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Professional Image & Etiquette

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1 Professional Image & Etiquette
Cathy Parker Assistant Director Career Services University at Albany

2 Self - Presentation A word about Culture The way you dress
The way you communicate Things to watch for

3 It’s All About Culture Etiquette is culture specific
Work Culture is different from School Culture Common goal vs. individual goals People of different ages and backgrounds Not all company cultures are alike We are going to focus mostly on US Corporate Culture

4 Multigenerational Workplace
People of different ages have different… Communication and management styles. Meanings of work and loyalty to an employer. Rewards and career advancement ideas. These generational values can affect… The behavior of your manager or supervisor. Policies of a company.

5 Professional Dress Dress for the job you want not the job you have
Levels of Dress Business Tailored Business Casual Casual And everything in between

6 Business Tailored Style
Key element: Suit

7 Business Casual Style Still neat and clean For men For Women
Khakis or dress pants Button down shirts or polo shirts Casual shoes Sweaters and vests No tie needed For Women Jean or corduroy skirts More casual sweaters

8 In-between Between Business Tailored and Business Casual Men Women
Sports Jacket and tie – not a suit Khakis or dress pants Women Jackets – not a suit Skirts – no denim or corduroy Dressy sweaters – twin set

9 Casual Style OK in some settings

10 Don’ts for Men Forget to shave Too much jewelry
Forget to tuck in your shirt – unless casual dress Baggy pants Extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors (i.e. green, blue, pink) Hats indoors

11 Don’ts For Women Really short skirts Showing too much skin
Sandals are OK but not flip flops Lingerie on the outside Spaghetti straps Really “young” looks Extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors (i.e. green, blue, pink)

12 Spoken Communication Interpersonal conversation
Start out speaking formally Do not SWEAR Do not spread office gossip Be careful about saying anything negative Watch your co-workers – follow their lead

13 Phone Etiquette Speaker phones Voice mail
Putting someone on speaker phone Mute your phone while others are presenting information Voice mail This is the company’s message system not yours. A professional message Leaving a voice-message State your name clearly. Keep the message brief – for longer topics use Repeat your name and number at the end

14 Written Communication
Proof read it!!! No typos Correct grammar, no slang Business jargon is OK, however Be careful what you say You don’t know who will read it You don’t know where it will go

15 Email is not Always Casual*
Don’t be cute Acronyms - LOL TTFN Emoticons ;-) 8-} >8-0 Do not use text message talk Don’t use lots of !!!!! Don’t mark everything urgent Don’t reply all unless you REALLY mean to. Do proof read it before you send Do include a subject line – otherwise it could be deleted Do add the address last – to avoid accidentally sending it too soon. Do use proper capitalization and punctuation *Getting from College to Career, Lindsay Pollak, Harper Collins 2007

16 Other things to know Your desk and office space Meetings
You will be judged by your calendar and wall art Find out what is allowed and who is allowed to hang them up Meetings Be on time Call ahead if you will be late Apologize and don’t make excuses if you are late or miss meeting The technology does not belong to you Use it for business only The company can … Read ALL of your Block certain websites Track your web browsing history Don’t forward chain letters Don’t browse inappropriate sites Don’t use company resources for personal reasons

17 Other company rules and culture
Spending company money Business dinners Books and professional dues Office supplies Travel Which airlines and hotels are allowed How loose are expense reports Work schedule What are the “real” work hours Do you need to plan vacation time ahead?

18 What to watch Management style: Policies and procedure:
Don’t be offended if your input is not universally accepted or encouraged You may need to seek out mentoring rather than have it provided Policies and procedure: Take them seriously If you need to do something outside the rules, Ask. If the answer is no it is no

19 What to watch Rewards: Not everyone gets a raise; rewards are based on results Dress: Dress conservatively until you know what is allowed at your company Dress similar to people who are respected Ask about piercings and tattoos Your parents: Have nothing to do with your job They CANNOT advocate for you at work

20 How Can You Know All This Stuff!!
You can’t – so relax No one expects you to get it all right the first time No one expects you to “just know” How do you learn Watch your coworkers Ask secretaries Ask your manager Get a mentor If you make a mistake – apologize and move on

21 Being Yourself at Work Being part of any “group” is a compromise
Companies treasure their images or brand Brand equity = customer loyalty = $$$$$ As an employee you are part of the Brand A well understood culture gives us guidance on how to handle situations A roadmap for success An expectation of how people will treat you

22 You Have a Choice Do you want to look like a native or a tourist?
Do you want to be a success or a rebel? Look for a culture that you would feel comfortable with Start conservatively until you know the culture Use your unique personality to stand out in positive ways

23 Always Remember the Golden Rule!
In Business…… Whoever has the GOLD makes the Rules!

24 Need More Help? Contact UAlbany Career Services Phone: 437-4900
Follow us on Twitter UAlbanycareer Like our Facebook page UAlbany Career Services Join our LinkedIn group University at Albany Career Services Hours: M- F from 9 AM – 5 PM

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