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Learning Intention I am learning vocabulary for hot/mild weather.

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1 Learning Intention I am learning vocabulary for hot/mild weather

2 Success Criteria I am familiar with and can correctly pronounce the 7 vocabulary words I have learnt today I can work successfully in a team to create songs to remember my vocabulary

3 Starter nHd14 nHd14

4 quel temps fait-il?

5 Écoutez + Répétez

6 il fait beau

7 It is nice

8 il fait beau

9 il fait du soleil

10 It is sunny

11 il fait du soleil

12 il fait chaud

13 It is hot

14 il fait chaud

15 il fait du vent

16 It is windy

17 il fait du vent

18 il pleut

19 It is raining

20 il pleut

21 il tonne

22 There is thunder

23 il tonne

24 il fait des éclairs

25 There is lightning

26 il fait des éclairs

27 Listening Activity Teacher calls out a weather phrase which children draw and translate into English on show me boards.

28 Group Activity Choose a famous jingle or make a jingle of your own and use the vocabulary you have learnt today and previously to compose lyrics. You will be peer assessed. WRITE DOWN YOUR FULL SONG ON THE PAPER PROVIDED. If your group finishes early, add music to your jingle, using the musical instruments or any other means (beat boxing).

29 Example See if you can guess the jingle!!!! il fait chaud mais il fait des éclairs il tonne, il fait beau,il pleut il fait du vent HEY

30 Jingle Bells! It is hot But it is windy There is thunder, it is nice, it is raining, there is lightning HEY

31 Jingles Jingle bells London bridge Twinkle twinkle little star Chart hits/raps Compose your own tune

32 Remember Syllables syl lables

33 Success Criteria for activity Use of at least 4 new vocabulary phrases Correct pronunciation of all words

34 Peer Assessment Pair up with another group and take it in turns to perform your jingle. Peer assess each others work: Did they meet the success criteria? Give them two stars and a wish

35 The Weather Song Level: beginner / elementary Aim: practicing listening skills, practicing vocabulary Time: 15 – 20 minutes Language skills: Types of learners: auditory, kinesthetic, visual, musical Materials for the students: none Materials for the teacher: none Classroom management: whole class (in variation: groups) Steps of the game: 1. Take some well-known tunes which children already know, e.g. 'London Bridge', 'Old McDonald', 'Jingle Bells' or a tune from their course book (if the course is supported by a cassette). 2. The lyrics of the song will be the vocabulary which was recently introduced, e.g. clothes or food. The lyrics are chosen by students – they suggest, and the teacher chooses suitable words according to the tune. 3. Activities which are to be performed during the song are also chosen by the students, e. g. socks are presented as putting them on one's feet. 4. The teacher sings along with the students and performs all the activities. The point of the game is not only in vocabulary, but in varying the speed of the song. This gets quite amusing with younger children! Variation 1: groups of 3 or 4 students are formed. They take the same tune, but change the lyrics. They perform this for the class. Variation 2: Young children like to draw. After the activity, they can draw the words form the song in the order they appear in the song (this can be done before singing with the children who do not read or write yet). Some possible lyrics: E.g. 'Jingle Bells': trousers, socks, jacket, jeans, we wear them every day, sweater, shoes, t-shirt, cap, I'm wearing those today. OR: 'London Bridge': a piece of pie, a glass of milk, sugar cane, chocolate bar, a cup of coffee, lemon juice, one big pizza.

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