteleone 8th Grade Registrar – Ms. Green

3 The Year at a Glance The year is divided into 2 semesters.
There are 2 nine week marking periods in each semester. Each nine weeks is divided into 3 week periods and you receive a progress report to take home. First semester is in the fall during the months of August through December. Second semester is in the spring during the months of January through June. Final exams are taken at the end of each semester. (We usually have early release on exam days.)

4 Typical School Day Arrive by 8:15a.m. in commons or cafeteria
1st bell rings at 8:25- go to locker, 1st period class starts at 8:35 We have a 7 period day with 7 classes which are minutes long with 5 minutes between classes (locker, restroom) On Thursdays, we have late arrival. Class starts at 10:15 and passing periods are 4 minutes. You will have 6 different Teachers - Reading/Language Arts is usually the same Teacher.

5 6th Grade Classes Reading/Language Arts (RELA) Math Science
Social Studies (Contemporary World Cultures) Physical Education (P.E.) Elective

6 The Wonderful World of Academics
PreAP/Honors or OnLevel Homework expectations are higher in PreAP/Honors Moves at a faster pace in math so that Algebra is the 8th grade math class Greater depth and complexity in RELA, science, and social studies Research has shown greater success in college and careers Late work policy 25 points off 1st day late, 40 points off 2nd day late, 50 points off 3rd day late

7 Fine Art Choices All Year (choose 1) Band Orchestra Choir Or
One Semester Each (choose 2 out of 3) Theater Arts Art Keyboarding

8 Physical Education P.E. is all year Uniform costs $20.00
Bring your own socks, athletic shoes, stick deodorant, bar soap and towel You will have a small P.E. locker in the dressing room to keep your P.E. clothes and shoes. Girls are provided a lock and boys must bring their own. Showers are recommended but not required

9 Lunch We have 3 lunch periods- one for 6th grade one for 7th grade
We have 3 lunch lines in the cafeteria You may also bring your lunch Lunch times rotate every 12 weeks There are no assigned seats When finished, stay at table until dismissed by monitors

10 Camp Longhorn The week before school starts
Turn in paperwork and get your locker, schedule and books RMS Planner will be on sale for $10.00 – to help with organization Locker has built in combination lock Locker Shelves on sale for $10.00 Lockers are assigned by alphabet- not 1st come 1st serve

11 Lockers Memorize your combination Do not share lockers
Do not share locker combinations Make sure you close the locker before you leave it Locker shelves are a good idea to keep things organized Buy locker shelves at Camp Longhorn $10.00 for a set of two shelves

12 Backpacks Used to carry books to and from school
They must stay in your locker during the day No rolling backpacks - they won’t fit. No extra large backpacks - they won’t fit No zippered binders- they won’t fit

13 Tutoring 4:00 p.m. after school
Every Teacher will have tutoring time twice a week 7:55 a.m. before school and 4:00 p.m. after school Attend to get extra help Attend to make up a test or quiz if you were absent Attend to get help with homework

14 Bikes Bike rack is located at the back of the school
You must bring your own lock to lock up your bike The bike rack is open before school and after school but it is locked up during the day Never leave your bike overnight

15 Phones You can ask to use the classroom phone when calling home to stay for tutoring You can ask to use the phone in the front office for an emergency Cell phone use is only allowed before and after school outside the building You will store your cell phone, turned off, in your locker If your cell phone is visible during the day, it will be taken up and given to the assistant principal

16 Lost & Found Located in hall way in front of office
Check there if you have lost anything If you find anything, turn it in to lost and found Mrs. Williamson in the attendance office is your contact for lost and found

17 Forgotten items Check the table located in the hallway in front of the office Your parent may leave your forgotten item on the table for you to pick up Forgotten lunches may be retrieved in the same spot or on the cart in the lunch room

18 Clinic Mrs. Laursen is our nurse for if you get sick or hurt
You cannot carry medicine with you at school The nurse cannot give you medicine unless your parent supplies it If you take medicine regularly your parent needs to bring it to the nurse

19 It’s a Great Day to be a Longhorn!

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