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The Civil War Perez Jose Perez Walter W. Stiern Ms. Marshall 2009-2010 standard 8.10.

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1 The Civil War Perez Jose Perez Walter W. Stiern Ms. Marshall 2009-2010 standard 8.10

2 Civil War Main Causes Economic and social differences between the North and the South. States argued about the federal laws and separated into two groups. Fights between non-slave and slave proponents. Growth of abolition movements throughout the North and the South. Abraham Lincoln's election.

3 Why Lincolns Election Caused Dispute Many people thought Abraham Lincoln was anti-slave and only cared for Northern interests. Even before him being president seven states had separated from the Union: Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina.

4 The War Begins The first war fought was the First Battle of Bull Run. It took place near Manassas, Virginia on July 21, 1861 which the Southerners called the Battle of Manassas. 387 Confederate soldiers and 460 Union soldiers were killed. The battle was won by the Confederacy.

5 War Advantages The North had a much better evolved economy, about 22 million people, and 21,000 miles of railroad tracks. The South only had about 5.5 million people and 9,000 miles of railroad track.

6 Women Serve In the Civil War As many of the Northern soldiers left for war many women were left alone. Women wanted to help out in the war and became nurses in the Union army. Clara Barton who was nicknamed angel of the battlefield for her heroic actions during the Civil War later founded the American Red Cross.

7 Battle of Gettysburg Started July 1, 1863 when Confederate and Union armies met while Southern troops were looking for shoes. General Robert E. Lee And General George G. Meades armies fought for three days. Victory for the Union, Major impact for the South. More people died and fought in this battle than in any other battle ever recorded on the U.S.

8 Gettysburg Address Gettysburg Address was a speech President Lincoln that was dedicated to all the soldiers on November 19, 1863. President Lincoln wrote the speech exactly one day before it was given in The National Cemetery. The speech given before his was really long and people were disappointed when his speech was only 2 min. long.

9 Confederacy Conquered After so many losses to The Union, Gen. Robert E. Lee decided to surrender. Gen. Lee and Gen. Grant met at Wilmer McLeans house in Appomattox Courthouse to sign the peace treaty. The meeting between them took over two hours to end.

10 General Robert E. Lee and General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse.

11 Bibliography Martin Kelly Top Five Causes of the Civil War 2010 About, March 26, 2010 Surrender at Appomattox, 1865 April 1, 1997 Eyewitness to History April 9, 2010 Battle of Gettysburg 1996 The History Place April 1, 2010

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