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CanDo! Productions Empowering Change This presentation is missing a major piece… ME. It was originally designed to accompany a two- hour live metaphor.

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2 CanDo! Productions Empowering Change This presentation is missing a major piece… ME. It was originally designed to accompany a two- hour live metaphor on transformation…from corporate to cultural creative. I start with a 3-piece suit and remove layer by layer (PG 13). Even though the best part is missing, a coat of many colors, the short version is 10-12 minutes and will start in a just few seconds. It will be well worth your time. Just sit back and enjoy.

3 Unveiling YourSelf Care to take a peek inside ? Wanna take a ride ?

4 CanDo! Productions The Journey Today 3-D View of Bruce –Being in the Thicket of Things… et al. The Phoenix Effect a.k.a. The Afterburn –Marital Mayhem and Misfortunes –Corporate Conundrum and Enigmatization Opening Zendor –Multidimensional Intelligences –Co-Creating Our Future

5 CanDo! Productions Experiential Expedites Secondary Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching – public high school Event Development, Planning, Coordinating – small to large scale public events Television Production – producer/host, procurement coordinator and media buyer Supplier/Vendor Relations and Resource Integration – aerospace, events, health food industry Sales and Marketing – graphic services, health foods, home improvements, chemicals Personal Development – coach, mentor and workshop facilitator Desktop Publishing – brochures, j-cards, posters, newsletters, presentations Graduate Studies: Master of Arts in Organizational Management, University of Phoenix - 10/03 Human Resources, Conflict Resolution, Employee Motivation GPA 3.93 Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix - 2/97 Project Management, Marketing, and Production GPA 3.84 Education: BS in Business Administration, University of Phoenix – 11/89 Secondary Teacher Certification, University of Phoenix – 6/98 Hypnotherapy Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts – 2/98

6 CanDo! Productions Getting Comfortable Have you felt like… –your purpose was an elusive dream ? –nobody wanted to know the real you ? –you were totally controlled by your fears ? Wouldnt you rather… – let yourself/Self flow ? – have a natural charisma with people ? – live and love in totally radical godliness ?

7 CanDo! Productions Armor All ? Been here before…? –Stuck inside the Ball of Confusion ? –Trapped in a job, relationship, or... ? –Clothesed off to living your dream ? –But I mean nothing to you and I dont know why ? Early shutdown to sharing….

8 CanDo! Productions Armor Off Opens the door to… –Accepting yourself and others as Is. –Caring about Being, Doing and Having. –Experiencing random acts of kindness. –Serendipitous events of radical godliness! Remaining open and receptive...

9 CanDo! Productions Illuminating Perception When you illuminate your perception, your eyes are like a thousand suns, so that nothing can escape notice. Ordinarily, people just have never been so observant, though they should not give up in frustration because of underestimating themselves.

10 CanDo! Productions Ill-advised Beliefs Kiss em all goodbye... Vulnerability to vicissitudes of life. Vesting interests that disappoint you. Misplaced intending in vestments. Being stuck in the vestibule. Foyer of love...

11 CanDo! Productions In-Vestments Talk with your Source through prayer, listen to your Source through meditation. Love, honor and respect each other and the Earth / Sky equally. Appreciate the Now by thriving on direct experience - in or out of body. Enjoy and thrive on boundlessness and unity. Are you willing to...

12 CanDo! Productions Dissolving Illusions It is necessary to detach from both rejection and clinging, from both being and nonbeing, so that you are unburdened, completely tranquil, empty and still, calm and peaceful. Then you can trust this pure ineffable mind, and when mundane conditions beckon involvement, you notice it does not go along with them. Zen Master Yuanwu

13 CanDo! Productions Knead Knot the Knave... Whyners dis-ease... –They would love me if only... –But… If… I cant… Im trying... –You make me feel... –Could you let go? Would you let go? When? The leader of letting go…

14 CanDo! Productions Knots Loosed... Overcoming through reflective understanding. Unconditional love and acceptance. Use of only positive/constructive statements. Follow your bliss to freedom. Miracle cure...

15 CanDo! Productions Liberation People have been used by the minds conceptual consciousness since before they can remember, flowing in the waves of birth and death, unable to be independent. If they want to leave birth and death to be joyfully alive, they must cut through decisively, stopping the course of minds conceptual consciousness. Zen Master Dahui

16 CanDo! Productions Gifty Gias... Finding out the truth about ourselves… What is our worst in… ? What is our best in… ? How can we improve in… ? Ask yourself, your neighbor, your partner … Give of yourself until you feel empty…? Then give the shirt off your back… ? Corporate Criticism and Marital Mayhem

17 CanDo! Productions Giving to the True Blue You Accept your celestial heritage. Learn from the wisdom of your elders. Be patient, children learn slowly occasionally. Act according to regulative principles. Release all attachment. Follow the steps of previous Spiritual Masters. Believe that you can have, be and do. From Mayhem to Convergence... Door to What Is

18 CanDo! Productions The Age of Wisdom The important thing - and I think it is hardly possible to insist on it too much - is that in this outlook the true aim of knowledge and of life is to be integrated in the universal order, and not at all to transform the world by bringing it into the subjection of the human will, to mans needs or his desires. Gabriel Marcel, philosopher, The Decline of Wisdom

19 CanDo! Productions Pretty Shoes That Hurt Ever found yourself… –Feeling really ungrounded ? –Wrapped so tight that you squeak ? –Stuck in muck… down on your luck ? –On a noted path to nowhere quick ? –Relax…. Get back in touch with the Earth. Cosmic Conundrum and Serendipitous Synchronicity

20 CanDo! Productions Sock It To Me Baby Personal accountability / responsibility. When something needs to be done…DO IT! Gaia is alive and willing to play. We are one family, one planet, one love. Knowing you have options and choices. …sort of Figuring out the megarules of the macrogame.

21 CanDo! Productions Invocation I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I intend to continue to open the doors to my reality. I will co-create an expanded future vision for humanitys integration into universe actions. I do hereby release all egocentric desires and become selflessly selfish of my Being. I Am, I Do and I Have everything Within that I need to become all my Soul requires of this life.

22 CanDo! Productions Pantomimed Progress ? Ever been confused by… –Male patterned boldness ? –Emotions that you arent sure of ? –Hereditary habits from genetic dispositions ? –How to free yourself of stereotyping ? Zomorows Zealot - harvesting the past

23 CanDo! Productions Partyng with Paradigm Paralysis Moving to self-revealing patterns. Becoming the actor upon the stage. Get the audience into the act. Go beyond your comfort zone. Attitude of Gratitude...

24 CanDo! Productions Be at Peace and in Harmony What goes around comes around. Work like you dont need the money. Love like youve never been hurt. Sing like you know no one is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Follow your dreams to make them real.

25 CanDo! Productions Re-Tooling for the Trek Buttoning up- a closed mouth gathers no foot. –Within the Silence is the Voice of Being. –Vocatus atque non vocatus… dues aderit. –Self-observance of everything around you. –Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience Research and Revelation

26 CanDo! Productions Choosing Radical Godliness Rapping up in a new consciousness. Tying the knot of a sacred pact. Securing the future for yourself/Self. Straightening up the winding road. Ashtar, Athena and the New Jerusalem

27 CanDo! Productions Pair o Docks Getting ready to… –Walk the walk of your inner desire. –Realign the circuitry of your thinking. –Stand for something before you fall for anything. –Align yourself/Self to your purpose. –Be The Dream ! One People – One Planet

28 CanDo! Productions Suiting Up and Showing Up Actively participating… –Asking clearly for what you need. –Envisioning the process consistently. –Being persistent in your actions. –Knowing that doors will open for you. –Walking through them when they do. Activation to Ascension… No Ego without Wego

29 CanDo! Productions Personal Reminders Do not think dishonestly. The way is in training. Know the ways of all professions. Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters. Develop initiative, judgement and understanding for everything. Perceive those things which cannot be seen. Pay attention even to trifles. Do nothing which is of no use. Miyamoto Musashi - 1645

30 CanDo! Productions Come Out and Play The Journey IS the Destination !!! –We are ALL in this together. –It is time to DO what you know. –Living in the NOW is imperative. –Expand as you ASCEND into Being. Love is all you need…. Special thanks to..

31 CanDo! Productions Love and Be Loved Be The Dream –CONSULTING –HYPNOTHERAPY –MENTORING –TEAM BUILDING –ZENMEISTERING 480-633-7179

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