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Safety First Chemistry Fall 2011.

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1 Safety First Chemistry Fall 2011

2 What’s wrong with this picture?

3 Safety Rules… ALWAYS follow the directions given by the teacher!

4 Safety Rules… Stay at your assigned lab station unless given different instructions by the teacher. Do NOT begin an experiment until told to do so. Stay with your assigned lab group. One person will get supplies for your lab group.

5 Safety Rules… Follow all instructions carefully. When in doubt, ask the teacher. Report ALL injuries immediately to your teacher. Any misbehavior or violation of rules could result in a zero for your lab grade, no longer being able to participate in lab, or an office referral.

6 Safety Rules… ONLY your teacher is allowed in the supply room.
Only your lab sheet and a pencil/pen should be on the lab table. All other personal belongings are not allowed at your lab station. Learn the location and use of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

7 EYE SAFETY… Always wear goggles when instructed…
or you may wear this instead!

8 Testing for odors… Always “waft” by waving your hand over the top of the container to push the odor toward you and sniffing cautiously…

9 Electrical Safety Do NOT play with electricity!!!
Do NOT use water (or have wet hands) when using electrical objects. Turn off all electrical items when finished with lab.

10 Electrical Safety… Do not stretch electrical cords where someone might trip on them. When removing an electrical plug from a socket, pull the plug, NOT the cord.

11 Electrical Safety… Never close a circuit until your teacher has approved it. (Closing a circuit = turning it on.) Do NOT use any electrical devices with frayed cords or uncovered wires. Do NOT work with any batteries, electrical devices, or magnets other than those provided by your teacher.

12 Glassware Safety… Never use cracked or chipped glassware…report it to the teacher immediately. Never heat empty, closed or dry glassware.

13 Glassware Safety… When heating a test tube, never point it in the direction of other people. Never look down into a heated test tube.

14 Heating Safety… Hair spray and fingernail polish will burn easily. Use caution when working with a flame. Fire extinguishers are NOT to be used by students. Use a WET paper towel to smother a small fire on the lab table. Do NOT attempt to “blow out” a small fire.

15 Heating Safety… Extinguish clothing fires with the fire blanket.
NEVER leave an open flame unattended. Gas jets are NOT to be used without teacher supervision.

16 Explosion Precaution Use only small amounts of flammable (able to catch fire easily) liquids. Keep all flammable liquids away from any open flame or heat source. When diluting acids, always pour ACIDS into WATER!

17 Chemical Safety NEVER touch or taste chemicals.
NEVER handle chemicals if you have an open wound. NEVER use chemicals or materials from unlabeled containers. The designated supply person shall measure/obtain chemicals at the supply area. DO NOT carry stock containers back to your table

18 Chemical Safety… Handle squeeze bottles and medicine droppers with extreme care to prevent leakage/spillage. Do NOT conduct unapproved laboratory experiments.

19 Clothing Protection… Wear a laboratory apron to protect your clothing.
Long hair should be tied back and secured. Loose sleeves must be secured at all times or rolled up. Long coats and hats may NOT be worn in lab. Closed toe shoes should be worn at all times.

20 Hygienic Care… Keep your hands away from your face and mouth.
Always wash your hands when you are finished with an experiment.

21 Waste Disposal Dispose of any broken glass in a container specifically provided for that purpose. Dispose of any chemical waste in a container designated by the teacher. Clean all chemical spills as instructed by the teacher. All equipment must be returned to its proper place.

22 Waste Disposal Your work surface must be clean and dry before you will be dismissed. LEAVE THE LAB ONLY WHEN YOUR GROUP HAS BEEN RELEASED BY THE TEACHER.

23 What’s wrong with this picture?

24 Where are they…can you find…
the fire extinguisher? the fire blanket? the emergency shower? the chemical hood? the emergency eyewash? the goggle cabinet?

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