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Honors Chemistry Mr. Jorden.

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1 Honors Chemistry Mr. Jorden

2 First-Aid and Lab Safety

3 Cuts and Burns These are the two most common injuries…
Cuts can be prevented by checking to see if glassware is chipped, or broken…also clean up any glass you break. Allow to bleed briefly…..wash with soap and water

4 So you burned yourself……
Tell Mr. Jorden Immediately put the burned area under cool water until the burning sensation subsides.

5 Someone has fainted??? Give the person fresh air!
Make sure their head is lower than the rest of their body. If the person does not recover then artificial respiration may be needed.

6 SMALL FIRES on counter In order to put out a small fire in the laboratory you must place an over turned beaker on top of the fire. It cuts off the supply of oxygen.

7 FIRE! In case of a small fire, such as a beaker engulfed in flames…

8 FIRE! You should cover the beaker with a watch glass and leave the cover there until the flame dies out.

9 In case of a large fire…

10 use a fire extinguisher to put out the flame …

Pull pin Aim Squeeze handle Move back and forth

12 If a person catches on fire….
Wrap them in the nearest fire blanket.

13 Fire Blanket Use the fire blanket when a person catches on fire
If someone catches on fire, wrap them up in the blanket and put them on the ground Do NOT cover up the persons head with blanket, it does not let oxygen through

14 Chemistry Safety Notes
If you forget your safety glasses, bad things, like blinding an eye, could happen See how UNcool he looks from his eye injury

If you spill a chemical in your eyes, immediately use the eyewash fountain to wash the liquid from your eyes Remember, if you have contacts take them out before you use the eyewash fountain. DO NOT RUB EYE!! (a foreign object could scratch your eye!)

16 In Case You are Poisoned...
IMMEDIATELY Identify the chemical substance you ingested Notify the teacher If necessary, contact medical assistance

17 Poison Sometimes we may have to force you to vomit.

18 Are you bleeding severely?
Apply pressure to the wound and get medical attention immediately.

19 If harmful chemicals were to make contact with your skin…..
Make sure the teacher is notified as you rinse it off in the sink right away. If it is a larger spill on your clothes and can’t be reached by the sink, take your clothes off immediately and if it made contact with skin get under shower. Neutralize acids with baking soda and neutralize bases with boric acid.

20 Be Prepared When you come to class be prepared to to immediately begin the lab. Familiarize yourself with the lab procedures before beginning the lab.

21 Perform only those lab activities assigned by Mr. Jorden.
Never do anything that is not called for in the laboratory procedure or by your teacher.

22 Chemistry Safety Notes
Work areas should be clean and tidy DO NOT take other materials into the laboratory.

23 Chemistry Safety Notes
DO NOT wear open toed shoes However fashionable they may be

24 Always wear closed-toe shoes


26 Some people don’t listen and this is the outcome
SANDALS cont’d… Attractive !! Some people don’t listen and this is the outcome

27 HAIR If you have long hair tie it up, if you have a long beard tie it up and put it over your shoulder Mr. Jorden has extra hair ties on his desk.

28 Chemistry Safety Notes
If you forget to tie back hair, it could catch on fire. Looks like it hurts too!

29 Always wear safety goggles


31 GOGGLES cont. Or this could happen

32 Before you start your lab also make sure that you are wearing an apron
This will prevent harmful chemicals from spilling on your skin or ruining your clothes

33 Always wear your apron….

34 Set-up apparatus as described
Never use makeshift arrangements. ALWAYS use the prescribed instrument (tongs, test-tube holder, forceps, etc.) for handling apparatus or equipment.

35 Keep all combustible materials away from open flames….
You might accidentally set your homework on fire. Pre-Lab

36 Never Touch or taste any substance in the lab unless instructed to do so.

37 Never put your face near the mouth of a container that is holding chemicals

38 Always smell chemicals with a wafting motion


40 How to Sniff in the Laboratory
You should never place your nose directly above an apparatus in order to smell the odor of the contents.

41 Look what happened to little Jonny!

42 Always waft in order to smell a substance
The Right Way Always waft in order to smell a substance

43 Clean up all spills immediately
If a harmful chemical is spilled and not cleaned up, the next person to encounter it could be harmed!

44 When the teacher is knocked out …
WHEN MR. JORDEN IS OUT When the teacher is knocked out …

45 Call one of these numbers for help
JORDEN cont. Call one of these numbers for help

46 Do not return used chemicals to their original containers

47 When mixing an acid and water…
always add the acid to the water

48 Chemical Spills (continued)
If you spill a chemical on yourself, wash the area well with soap and water, tell your teacher, and seek medical attention if needed. If a chemical spills on your clothes, take them off and wash yourself off with the safety shower.

49 HANDLING GLASSWARE Always carry glass pieces in a vertical position to avoid stabbing anyone. Never handle broken glass with your bare hands. Use a brush and dustpan to sweep up the broken glass. Always lubricate glassware.

50 Incorrect Procedure Never try to force glass tubing through an aperture without lubricating the end of the glass tubing, as well as the hole into which it will be inserted. Also, do not press with your palms, as illustrated to the right – doing so may cause the tubing to break or impale/cut you.

51 Proper Procedure

52 Glass tubing lubrication
Lubricating the stopper Glass tubing lubrication

53 Consequences of Recklessness
This happens when you are not careful

54 Allow plenty of cooling time before touching glass


56 Checking Heat This is what happens when you aren’t careful!
Don’t grab an object that has recently been heated. Always use the back of your hand to determine if an object is still hot after removal from a flame.

57 When heating liquids in test tubes using a burner….
Be sure to tilt the test tube away from you

58 Heating Substances -NEVER heat anything unless instructed to do so.
-NEVER look into a container that is being heated. -When heating a substance in a test tube, make sure that the mouth of the tube is pointed AWAY from yourself or others. Heating Substances

59 Never heat a CLOSED CONTAINER!!!!
The First Test- Conclusions Never heat a CLOSED CONTAINER!!!!

60 The End!

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