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All-Boys Alternative Program At Sir James Lougheed School (June 2011)

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1 All-Boys Alternative Program At Sir James Lougheed School (June 2011)

2 Who am I? Dr. Garry Jones Teacher, 32 years – K, 1, 2, 5, 6. Ph.D. in Elementary Education from University of Alberta – A Narrative Inquiry about a Male Elementary Teacher and the Shaping of his Identities (Jones, 2001). English Language Arts consultant 2002-2005. Principal of Rosscarrock School 2005-2011.

3 Wrote 2 books of short stories about teaching: Crocus Hill Notebook and Crocus Hill Reunion, published by The Althouse Press. Research interests: boys and schooling, male elementary teachers, stories of how our gender shapes our experiences in the workplace.

4 The All-Boys Program: Boys achieving their personal best!

5 Boy-focused curriculum and instructional approaches to literacy Inquirybased learning environments Broadbased fine, performing and applied arts experiences Wellness, physical fitness and athletic activity Emphasis on student independence, leadership and character development (from CBE statement of principles)

6 Opportunities for off campus study and interaction with community organizations, as well as mentorship with successful men Focus on innovation and research regarding male singlegender education Active, committed parent support Inclusion of students with mild/moderate/ gifted coding and ELL profiles School uniforms (from CBE statement of principles)

7 So how will it look?

8 Research indicates… Girls develop language skills earlier, use more complex language. Girls tend to read earlier and more girls read for pleasure. More boys require speech therapy, more boys in Special Education. Many boys are more active than girls.

9 Boys are physically active!

10 Boys need to move to stimulate the brain.

11 Physical activity: Boys come here expecting to move! Daily physical activity. Activity breaks during lessons. At recess – play, walk, move! Many teaching activities require moving.

12 Boys and literacy learning

13 Reading information texts fiction -edgy, quirky, funny, adventurous comics, graphic novels digital environments read for a purpose broadened definition of text includes visual and oral texts

14 Projects: Boys love projects. Problem solving Group process Connect curriculums – for example language arts outcomes through science

15 Boys are relational learners Boys learn best when they connect with staff, students and curriculum. Classroom teacher is key. Goal – at least 50% men teachers.

16 Direct instruction: Demonstrations Guided practice Literacy groups Math instruction How to… Daily guided reading

17 Uniforms WEAR IT Inc. 626 – 20A Street S.E, Calgary, AB T2C 0R3, Canada Tel. (403) 265-9200 Blue sweater vest, tie, white shirt, white golf shirt, jeans, black shoes. Order from Wear It

18 Behavior management plan… January 2009

19 Discipline policy CBE policy 6001 Classroom teacher and principal responsible We work with students in school. Bus is a privilege – I support the driver. My line in the sand – refusing to cooperate with staff, fighting, running away, hiding. Last resort, call home.

20 Communication Website Email D2L for homework and communication with classroom teacher Very short printed newsletters

21 Communication Parent survey will be available in Survey Monkey in the fall. We send you the link.

22 How you can help: At home – participate in daily activities such as swimming, community teams, walking. Eat 3 meals. Sleep. Read every night. Support our program

23 Advocating for boys We purchase books about boys for school library (for parents to sign out) Plan workshops or books studies for parents. Guest speakers for parents. PD for teachers in other schools about boys.

24 Thank you for your interest in our program Dr. Garry Jones Principal

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