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Rotary 101 How to Organize a Service Project. Rotary is… A worldwide organization More than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders.

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1 Rotary 101 How to Organize a Service Project

2 Rotary is… A worldwide organization More than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders Rotarians Provide humanitarian service Encourage high ethical standards in all vocations Help build goodwill and peace in the world

3 Rotary is… 33,000 Rotary clubs More than 200 countries Clubs are non-political Clubs are non-religious Clubs are open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

4 Rotary is… The motto - Service Above Self Rotarys main objective is service In the community In the workplace Throughout the world

5 How do you offer service? Prepare and carry out a successful project In the community In the workplace Throughout the world

6 Integrity The trustees rely on the integrity of the clubs The trustees rely on the integrity of Rotarians to ensure that funds are used effectively for the purpose for which they were given. It is up to all Rotarians to demonstrate integrity in every aspect of project implementation.

7 Countless Opportunities Build effective networks that strengthen communities Empower project recipients to be part of the solution …give a man a fish…

8 Why join Rotary? Rotarians take action Rotarians make a difference Become a true Rotarian. Understand what Rotarians actually do round the world. 43Wq8&feature=related

9 Start at the Beginning

10 To organize a project… Get your committee together Plan the project

11 Step One – The idea Begin with an idea – an idea that meets the needs of the community. A real need! A viable project addresses a real community need – not just something that we perceive as a need.

12 Choose a project… Identify and address vital community needs Conduct a realistic assessment of available resources Set specific goals with measurable results

13 Here are some ideas from D-7020

14 Abaco, Bahamas (24) Some District 7020 Clubs Bell ringing for Christmas funds – out in force for the first 4 weekends in December Working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Stationed in front of the two largest supermarkets on the island of Abaco with a sign, a bucket and a bell

15 New Providence, BVI (43) Provide ongoing support of 2 families in need with a weekly food supply Rice, bread, canned goods and other items of sustenance every week December included a ham and turkey Ongoing project of RC of New Providence – not just at the festive season

16 New Providence, BVI (43) In addition to the previous slide – @ Ranfurly Childrens Home, provided children with extra school supplies Donated also $1000 Bell Ringing for Salvation Army Revamped a computer lab at the childrens home and donated computers

17 St. Croix West (32) Prepared and served a holiday meal to the Elderly Prepared and served meals for the homeless on Christmas Day Assisted Interactors collecting Christmas gifts for children at a Childrens Home Donated a Christmas Tree and decorated it

18 Montego Bay (29) Shoes distribution – Partnered with a Texas club to source and distribute more than 300 pairs of shoes to the needy over Christmas period Distributed 200 Christmas hampers Visited and took gifts to 3 past presidents who were ill Held a special Christmas luncheon for seniors

19 Once you have your idea -

20 Step Two – Approach the Board 1. Approach the Board. 2. Get approval for the generic idea. 3. Once the idea is presented, members who are interested will want to join the committee. 4. Set meeting dates and come up with a plan.

21 Plan ahead… Youll need to discuss 1. GOALS – What do you hope to achieve with this project? 2. Set specific goals with measurable results 3. SPECIFIC COSTS - with details about initial and possible long-term costs

22 Plan ahead… Plan for the expenditures - and Plan for the fund-raising to afford the expenditures This planning ahead is crucial!! In most projects, planning is 99 per cent!

23 Plan ahead… Discuss the following: 3. FUNDRAISING - Plans with specific details 4. ALTERNATIVES - Alternative suggestions to be considered that would achieve the same goals

24 Step Two – Approach the Board Submit a PROPOSAL Submit your plans to the Board BEFORE you start your project Include details. Include a budget - how you will cover the costs?

25 Step Two – Approach the Board Only if the Board accepts the project and budget, can you go ahead. The success of any project hinges on the full support of all members.

26 Keep the Board informed… What members will be involved, who will do what? A budget for the project Fund-raising plans

27 Detailed plans Set goals Set specific costs Set expected income/profit

28 Accountability If the budget changes, come back to the Board for approval. Rotary will fund activities only if they have been reviewed and approved BEFORE their implementation.

29 Accountability of Funds At the club level, funds distribution must be at the same high standard of accountability as what RI and TRF adhere to.

30 Follow the guidelines Remember – It is not your money youre spending so your project must be accountable. Appropriate stewardship and integrity are vital

31 To organize a project… Appropriate stewardship and integrity are vital.

32 Accountability DO plan ahead for funding activities. DO NOT incur expenses before approval. Do keep receipts for reimbursement.

33 Transparency Funds WILL NOT be paid to reimburse members for expenses incurred that have not been pre-approved Funds WILL reimbursed only when appropriate receipts are presented

34 Clear, Accurate Reporting Before – Prepare a budget TOTAL EXPECTED COSTS Fundraising plans Expected profit/loss After- Present a full report ACTUAL Costs ACTUAL Income and from where ACTUAL profit/loss Assess your level of success! How can you improve?

35 Cash Donations - Stewardship If you are soliciting cash donations, get Board approval beforehand. Properly represent Rotary. Only Rotarians in good standing can represent Rotary. List all donations and donors clearly. Cheques made out to Rotary Anguilla

36 Cash Donations - Stewardship Provide donor an official receipt Provide an official thank-you letter to each donor Keep your source of funds very transparent. An effective club will actively fund-raise rather than seek individual donations.

37 Clear, Accurate Reporting Even if a project has been carried out in a previous year – Still the organizer must follow all procedures Prior approval Raising money Spending money Reporting of all monies…

38 Detailed records Keep good records during the project. Prepare a detailed final report. Show what your project accomplished.

39 Where students travel with a chaperone - Report should show clearly: The Costs - Students who attended Rotarians who may have accompanied Travel and Accommodation costs for all who participated – clearly delineated Complete cost report for all expenses paid by Rotary

40 Where students travel with a chaperone Report should show clearly: The Income Clear breakdown of donations received Fund-raising results for the event Total cost to Rotary Total profit (if any) to Rotary

41 All Projects/Activities ALL PROJECTS/ACTIVITIES need accounting and transparency. KATS World Affairs Rotary benches Rotary Foundation fund-raisers Dictionary distribution Literacy Cost of District Conference Fun Day get-togethers etc. Make clear reporting available to all club members.

42 Summary … ALL SPENDING must be Preapproved Properly accounted for – submit bills. Followed up with a final report* presented to the Board *That report should be circulated to all club members if requested

43 Why reporting is necessary - The clear appearance of integrity To keep us all current and informed on what the Rotary Club is doing to assist our community As a measure of our success

44 A successful project A successful project can become an annual project. Record-keeping makes it easy to follow through the next year.

45 The second year… Still, you will have to approach the board anew with your plans Present the proposal Present your updated goals Present the budget Present your plans Get the club involved

46 At years end, the president Must submit in June a comprehensive report to the club on The status of its Finances The extent to which the club has achieved its objectives for the year This can be accomplished with accurate reporting through the year by all Rotarians.

47 Review… Begin with an idea. Form a committee and plan the project. BEFORE. Submit the proposal to the Board for approval before you start your project Include all details - a budget and how you will cover the costs. AFTER. Prepare a final report - Provide a detailed accounting of all monies earned and spent. Remember – It is not your money youre spending, so your project must be accountable.

48 The effective Rotary Club Has Service Committees in place in July Rotarians understand their specific roles and begin to plan and take action Each committee has its own set of projects Sets a budget for the year in July or earlier Each Committee sets its goals and its budget Each committee estimates income and expenditures for the year

49 Detailed plans and goals List the TOTAL COST and all details of your project In many instances, try to have local business donate their products or services to save Rotary money List the TOTAL INCOME you can expect from your project Total Income – Total expenses = Profit/Loss

50 Present the plan details to the Board Present this information to the Board in your proposal Include supporting documentation to the Board.

51 Onward and upward!! When you know where youre going And when you plan effectively You can arrive successfully And make a very positive impact!

52 Rotary 101 How to Organize a Service Project

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