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STUDY SKILLS Victoria Williams Anna Urbanski Academic Learning Center.

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1 STUDY SKILLS Victoria Williams Anna Urbanski Academic Learning Center

2 Explain the basic steps in brain-based learning Discuss a variety of strategies for completing each step in the learning process Describe how to take better notes Discuss Test Preparation Discuss Test-taking tips Review and answer any questions

3 In your brain!! Your brain was born to learn, loves to learn and knows how to learn!


5 When Reading… Have Intent Ask Questions Test yourself Build Interest Take Notes Highlight Underline Few Distractions In Class… Participate Relate the subject to your own life Ask questions Take Notes Clear your mind Relax React

6 Set smaller, short-term goals Reward yourself for reaching your goals As you achieve your goals, you may notice that you feel proud, satisfied, triumphant, etc. Remember, it is not an activity itself, but how we react to it that makes it interesting. Challenge yourself academically, and have confidence in your ability

7 - alligator - apple - arrow - Baby - bird - Book - butterfly - car - corn - flower - hammer - house - money - microscope ocean - pencil - rock =Shoes - table - window In one minute this list will disappear…..

8 Connection In this step you interpret the information in a way that is meaningful to you. Connect the information to what you already know Personalize the information by applying it to your life The more connections to the new information you make, the easier it will be to remember it.

9 As you learn, the neurons in your brain begin to make connections…..

10 Neurons have fibers called dendrites that grow as you learn As dendrites grow they begin to connect with each other at synapses Chemical and electrical signals are transmitted between cells at the synapse


12 Food Carrot Orange Banana Cauliflower Animal Cat Rabbit Zebra Tiger Tool Screwdriver Ax Hammer Knife Place Mountain Lake Forest Plains This List Will Disappear in One Minute!

13 The Basic Steps in Learning: Review As you rehearse, review, or practice what you have learned the synapses in your brain become stronger Practice… including making mistakes is an important component of learning When you review, dont just look over information, but test yourself to get feedback do you really know the information?

14 Cornell notes Note cards (on-line and cell phone note cards)on-linecell phone On-line practice tests End of chapter or section questions Creating a map, chart or outline of the main ideas Try to explain what you have learned to another person Join a focused study group and test each other

15 General Tips: Do not try to copy down what the professor says word for word. Use your own words when possible Develop a system for organizing your notes Listen for cues in the lecture that let you know the organization/importance of material

16 Regularly review materials so that you do not have to cram Use the five-day study plan to preparefive-day study plan Eat and sleep well Use positive self-talk Visualize yourself doing well Try deep breathing techniques to relax when you get to the test Focus on doing well in on other assignments

17 What are three basic steps in learning? What is one strategy that you think might help you maintain attention in one of your classes? What is one strategy that you think might help you connect information in meaningful ways? What is one review strategy that you think might be helpful?


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