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4 Love Theme (OST Spartacus) Alex North (1960)


6 Maria Jesús Blázquez is a mother. Professor of Secondary Education, major in Biology-Geology, in Zaragoza. Co-founder of the Asociación Vía Láctea (Milky Way Association). Member of the collective "Otra Biología." (Another Biology) Director of the Maternity Summer courses, in Jaca. Guest professor of the Post-Graduate Course on Natural Medicine and Master's degree on Nursing, Zaragoza University. Guide-book Author, "La Ecología al comienzo de nuestra vida" ("Ecology at the Beginning of Our Life"), on which this article is based.

7 The best part of her biography is the invisible, what is between the lines, what is never mentioned. Article written in January/February of 2012, Zaragoza (Spain). For consultations on maternity and childhood:


9 The capacity to love is determined to a great extent by the first experiences during the foetal life and the period close to the birth. and the period close to the birth. The most important effects on a human being are the effects that are produced within the perinatal period. MICHEL ODENT


11 From the Cell to the School" is not an article, rather, a collection of samples, a gathered travel over the dehumanization processes, be they intentioned or not, iniciated during the pregnancy, birth process, lactation and childhood, and extended to the school in the form of indoctrination. The travel is made through appointments, videos, studies, data, images, songs, reflections, demonstrations and conclusions of various authors, with some personal contributions and an analysis of what is offered in school text books. All of this has been gathered with a special wish: to contribute to the unlearning and rehumanization, necessary efforts to achieve our freedom, as well as letting go of the fear and live a life in love. The unlearning refers to the necessary work of removing the heavy weight of all those things that the school, the family, the society and the State have stored in our brain, cancelling our natural intuition and wisdom.

12 The rehumanization refers to the urgent and inexcusable recovery of our concrete human essence, which we have been dramatically and gradually losing during the course of our existence, especially during the last few decades.

13 CHANGING PERCEPTION TO CHANGE LIFE The knowledge at the beginning of our life facilitates us the passage from ignorance to consciousness, from fear to love, and from powerlessness to action. The habitat allows us to be, to exist. The cytoplasm of our mother's ovule is our first habitat, a primeval ocean of sea water in miniature that keeps the memories of the origins and accompanies us all our life, bathing and nourishing each and every one of our cells. Likewise, the follicular fluid is the ocean, the habitat of the developing ovule, and the cytoplasm of the spermatozoids. The habitat always accompanies us, from the cell to the school, and beyond.


15 * Note from El Proyecto Matriz (Matrix Project): The French Rene Quinton, stated that life originated in the ocean, and that each human body is like a small ocean of sea water in which the cells float. If this inner ocean maintains its physical conditions (pH, salinity, temperature, etc.) similar to the primeval ones, the whole body is maintained in a natural, balanced state, which is what we call, "health."

16 Quinton's conclusions lead us understand that the organisms proper to the animal life are true marine aquariums in which the cells that form them continue to live in the same conditions in which the primeval cell of the marine origins found itself in.

17 For that reason, René Quinton formulated a series of Laws called "Constancy Laws" through which he proposed that the animal life has the tendency to maintain the marine cellular environment of origin, the cellular temperature of origin, the saline concentration of origin, and the physical and chemical conditions of origin. Our body fluids are salty (tears, sweat, urine, blood plasma, saliva, mucosities, amniotic fluid of the pregnancy, excretions, cellular cytoplasm, extra-cellular fluid, cerebrospinal fluid...).



20 The first hug is that of our father's spermatozoids with the membrane of the mother's ovule's. The spermatozoides cooperate to ease the passage of one of them into the ovule. Actually, it is not about a fight or a competition, but a cooperation. The idea of a spermatozoid 'hugging' is very important because it is about that, a hug. It is not about penetrating like if it was a driller. There is an approach, a recognition, a courting... That is why those who interpret from laboratory observations have within themselves the competitive model, and they atribute that model to all they see.

21 Simply put, it is about a world conception that is characteristic of the social sector from where it came and in which it's related... and in which it's related... A social class characterized by deeply entrenched values in the Calvinistic tradition (another Burgeoise revolution), according to which some persons are pre-destined by God to salvation and others to condemnation." MÁXIMO SANDÍN

22 The thoughts change the functioning of each one of our cells... our brains operate according to our thoughts, memory, emotions. imagination, etc... and when we think of something fateful, our body doesn't function well. And we provide the body with matter that wears us out unnecessarily." ROBERT SAPOLSKY But look, now we are another people with another model. For this reason, Professor Máximo Sandín and his reflections are transcendental, because they have freed us from the standpoint of the dogmas, because the Darwinist conception harms, it causes a lot of harm.

23 Our mother's ovule and our father's spermatozoid - before their meeting and fusion - were already impregnated with their thoughts and emotions, which have influenced us mentally and physically throughout our life. * Note from The Matrix Project: According to the Japanese Author, Masaru Emoto, human thought influences the water. If this is true, that water reacts to human emotions, and we are 70-80% made up of water (isotonic ocean water), so are we affecting our body water with our own thoughts and emotions, as well as those around us?


25 We can infer the following. We know that the spermatozoids as well as the ovule contain water (ocean water). Therefore, having in mind the contribution of Masaru Emoto, it is possible that during the fecundation, the spermatozoid's and ovule's water has been influenced by the father's thoughts and emotions that were displayed during the union, the coitus. If it was a true act of love, not only something physiological, then, these thoughts and emotions full of love, are they transmitted and reflected in the water that the paternal spermatozoid transports and shares with the water of the maternal ovule?





30 If on the contrary, it is about a purely physiological act, absent of love, caused by a violation, promisciuty, child abuse, lust... Does the water transmit those negative thoughts and emotions of the progeny absent of love? Would this initial phase be related in some way with the gestation of future psycopaths, characterized by their absence of love? Would it be a conditioned, propitiating, triggering factor? Is this absence of love during the original conception the incipient cause of the absence of empathy characteristic of psycopaths, who are incapable of putting themselves in other people's shoes because they haven't received love?.

31 They are incapable of putting themselves in other people's shoes." They cannot feel the same way other people do. They are incapable of putting themselves for a moment in somebody else's place. They exhibit no remorse, they are manipulative, astute. They are capable of deceiving others in pursuit of their own interests. It could be the definition of some of our leaders. But it is not. That's how psycopaths are, and some politicians, because of the way they act, seem to do things just like them." ALBERT MEDRÁN


33 The emotional states of a pregnant woman have a long time effect on the capacity of a human being to love." MICHEL ODENT


35 Prenatal education will allow a worldwide level, an important improvement in the physical and psychic health, it will bring about a considerable reduction of violence and criminality, and will provide a social welfare and peace in our societies." INEZ IOANA MARI


37 When one is sick, one needs a mother." MICHEL ODENT


39 Will we find in this initial stage of fecundation and during the childhood of psycopath politicians and bankers (among other examples of sub-humans) the deep roots of the problems of our time? Should it be so, the childhood and habitat of our contemporary society would be decisive factors. We are beginning to be aware that the physical environment that surrounds us and our thoughts, our mind and our emotions with which we are connected from the moment of our birth, profoundly affects the health of the babies (creatures). LAWRENCE D. ROSEN

40 The city is the irrefutable protagonist of a dehumanizing, capitalist world of today, which is the favoured habitat where the degradation of human relations (coexistence, affective, sexual...) is present in all senses, decisively affecting everything that the Author, Félix Rodrigo Mora, calls, "the concrete human essence". This negative habitat favours more and more the human degradation, and specifically, in what refers to us, it decisively affects sexual relations, during the pregnancy and childhood, lacking in love, turning them into mere robots.


42 No alternative can grow where love cannot take root. No shadow can substitute for the warmth of your contact. Love is dead in Metropolis. All contact arises through gloves or bricks. All contact arises through gloves or bricks. What a waste! The city... a degenerative illness". ANNE CLARK


44 In the city, love is inhibited, and cannot spread in a natural and harmonic manner. Instead, in the rural world, beyond the Metropolis and in contact with Nature, human relations find an essential habitat more apt for love, empathy, coexistence and for the childhood.

45 The art of living with others and not against others is typical of a rural society. While a capitalist society destroys it, for it is a form of agression towards others." FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA

46 Therefore, the habitat and our childhood constitute the transcendental factors in what is human. A degraded society, subhuman and lacking in love can only generate, exponentially in time, ill people, lacking in love; that is, subhuman and alienated psycopaths. The less love that exists in our society, (the more) we will be condemned to a prolonged increase in the genesis of psycopaths, beings that are incapable of understanding and displaying love towards their fellow man, something that the actual reality shows us daily.

47 The capacity to love is determined to a great extent by the first experiences during the fetal life and the period close to the birth. and the period close to the birth. The most important effects on a human being are the effects that are produced within the perinatal period. MICHEL ODENT


49 Actually, from this perspective, we can understand that the same psycopaths are victims of a sick and degraded society that has engendered them, denying them a life in love. At the same time, that lack and putrefaction in what is human in a society has favoured and allowed the psycopaths to reach positions of responsibility in the pyramidal structure of domination of the prevailing system, legislated and ordered for their own benefit and survival, just like parasites that block completely the citizens's capacity to self-rule. If we limit ourselves to believe that they act simply for gain, power or fame, we are limited in our comprehension of reality. We must resort to that which constitutes the complete genesis of these subhuman beings.

50 When societies are not self-governed, they are governed from outside by tyrants. FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA


52 In this sense, the incesant display of capitalism, the parallel destruction of the traditional rural world and of Nature, and the victory of the Metropolis have altered the original affective habitat in which the life and infancy of a human being took place. This has implied a propitiating context or agent for the primary pandemic of psycopaths in history, who, for their own survival and benefit, did, do and will do everything possible to refrain the rest of the human beings that are jailed within the confines of 'jail-lke' cities, for the city is the instrument of the State and the parasitic elites to enslave, indoctrinate and dehumanize.

53 In order to do that, they exert power and influence in all possible spheres of domination (economy, politics, nourishment, health, culture, knowledge, army, communication media, education, energy, etc...). Understanding all this may allow us to discern better the possible means to gain the freedom and emancipation of the human beings by searching for the root of the problem and reclaiming the path to virtue.

54 Without the quality of the subject, we cannot face such complicated and long transformations that are needed. The weakness in all types of fights and the actions against the constitutional order are greatly manifested by the low quality of the subject. FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA

55 Reconnecting with that which is natural, the rural environment, free- time, physical and mental health and coexistence, we will be better predisposed to face the generalized and historic proceseses of indoctrination and dehumanization that constitute the basic pillars of the prevailing system, and the illustrious degeneration of the parasitic and psycopath elites. Without human beings, all kinds of integral revolution are impossible. Consequently, if we do not protect the infancy, it will be impossible to have at our disposal the fully human generational relay that is necessary to face future fights. In the current fight for our freedom, we must not limit and focus ourselves only on the immediate; an effort to plan and strategize also in the long run is needed as well. If the elites plan concientiously their future agendas, we should be doing the same in order not to be pulled and directed by their designs.

56 There was a time when there were humans... The dehumanization is the loss that defines the human condition. In its natural expression, the human condition has the capacity to be reflective, emotive, it coexists, is volitive, and other less significant qualities. Almost all of them are disappearing, as if their disappearance was programed, and in fact, it is." FÉLIX RODRIGO MORA


58 Today, before fighting the deception of the economic crisis and other parcial fights (all of them necessary and plausible), the most revolutionary and primordial would be to stop the dehumanization processes, favouring the re-humanization and protection of the infancy. To recover the value of the ART and to know our HISTORY, the true history, that of our peoples and not the one created in service to the established powers, comes about as well a fundamental resource in this necessary and urgent process of integral revolution. Without paying attention to the PAST, it is impossible to comprehend the PRESENT, or make a search of the FUTURE.

59 Who controls the PAST, controls the FUTURE. Who controls the PRESENT, controls the PAST. GEORGE ORWELL


61 In conclusion, cities alter the natural habitat of the human beings dehumanizing them, both, physically as well as mentally and spiritually, from infancy to old age. The dehumanization alters and degrades the human emotions and feelings, and our organism and body fluids register that. After these notes, let's proceed with the essential contribution of Maria Jesús Blázquez.


63 The newborn baby has a past of nine months. O.M.A.E.P. O.M.A.E.P.

64 The cellular membrane acts as the cell's brain, and through it influences the environment that surrounds it, controlling the behavior and physiology of the cell, activating or preventing the operation of the genes, as demonstrated by Epigenetics.

65 * Note of the Matrix Proyect: In respect to this interesting and necessary documentary, to comment that it is a pity that they propose as an alternative to "Bisfenol A" the glass bottle, instead of promoting the sensible, natural, healthy and humane: the maternal lactation. To breastfeed is to embrace with maximum opening of soul and body, and if the birth has been interfered with, it needs patience for the mother and baby to meet again. The causes of the abandonment of the maternal lactation in modern societies are found in the fear to the sexuality, to the ignorance, the disconnection, the interferences during the birth, the pressure of the social and health environment.


67 Access to the "Guía de la lactancia materna" (Guide to Maternal Lactation) of the collective, Vía Láctea, in this link.this link. It is also noted as 'negative' the importance that the documentary gives to the knowledge of the "Epigenoma" for the creation and commercialization of new pharmaceuticals, the "epigenetic medicine." It doesn't comment either on Epigenetics bringing down conventional wisdom. As long as we live in a Capitalist and Academic World, the financing, dependency, indoctrination and the economy will impregnate everything, generating interests and neglecting common sense, the least common of our senses. In the meantime, the prevention and care of the habitat and terrain (human body) are relegated and pushed to the background.


69 Where there is Oxygen and alcalinity, there can be no illness, no cancer. OTTO WARBURG





74 In the initial stages of the ovule's and spermatozoid's development (maturing), the group activity of the specific genes that wil form the boy or the girl that is to be born is adjusted through a process called Genomic Impression.

75 Numerous epidemiological studies on the perinatal period show the influence of the mother's attitude, through her direct action, and that of the father through his relationship with the mother, in the health and well-being of the baby during its infancy and later on in life.

76 * Note of the Matrix Proyect: Let's remember the influence and imprint of the human thoughts and emotions in the water. The Amniotic fluid is a liquid fluid that surrounds, cushions and protects the embryo, and later on the developing foetus, inside the mother's Amniotic sac. The baby in gestation is made up of 94% isotonic ocean water, and the Amniotic fluid protecting it is also made up of isotonic ocean water. Will the baby's water receive the mother's and father's emotional influx? The habitat is fundamental, but so is the water. Let's keep on delving into it.





81 Investigations in the fields of Psychology, Nutrition, and Neurobiology indicate that the first few years of life are critical for the development of the intelligence, personality and social behaviours. All early experience from the moment of conception affects the brain's architecture. People's intelligence depend on these connections, and their structure and organization are determined by the interactions with the environment. Note: The maternal water is the first medium, the first habitat of the baby. And the water responds to the human thoughts and emotions.


83 Michel Odent founded the Institute of Primal Health, which counts with a data base of scientific articles on primal health, in which the correlation that exists between the Primal Period -- the period that spans from the time of conception to the first year of life -- and the health of subsequent stages of life.


85 The web, Primal Health Research Data Bank, allows the consultation from 450 key words: "birth complications", "resucitation", "obstetric analesia", "obstetric medication labour", "labour induction", "foetal distress", "in labour", "cesarean delivery", "asphyxiation", "forceps", "vacuum", "homosexuality", "cephalhaematoma"... thousands of articles on Primal Health.

86 The Neonatologist Peter W. Nathanielsz, in his book: "Life in the Womb": The Origin of Health and Disease, on the environmental efects on the foetus, says: "The quality of life in the uterus, our temporary home before being born, determines our susceptibility to coronary illnesses, heart attacks, diabetes and many other illnesses later on in life."



89 The Brasilian Psychiatrist, Eleanora Madruga Luzes, in her Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis), "Science in the Beginning of Life" (6) offers bibliographic references on all scientific studies related to the Perinatal Period.

90 The.A.N.E.P (Asociación Nacional de la Educación Prenatal) (National Prenatal Education Association) and the O.M.A.E.P. (7) (World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations) devote their attention to the prenatal education, the conception and the conscious gestation, offer conclusions of some of the most relevant studies on Primal Health.

91 Thomas Verny: "The influence of the mother and father on the character and potencial of the boy/girl... from the moment of conception, the experience lived in the maternal womb forms the brain and establishes the fundamentals for the health, personality, emocional temperament and intellectual capabilities." Frederick Ewirth: "The mother contributes all that her baby needs to build his physical organism, his emotional structure, and his brain...... A healthy diet allows the mother to provide for her child all the necessary nutrients for the harmonious development of his body and his health. The pregnant woman needs to feel understood, protected, loved and supported by the child's father, by his family, his surroundings and the whole society."


93 "A proper breathing contributes the essential oxygen for all the operating systems in the body. An exercise adapted to the gestation fortifies the circulation and oxygenation, and strengthens the osseus system." Contemplating Nature imbues her son with harmony, peace and a deep balance. Through the imagination, a creative capability par excellence... that makes us dream... is a very powerful factor that optimizes the development of the baby."

94 David Chamberlaine Ph.D: "Some weeks after the conception, the prenatal baby reacts to different types of music, to familiar voices, as well as transgresions, accidents, fireworks, and emotional storms lived by the mother. The sound of the voice, the song and the music act powerfully on the development of the baby who is going to be born. The father and mother can communicate their love to the developing child with their words, and it will receive them and be nourished by them. We must help future parents to evolve and free themselves of their fears, their feelings of shame, culpability and anger recorded in them during the course of their first few years."


96 Paracelsus (1493-1541): "The woman is the artist of the imagination and her child is the canvas on which she paints her painting."

97 HOW WAS THE CHILDHOOD OF SOME OF THESE ILLUSTRIOUS POLITICIANS, FAMOUS, BANKSTEERS AND OTHER SUBHUMAN? >>> LA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓN >> LA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓN <<<LA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓNLA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓN Marriages of convenience, without love, of pure interest. Educated to be ruthless with "those below", without caring. They were fed since their atrophied infancy a feeling of superiority, and their feelings of empathy were supressed. Where there is no love, no love can emerge.

98 The high classes, the parasitic aristocracy, in order to rise and perpetuate themselves as such has sacrified many (and now it is becoming very evident again), even amongst themselves. In order to do that, it is obvious that they are not the most appropriate "sentimental" men and women or "very human." Consequently, they are educated. at best, to be little empathic and psycopaths, and at worst, ones who don't doubt to kill thousands and millions of people in all types of wars. And behind doors, logically, they are no different, beasts without souls who fagocythize amongst themselves. To the point where some of them consider just looking at the life of others a "stupid thing." Their nature and position trains them to make their surroundings "psychopatic" or to induce similar behaviours. "There is nothing more efficacious than to pick these insane ones up, place them in the high society, and... finished. Hence, the "pat on the back". This is a splendid definition of the political class. About all this, there is an essential and very necessary book: >>> LA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓN >> LA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓN <<<LA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓNLA ILUSTRE DEGENERACIÓN







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