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Peace will come …why not nów! My aim is to serve Israel and the Palestinians to a turn around in their relationship: animo + content As a catalyst for.

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2 Peace will come …why not nów! My aim is to serve Israel and the Palestinians to a turn around in their relationship: animo + content As a catalyst for this proposal: the possibility of much more (financial) help from the world when parties cooperate Abraham de Kruijf,, mob. +31 622 529 861, +972 54 996 1363, Make a turn around in your relationship finally

3 Recursive reciprocity, central value: evenworthiness controverse solution, with a choice for quality of cooperation To come up for your own interests To extend negotiating with recursive reciprocity, including a search to deeper motives of the other With for sustained peace: Obliged forgiveness and reconciliation carrot & stick conditionality…: SANCTIONS: more money if all cooperate, loss of money if only one does not cooperate Way of negotiating, Abraham de Kruijf

4 What does acknowledgement mean to Israel (texts selected by AdK) - We are always alone. …. No one is in our shoes. Uzi Arad, National Security Adviser. - Recognition of Bitahon Atzmi = the most important NEED for Self-Security for our people - UN-resolutions threaten our self-security - We have a history of thousands of years, generations after generations, of being suppressed, suffering insecurity, expelled, and worse … - To not longer be victim, to be able to move from that. We have been chased by so many nations. - This is our land since so many years, and we have been exiled and suffered. Being killed, chased, de- pressed. Our religion was not accepted, they tried to erase this religion, we were not allowed to be. - People are always jealous on who we are, and accuse us for their problems. - During World War II the nazis tried to finish all the Jews in the world, many European countries let it happen. Our feeling is that only England and the United States helped us. - All we wanted is a safe place to live and we feel that wé are the only one that can protect us. - All our neighbors still want to kill us. Our existence feels always to be in risk. - We believe In trying to be morally, that is who we are. We have a moral culture. (That calls on critism from others, they project) But we came to a place where all the world sees us as the bad one, and they dont see that we have no choice and are desperate of trying, nobody understands us. - What did I do that you do this to me? - All these experiences made us vulnerable, have hardened us: self-esteem, self-protection, self-righteousness? - Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. (Exodus 23:9) - We have fear from the past (when much fear and pain you defend yourself proactively) - Israel wants continued attention from the world. After Peace, maybe attacks restart? Peace will come, why not now - November 2010 - Abraham de Kruijf

5 What does acknowledgement mean to Palestinians (texts selec- ted by AdK) - Recognition of NAKBA, the process of Palestinian Disposession since 1948 - They control every aspect of our daily life!! In supermarkets even, by The Wall, … - Gaza closure (there is some improvement now), Gaza war - (we have a historical / religious past with Israel as Palestinians/Filistinians) - Admittance that Israel never listens to us - Israel put more than 11.000 Palestinians in jail - To admit that Israel occupies our land and always invents something new - Israel denies room to live for our children, women and men - Through so much, and so many years of suppression and sometimes being desperate we sometimes made an over reaction (which is/was not right of us) - The Sabra and Shatila massacre (1982), The Goldstein massacre in Hebron Mosque (1994), and many more massacres - Occupation / limitation of our Holy places - Prohibit us to travel to our dear places, family, friends (check points, Wall) - Over reaction / attack by Israel in Gaza war - Israel projects Holocaust and other pain on us, where we have nothing to do with their past - Israel never executes UN-resolutions - This is our country, even it is not formally our state, we do live here... ! - What did I do that you do this to me? - To end with a suggestion and to add on the phrase that Arabs would want to drive Jews into the sea … well, maybe later … to swim together on a nice day …. Peace will come, why not now - November 2010 - Abraham de Kruijf

6 ECO (quality of relationship) diagram Abraham de Kruijf,, January 2010

7 (From the site of Mohammed Dajani)

8 What does forgiveness mean to you? Justice: even in our families and with our friends and collegues we sometimes do / meet injustice. What then when we expect Justice from the enemy / international community?

9 Sulha is the Arabic custom to stop a cycle of violence and bloodshed, the Arabic way of reconciliation. This means returning the rights of the injured, and the dignity of all. Now being offered for the first time for such a large conflict. (Think of the African Ubuntu). Slicha means: Forgive me, and is said by the offender. The offender is the one who takes the initiative. The Jaha is the necessary, neutral, mediating party. The Jaha intervenes and arranges the Sulha. The offender is willing to confess guilt, the process has to be prepared carefully. The maker of this Peace proposal offers himself to play a role in the Jaha. Note: there are also scenarios where the offender does not say Slicha explicitely, but: a wooden pole, and a large white linen sheet are presented by the Jaha. In which the offended as well as the offender make knots. The white flag as symbol of forgiveness and protection of the injured parties. Israel and Palestinians, as well as Palestinians together, may forgive and reconcile. The five main Sulha-Slicha steps (summarized very shortly): Recognition of injures. Compensating damage After the offender says Slicha the offended party must forgive the ex-offender. The parties must publicly shake hands in order to declare that the violence is over. Sharing a meal: to show that the parties are welcome in each others homes and as a sign of peace.

10 Scenario Jaha: Sul ha mediator Israël Pales- tinians Room, respect, for Acknowledgement of All AcknowledgementDayAcknowledgementDay 1947 Partit- ion Plan UN a. Day 1 09:00 hrs United Nations (sup- port of US, EU, World, NL) Opening by Jaha (Mediator) and United Nations. One has to be the First. United Nations? To use Sulha flag and/or to say: Slicha, Forgive me to the Palestinians for offending and injuring. And/or to start with the white linen flag (page 9). Knowing that the 1947 decision was not meant as an offense. Confrontations Palestinians – Israel are partially caused by UNs lack in 1947-1948 in offering workable structures nor compensation, followed by mutual revenges of and disasters for the peoples. Now UN restores dignity, offers compensation. UN decided in 1947, though we choose not to look back to the detailed status of that decision, in the interest of the total solution now. The compensation by UN today can be combined with help that UN and countries give to the Palestinians. Day 1 12:00 Hamas Israel Emphasizes the sorrow of many of Hamas grass-roots: groups, small groups, individuals. Announces thinking of making peace with the former enemy. Libe- rates soldier Shalit. Because of evenworthiness of all humans wants liberation of 1 prisoner. As investment in the future. Invites Israel to liberate out of free will 450 prisoners more. And we announce to be considering recognition of Israel.... And Fatah too, where necessary. Hamas offers trust to Israel. Opens Gaza borders, liberates out of free will many more prisoner(s)…. Hamas -Gaza- But now peace and prosperity with all parties! PLO -> Palestinian Authority ©

11 On Water for all On Israeli Settlements On Jerusalem On Settlements and Refugees, in connection On Palestinian Refugees On the States 10

12 Abraham Ishmael Islam: Allah Mohammed, Allahs Prophet: Quran (~610-632) Sjia Sunna, Later also Sufi, And other directions Jitchak Judaism: Gd Tenach (~450-~200 bCE) (interpretation of) the Law, different directions Jesus, the Messiah, Son of God, God as Father, Trinity the Apostles, 1 e congregations, Holy Spirit, 1 st and/or 2 nd century AD, the Bible (Tenach + New Testament) Roman-Catholic church Eastern-Orthodox (1054), Greek-orthodox (~1833) Anglican Church (1534) Reformation: Luther (1517), Calvin: Jesus Baptists, Jehovas Witnesses Pentecostal churches Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, and your neigh- bour as you love your- self Haghar Sara Mary, from the line of Judaism animation by abraham de kruijf, /Ibrahim That we may meet each other in Love and cooperation, wellbeing for all people. Love and cooperation demand unity, but / and also room for differences. And an extra and welcome / necessary dimension is: Love your enemy too. Result of studies: Development of the Abrahamic / Monotheistic Faiths / Religions And this is not especially for believers but for everyone… One orthodox church (-1054) Central value: evenworthiness, compassion, everyone is evenworthy. We should act towards another as we would want them to act towards us. GOD Through His Holy Spirit Old Catholic Church (~1870) Remonstrants (17th cent.) Lutherans

13 Work when peace starts and develops: There will be múch work (and be aware for too much idealizing peace) in: 1.Community projects at all sides, 2.Values and evenworthiness: development and projects 3.RELIGIOUS ENCOUNTERS 4.Schools, universities, changes in curriculae, science programs, exchange programs, 5.Safety and security, 6.Find out festival calendars: if all people will celebrate all their (religious) festivals… whos going to work (smile …) 7. Maintaining peace, maybe peace keeping force for some time 8.(Re)building houses and installations, 9. Tourism: many people who have been afraid to come will come now, 10. State building at Palestinian side, 11. Cooperation building of the two states, 12. Water projects, 13.Agricultural projects, 14. Energy projects, energy saving, 15. Dialogue projects, 16. Inspirational / visionary projects for and with (groups from) Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, …. 17. …. There will be less work in the arms industries: lets help employees to create and find new work. ©

14 The Beginning Trust building needs guidance and leadership. And connecting generations. A Dutch saying: trust comes by foot and leaves by horse … One economical statement on the future: let economic results after peace go to the people and not to merely to project developers. 13

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