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North Miami Middle School R espectful O rganized A nd R esponsible.

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1 North Miami Middle School R espectful O rganized A nd R esponsible

2 75% of state prison inmates are high school dropouts A student who is retained two grades increases the risk of dropping out by 90% High school dropouts are 3 times more likely to be arrested compared to high school graduates Do you want to be a part of this statistic?


4 The application of evidence- based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive school cultures.

5 Rules and Expectations Monitoring and Recording Rewards and Incentives

6 Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible


8 Expectation: Students will be in their seats at the ringing of the bell

9 Expectation: Students will bring all of the necessary materials to participate/perform in class

10 Expectation: Students are to conduct themselves in the proper manner at all times and cooperate with staff, follow directions and use appropriate language

11 Expectation: Students must wear the proper attire at all times including uniform pants, shirts and ID

12 Expectation: Students will not use/display electronic devices, eat/drink in class, groom themselves or any such action that will disrupt the learning of others

13 On time Prepared Respectful In uniform Positive

14 W alk, dont run to class A lways be courteous L ets keep the flow moving K eep your hands and feet to yourself S tay to the right

15 T ake pride in your school and cafeteria A lways dump your tray B e considerate of others L ine up when instructed E xit the cafeteria in an orderly manner S tay in your seats (no roaming)

16 Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

17 Uniform Policy

18 Solid/Stripe color polo type shirts (Collars A Must) Colors: Navy blue, light blue or white only No shirt or cover-up is to be worn over the uniform shirt Shirts are TUCKED IN

19 Must be of solid color and ankle length Colors: Khaki or Navy blue only No holes, tears, rips, frays, tie dyes, etc. Shorts, skorts must be at least be 2 inches above knee.

20 Must be closed toe shoes Can not be slippers, sandals (of any kind), slides, water shoes, Crocs, etc. Again…closed toe shoes only!

21 NO !!! (even on bad hair days)

22 Must be around your neck at all times

23 Behaviors are given a value of points Those points will be recorded and tracked Those students that have enough points will be eligible for rewards and incentives Who can give out points: Administrators Teachers Security Custodians Support staff

24 ID Proper uniform Class participation School beautification Preparedness Being on time Caught reading Caught learning Attendance Random acts of kindness Safe passage Cafeteria etiquette

25 Restaurant gift cards Movie tickets NMSHS football game tickets Negative points buyback Dress down days Cookies at lunch School supplies Awards Shout-Outs Terrific Tuesday calls Surprise parties In-school movie pass FREE Dance tickets Lunch with your favorite administrator Ice cream/pizza party/surprise party Student of the Month VIP pass VIP pass to youth fair

26 Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

27 9:10 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. You must be in your class at the ringing of the bells not walking to it

28 There still are consequences for those of your children that choose to disregard the rules of the school/classroom. They can include: Detention Saturday school SCSI Outdoor Suspension Alternative School Opportunity School But we dont have to worry about that right?

29 Presentation was created by Mr. Paul Rozanski, NMSH DEAN of Student / PBS Coach and Mr. Joshua Ho, NMMS Dean of Discipline / PBS CoachROAR Respectful Organized Achieving Responsible

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