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1 Ten Lessons for the Youth Motivating thoughts from

2 Agenda This presentation includes 10 basic lessons for youth.

3 Lesson 1 Treat Self The most neglected person is often self. Turn comfortable with yourself. To celebrate life, there is no better way than to treat self!

4 Avoid allegations and labels. Learn from all. There are no jokers. The moment you label somebody as a joker, it becomes difficult to bear them and soon suffering starts. Lesson 2 Befriend All

5 Never speak of what you could have done in other persons shoes. The only shoe that fits is yours. To improve results, start making difference to what you own. Thats your duty! Lesson 3 Speak for Self

6 Avoid befriending confused folks if you are seeking true direction. That person who is busy in work and who has no time for advice is a good friend. Lesson 4 Know Real Friends

7 Respect the old and thank those who care and support you. Remember, every word of thanks increases the life of the Universe. Lesson 5 Thank Well-Wishers

8 If you have nothing positive to say, then stay mum! Speak to create, negotiate to cause, and crib never! Lesson 6 Control Anger

9 There is no truce for those who give up without fighting. If you believe in a cause, never settle till the stated objectives are fulfilled. Lesson 7 Fight for Right

10 Know your likes and cause your dream. Only when you love your love, you fulfill your highest aspirations! Lesson 8 Love your Love

11 God gave you energy and potential to take humanity to the next level. As you cause progress, you get power. Be comfortable with power and use it wisely. Lesson 9 Be Responsive

12 Life shall not always be kind. A sense of humor and excitement will make all the difference in difficult times. Lesson 10 Learn Humour

13 Youth is the season of hope. Use it to make other seasons lively!!!!! For hourly thoughts on various subjects, see

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