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Online Media Resources for Schools Harnessing the power of the Internet in the school environment.

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1 Online Media Resources for Schools Harnessing the power of the Internet in the school environment

2 How wired are you? Facebook Twitter Blog Website 3 to 5 e-mail addresses Get news online Check in online for flights

3 How wired are you? Shop for clothes, shoes online Order, read books online Check traffic CCTV online Download, upload music & videos Hang out online Sigh online

4 Todays child Techno sapiens

5 Main form of communication with friends: texting or IM They cant live without the Internet: -- play computer games, chat, share photos, watch videos, download music, read books, do homework * Zits cartoon: 22-2012#comic-image 22-2012#comic-image


7 Pinoys love the Internet PHL: # 17 in list of countries with highest number of users as of 1 st Q 2012 -- 33.6 million users Source:


9 Pinoys love the Internet 33% penetration rate Total Pinoy users account for 1.5% of world users Pinoy Internet users are most engaged in social media as of 2010 (Source: cial_Networking_Across_Asia-Pacific_Markets ) cial_Networking_Across_Asia-Pacific_Markets

10 The wired teen Your top audience Your top market

11 What to do: Speak their language

12 Using online media Online media as a learning resource Online media as a tool for marketing your school

13 Online media Digital media, which includes photos, video and music, distributed over the Internet, which are either non- copyrighted or copyrighted materials provided either freely or for a fee. Source: media.html media.html

14 Online media New Media is a 21st Century catchall term used to define all that is related to the Internet and the interplay between technology, images and sound. In fact, the definition of new media changes daily, and will continue to do so. Source:

15 Online media Online journalism: reporting of facts when produced and distributed via the Internet Source:

16 Online news websites in PHL Standalone Example:

17 Online news websites in PHL Complement other media (TV, radio, print) Examples: GMA News Online: ABS-CBN News Online: Interaksyon (TV5):


19 Using GMA News Online as learning resource News reports for current events lessons Opinion pieces from experts History lessons Arts and culture lessons Economy: archive of latest and historical data of the market and developments in fiscal and monetary sectors, and companies (mergers, share acquisitions)

20 Using GMA News Online as learning resource Health stories Ex: how to prevent HFMD Dolphys disease COPD Preventing dengue Science and technology stories Ex: solar system, genetics, cure for diseases

21 The Chief Justice on Trial A timeline of events

22 The hidden, fractured earth under Metro Manila's streets 55750/scitech/science/the-hidden- fractured-earth-under-metro-manila-s- streets 55750/scitech/science/the-hidden- fractured-earth-under-metro-manila-s- streets Shows fault map (see next slide)


24 EDSA Facebook timeline Readers comment: Danika AstillaDanika Astilla a year agoa year ago THIS IS WAAAAY BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL PHIL HISTORY BOOKS! RECOMMENDED FOR GRADES 4-6 & SECONDARY EDUCATION STUDES! MORE MORE! (Gusto ko yung sa Katipunan & Ilustrado Movements naman) ews/specialreports/it-was-complicated-edsa-1- as-told-through-facebook


26 Interactive: The net worth of your congressmen 62289/news/specialreports/interactive-the- net-worth-of-your-congressman 62289/news/specialreports/interactive-the- net-worth-of-your-congressman You can sort graph alphabetically, by net worth, by assets, by liabilities, by district


28 Videos 23109/iwitness/jay-taruc-searches-for-a- hero-s-identity-and-legacy-in-lapu-lapu 23109/iwitness/jay-taruc-searches-for-a- hero-s-identity-and-legacy-in-lapu-lapu Jay Taruc travels to Mactan in Cebu to trace Lapu-Lapu's origins, culture, and legacy - which have earned him a rightful place in the annals of Philippine history. (I- Witness episode)


30 Online media as a tool for marketing your school Aside from your own school website, Twitter account, and Facebook account, you can tap online media to get your message across to your target market.

31 What you can do Send press releases of school events. For GMA News Online, send to


33 What you can do Invite the press to cover your events in school.


35 What you can do Advertise Reach your target market this way. - Do it via Google, or boxed ad. - Rates vary per publication, so shop around.

36 Thank you.

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