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Katrina Mission Trip May 5 - 12, 2007 New Orleans, LA Kirkwood United Methodist Church.

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1 Katrina Mission Trip May 5 - 12, 2007 New Orleans, LA Kirkwood United Methodist Church

2 The Journey Begins...

3 The Intrepid Crew Sets Off on an Adventure

4 The Chef Loads Up!

5 How Many Methodists Does it take to start a Bus?

6 Touring the French Quarter – Do we have to walk back?

7 Again?

8 Cajun / Zydeco / Good Eats / Good Times!

9 $463.23 divided by 20 people + 17 % gratuity = ????

10 ... and Again?

11 The Work Begins... Day One

12 Orientation at the Uptown Station of the United Methodist Louisiana Storm Relief

13 Ellen Williams House – Work Crew #1

14 Hmmmm! – Whats this?

15 Women can do more than just Cook!

16 Fuel Break!

17 Floras Home Sweet Home – Work Crew #2

18 Didnt I sign up for a cooking class?

19 Van, is this straight enough?

20 It only took 4 hours! Were so proud!

21 Burrrrp! Heidi, that was good!

22 Men can do more than just construction!

23 The Work Continues... Day Two

24 Temporary housing in the Ninth Ward

25 Especially in a disaster…


27 Starting at the top!

28 Flos Work Crew (Work Crew #2)

29 It works!

30 Stuffing the insulation!

31 Ellen with her babies, Jenny and Jas

32 A true sanctuary is always consecrated! Felicity United Methodist Church

33 Felicity UMC Good and Faithful Servant

34 A Hams Eye View!

35 The Work Continues... Day Three

36 Putting on our work shoes before heading to job sites.

37 Look at what we can do!

38 Here Lee – Stuff your face with my Red Beans! Flo Goings

39 Whas Up?

40 Insulating Ellen Williams house, a stretch!

41 If all else fails, use your head!

42 Enjoying the ride back aboard Sparky Ford to our home away from home, Felicity House.

43 The Work Continues... Day Four

44 We werent the only work crew Rebuilding New Orleans. Habitat and Harry Connick Jr. build Musicians Village!

45 Flo was so excited to see her yard shaping up too!

46 Visiting with the first man to return to the Ninth Ward

47 Work Crew #1 tours and dines with Work Crew #2

48 We got some work done too!

49 Ellen pitched in too! Ellens Work Crew Work Crew # 1

50 The Work Continues... Day Five

51 Hurry, can we get done?

52 Poker was my good friend installing insulation in the attic. Sue Mitch

53 I love my drill. Cathy Poe

54 Fitting drywall from the throne!

55 Good bye – God Bless Ellen and Flo!

56 We clean up pretty good!

57 Celebrating a constructive week with many blessings!

58 The Journey Home...

59 More transportation woes!

60 Are we there yet dad?

61 We should be home by 9 (or so...)

62 The Purple Gang!

63 KUMC Katrina Recovery/Relief Produced By: Sue Mitch Lee Meyer Dan Stokes Heidi Hays Kelly Hieronymus Ron Kahney Fancie Thompson Deane Thompson Michele Steele Van Vanderschaf Barb Shadburne Bill Shadburne Tom Grommet Chris Haltenhof Ron Krieger Cathy Poe Diane Ross Rick Ross Dennis Dunphy Trish Dunphy

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