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Grammar The Simple Present Of To Be an apple an egg an idea an hour ( h is silent ) an honor ( h is silent ) an umbrella (u has a vowel sound) Note: we.

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1 Grammar The Simple Present Of To Be an apple an egg an idea an hour ( h is silent ) an honor ( h is silent ) an umbrella (u has a vowel sound) Note: we use an when a word begins with the vowels / a, e, i, o/ and vowel sounds / u, h/ a book a dog a cat a university ( u is a vowel but sounds like /iu/ ) a union ( u is a vowel but sounds like /iu/ a house ( h is not silent ) a horse ( h is not silent ). Note: we use a when a word begins with a consonant /b,c,d,f,k,l.t,w,y Nouns ( count ) can be singular and plural. Nouns can be singular ( a cat / an apple) and they mean 1. Nouns can be plural ( cats / apples )and they mean more than 1. We use a or an with singular nouns.

2 Grammar The Simple Present Of To Be Non -Count Nouns Singular Plural There is- isnt some water - more water – a lot of water Little sand- less sand – a lot of sand some information- more information much sugar- any sugar- a lot of sugar some milk- less milk- the least milk much money- less money- a lot of money some coffee- little coffee- more coffee any cheese- much cheese- little cheese much oil- any oil- a lot of oil some wood- less wood- the least wood much meat- any meat- less meat some gold- little gold- more gold any bread- much bread- little bread some soup- little soup- more soup any rice- much rice- little rice Count Nouns Singular / Plural There is –isnt / There are –arent a book 2 books a bus 2 buses a dish 5 dishes a watch 3 watches a box 6 boxes a baby 4 babies a boy 3 boys a knife 3 knives a life the lives a leaf 5 leaves a foot 3 feet A man 3 men A woman 3 women A sheep 4 sheep A child 4 children

3 Grammar The Simple Present Of To Be Negative and contractions No, Im not. No, youre not. No, hes not No, its not. No, were not. No, theyre not. Questions Am i a student? Are You a student? Is he,she, a student? it a book? Are we students? Are they students? Pronouns + to be I am a student You are a student He,she, is a student It is a book ًWe are students They are students

4 Exercises The Simple Present Of To Be 1.Complete with pronouns man---------------chairs--------------------girls---------------------Tony& Dave------------------ Cats---------------dog---------------------dogs----------------------tony & you----------------------- Diane------------you----------------------woman--------------------boy------------------------------ 2. Use verb to be ( present ) to complete I -------------------a student. You ----------------------a student too. John---------------from Riyadh. He --------------------from Pakistan. She----------------------a teacher. We ------------------teachers too. It ----------------------------my bag. It -------------------------not her bag. We ----------------------not Syrian. We ----------------------Saudi. 3. Use Contractions He is --------------she is ----------------------We are ------------------- they are----------------

5 Nationality Adjectives He is from Canada/ He is Canadian Country Adjectives Italy ItalianArgentina Argentinean Japan JapaneseAustralia Australian Morocco MoroccanBrazil Brazilian Norway NorwegianCanada Canadian Poland PolishEgypt Egyptian Portugal PortugueseEngland English Russia RussianFrance French Scotland ScottishGermany German Sweden SwedishIreland Irish Wales WelshUnited States American

6 Nationality Adjectives He is from Canada/ He is Canadian 1.Complete the Sentences 1.(Argentina ) He is ----------------------------------------------------------- 2.(Australia ( They are--------------------------------------------------------- 3.(Brazil) We are---------------------------------------------------------- 4. ( Russia) She is --------------------------------------------------------- 5. ( Ireland) I am------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Make Yes/NO Questions 1.(Sweden/ she) --------------------------------------------------------------? 2.(Portuguese/ he) --------------------------------------------------------------? 3.(Swedish/ they) ---------------------------------------------------------------? 4. ( Scottish/ we) ---------------------------------------------------------------? 5. ( Moroccan/ she) ---------------------------------------------------------------?

7 Descriptive Adjectives He is happy/ They are tall Descriptive Adjectives He is --------------------------------- She is --------------------------------- We are--------------------------------- They are------------------------------ You are---------------------------------- The boy is ------------------------------- The girl is -------------------------------- Dania is ----------------------------------- My father is-------------------------------- Lemons are -------------------------------- Giraffes are--------------------------------- The woman is -------------------------------- The city is ------------------------------------- The family is ------------------------------------ The shoe is --------------------------------------- Adjectives: Tall- short hard- soft Happy- sad sweet- salty Young- old- new sour-spicy Beautiful- ugly yellow- green Chewy- crunchy cloudy- sunny Small- big cold- hot Married- single heavy- light Hardworking- lazy black- white Poor- rich easy- difficult Healthy- ill red- pink Thin- fat clever- lazy Friendly- shy good- bad Angry – happy better-worse Weak- strong best- worst

8 Demonstrative Adjectives This is - That is / These are – Those are Demonstrative Adjectives ------------------ is my book ( near ). ------------------is my book ( far ). ------------------are my pens ( near). -------------------are my pens( far ). ------------------ is my bag ( near ). ------------------is my car ( near ). ------------------are my boxes (far ). -------------------are my watches( near ). ------------------ is my friend( near ). ------------------is my skirt ( far ). ------------------are my friends (far). -------------------are my parents( far ). Demonstrative Adjectives We use this & That for near things or near people. We use these& those for far thing or far people. This is my book. That is my book. Far These are my books. Those are my books. Far To remember Only That and Those are used for far things or far people. singular plural

9 Grammar Wh – Questions Complete the questions with what – where, or who. 1. Leila. 2. Barcelona 3. in spain. 4. She is my teacher 5. It is a book. 6. Hes my father. 7. She is an actress 8. They are Julia and Pierre. Write the long form Whats ----------------------------------- 1.-----------------------your name? 2. ------------------------are you from? 3. --------------------are your parents? 4. --------------------is that woman? 5. ------------------------------is it? 6. ------------------------------is he ? 7.-----------------------------is she? 8.---------------------------are they? Write the short form Who is --------------------------------- Where is ------------------------------------- -

10 Grammar Preposition of Place Write a suitable preposition to the sentences: in- on- above- under-behind- between- next to- in front of 1. Frank in not seeing Barbara. Barbara is sitting -----------------------Frank 2. Allen is standing in the middle. He is standing -------------------------Tom and Jack. 3. The teacher is standing --------------------------of the class. 4. The window is -------------------------the table. 5. The girl is sitting beside the door. She is sitting--------------------------to the door. 6. I cant see my shoes. It is ----------------------------the bed.

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