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2 Welcome! Your group has been selected to participate in our Non-Profit Partner Program. Through this program, CCAF has contributed back nearly 1 million dollars since the start of the festival in 1991! This virtual training is meant to replace the in-person training that has traditionally been required. This will allow you the flexibility to complete the training at your own pace, but please do so by the July 1 st deadline. All volunteers working in your booth are welcome to complete this training, however only the Booth Supervisors are required to do so. Because not all information applies to all groups, certain slides will not be relevant to your group. All slides have a READ IF box (top left). This box will tell you if you need to read that slide based on your booth number. If you still have any questions at the end of the presentation, please contact Renee Ortiz, CCAF Beverage Manager with your questions. Email: Phone: 303-840-0045.

3 READ IF: ALL General Festival Information DATES/TIME – Friday, July 3, 10AM – 8PM (until 10PM on Fillmore Plaza) – Saturday, July 4, 10AM – 8PM (until 10PM on Fillmore Plaza) – Sunday, July 5, 9AM – 6PM STAGES – Janus Main Stage on Fillmore Plaza (1 st & Fillmore) – Beer Garden Stage (St Paul between 2 nd & 3 rd ) – Wine Pavilion Jazz Stage (near St Paul on 3 rd ) – Artist Demonstration Stage (near 2 nd & Clayton) – Culinary Demonstration Stage (near 2 nd & Clayton) DETAILED FESTIVAL INFORMATION online at

4 READ IF: ALL Please take a moment to identify your organizations booth location on the list, and on the map. Your booth number (A1, for example) is how we will refer to your booth throughout the festival.

5 READ IF: ALL DIRECTIONS: The festival takes place in Cherry Creek North. If you are not familiar with the area and want to map directions, click here: PARKING: Free parking is location at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, on the south side of 1 st Avenue. Please park in one of the Parking Garages (East or West Decks) and do not park on the surface lots. This is strictly enforced by the Shopping Center, and vehicles parked on the surface lots are subject to their ticket & tow policies. BICYCLES: Bike parking is available at the two bike corrals: 3 rd Avenue & Steele Street, and 2 nd Avenue and Detroit Street. A suggested $1 donation for bicycle valet parking contributes to Bike Denver (a non-profit organization). ALLOW EXTRA TIME: Between street closures, limited parking, and increased volume of people in the area, delays can sometimes happen. We recommend that you and your volunteers allow for plenty of time before the start of the shift time to ensure that all shift times are covered. (This applies more to the afternoon shifts than the early/opening shifts.)

6 READ IF: ALL WHAT TO WEAR / BRING WHAT TO WEAR: Plan to wear comfortable clothing and good shoes. You will be standing for several hours at a time and actively moving product around in your booth. Be sure to wear sunscreen and bring extra to reapply during your shift. There is no safe place to store personal items, so we recommend either leaving valuables at home or having a fanny pack to wear at all times. In respecting our sponsors, we ask that you not wear any logo shirts or hats unless they are an official sponsor of the event. NPPS AND CCAF VOLUNTEERS: The Arts Festival relies on the contributions of almost 700 individual volunteers. Our NPP program is independent from our volunteer program, each having a distinct set of perks. NPPs earn money for their organization and can advertise their groups missions. CCAF Volunteers receive no financial reward, but are given meals and a t-shirt. Please remember, as a non-profit partner, you will need to provide your own meal and may wear t-shirts that advertise your organization. (Pepsi booths will have the option of wearing a Pepsi shirt or their own. Please pre- order shirts from Renee.)

7 READ IF: ALL BEVERAGE GENERAL INFORMATION 4 ALCOHOL LOCATIONS: Serving Freshies and Skyy cocktails: Frozen Margaritas, Frozen Tangerine Passion, Pomegranate Mojitos, Ruby Red Campari, Cherry Lemonade and Bloody Marys 6 BEER LOCATIONS: Serving Heineken, Heineken Light, Amstel Light, Dos XX, New Castle and New Castle Summer Ale (BFN: only Heineken and Heineken Light) 8 PEPSI LOCATIONS: Serving Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Aquafina, Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, G2, and Brisk Iced Tea 2 SNOW CONE LOCATIONS: Serving two sizes of snow cones, with a variety of flavors 2 WINE LOCATIONS: Serving Cru Vin Dogs wines by the glass or by the bottle; or through the new sampling program - pavilion only 1 KIDS LOCATION: On Artivity Avenue (the interactive Kids Street), a booth selling small bottles of Pepsi Products, snow cones, ice cream products and root beer floats 4 ICE CREAM CARTS: Serving a variety of pre-packaged frozen treats

8 READ IF: ALL BEVERAGE GENERAL INFORMATION, continued CCAF will provide all of the necessary products, service equipment and supplies to operate the booth. This includes price signs at each booth. Note that the prices posted include sales tax for ease of operation. Prices are not negotiable, no deals. Have customers pay before preparing their order to avoid the I dont quite have enough situations. INVENTORY: Each booth has a corresponding inventory notebook to record all deliveries, transfers, or pick-ups of product to and from your booth. Each NPP is responsible for all of the product that is delivered to the booth. Never give away free/discounted product, do not combine your inventories with any other booth, and always take the time to verify and sign for each delivery. At the end of the festival, we compare your inventory numbers with the revenue, and your group is held accountable for any discrepancies. ICE is one of the biggest costs that the festival incurs each year. Please use it only when necessary and remember that cold water chills product five times faster than ice alone. Do not dump water out of your ice bins, and only add ice a couple of times each day. Avoid packing your bins completely full in order to still have room to find what you need. When restocking, pull your cold product to the front and put the warm product in the back so that you always know where your cold drinks are.

9 READ IF: ALL BEVERAGE GENERAL INFORMATION, special notes 1.NEW this year – select beverage locations will accept credit cards. These locations are A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B3, W1 AND W2. All other locations are CASH ONLY. There are several ATMs located around the festival site. (Instructions for Credit Card locations are in the Finance Procedures below.) 2.FESTIVAL NIGHTS – locations on Fillmore Plaza and select locations at 2 nd and Fillmore will stay open late for the concerts known as Festival Nights. This applies to the following booths: A2, B1, BFN1, BFN2, P2, W1. These booths will stay open until 10PM on Friday and Saturday, while the rest of the festival closes at 8PM. 3. RECYCLING will take place onsite again this year, and large Aquafina branded recycling containers will be available throughout the festival grounds. ALCOHOL, BEER & WINE booths: please put your empty glass bottles back into the cardboard boxes and leave them at the back of your tent for pick-up.

10 READ IF: ALL DAY 1: HOW TO GET STARTED PICK-UP BOOTH SUPPLIES: The Booth Supervisor assigned to the Friday morning shift should check in at the Beverage Headquarters. (Located in a parking lot just East of Milwaukee between 2 nd & 3 rd in the parking lot next to Panera). Each booth has a plastic bin packed with the supplies that you will need for the weekend, and we also have your hand-washing supplies at that headquarters. You may want to bring another person with you to be able to carry the bin and supplies in one trip. PICK-UP STARTING CASH: Next, the Booth Supervisor will need to go to the Finance Center to pick-up the starting cash at the beginning of the day. The Finance Center location will be sent separately from this training document and should only be sent to the Booth Supervisors assigned to the morning shifts. Because the safety of our staff and volunteers is at stake, we ask that you share the location only with those who need it, and be discrete with the information. SET-UP/ORGANIZE BOOTH: Follow the detailed product information in your inventory notebook to get your location ready for sales. Ask Beverage HQ if you have any questions.

11 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 1 of 8 The following several slides explain the Finance Procedures that relate to our Non- Profit Partners (NPPs). If you have any questions, please contact: Renee Ortiz, Beverage Manager at Joe Klein, Finance Chair at Note: In response to comments and requests from NPPs from previous years and as part of the yearly review of all Finance Committee procedures, there are significant changes for 2009. Even if you have been with us before, please thoroughly review these procedures!

12 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 2 of 8 1. In general: a. Our main goal with these Procedures is to support your fundraising efforts in as simple a way as possible for both the CCAF and your non-profit organization. b. But even more important than that first goal is that procedures be in place that minimize any potential risk to both you and our committee members that may result from the handling of cash in a public space. To that end, there are certain procedures and policies that are, basically, non-negotiable and must be adhered to: i. ALL contacts you have with the Finance Committee and individual committee members MUST include the presentation to you of a Finance Committee badge. If an individual represents themselves as a member of the Finance Committee but does not have a Finance Committee badge, please have no dealings with them and notify the Beverage Coordinator, one of the Finance Committee Chairs, or Festival Security staff of the incident immediately. ii. NEVER, under any circumstances, count cash at your booth or do anything that effectively waves cash in the face of the public. iii. If you have access to one of the CCAF 2-way radios during the Festival, NEVER talk about cash or refer to cash on the radio. Always use a euphemism like needing service or something that gets the point across. Even if you are in a private place, there are a dozen radios tuned to the Finance Committee channel which are walking around the Festival at any given time so whatever you say will be heard by the public. iv. Except for when you pick up the Starting Cash Bag each morning, do not transport money outside of your booth at any time. Only Finance Committee members may transport money on the street. v. Please do not disclose the location of the Finance Center to anyone who doesnt need to know. c. Do not store cash in coolers or other wet areas. When bills get wet, they are impossible to count. Please help ensure we can process deposits by keeping money dry. d. Giving away free product or offering discounts will affect the final payout an NPP organization receives. Giving away product will take money away from your organization.

13 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 3 of 8 2. Daily Starting Cash. a. By 8:30am on each day of the Festival, a representative from each booth needs to retrieve a Starting Cash Bag from the Finance Center. Those booths with credit card processing machines will pick up a machine each morning at this same time. (Booths accepting credit cards are A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B3, W1, & W2.) b. We no longer issue Finance Committee badges to NPPs, and therefore you are no longer required to present one in order to enter the Finance Center. However, Denver Police security at the Finance Center has been upgraded and, immediately upon arrival at the Finance Center, your representative will be required to do the following in order to receive the Starting Cash Bag: i. Present a valid and current picture ID to the Denver Police Officers on duty. ii. Accurately identify their booth, by both Booth Number and the name of the NPP. iii. Sign a receipt for the Starting Cash Bag, which also certifies the number of Hourly Deposit Bags you have received for the day. c. Your representative may, but is not required to, verify the amount of Starting Cash and number of Hourly Deposit Bags before leaving the Finance Center. THIS MUST BE DONE IN THE PRESENCE OF A FINANCE COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER. Any mistake in the amount of starting cash or the number of deposit bags cannot be verified nor corrected once the representative has left the Finance Center and will by default be decided in favor of the CCAF. d. If you feel in any way uncomfortable with your representative walking from the Finance Center to your booth with your Starting Cash Bag, you may send two individuals to pick up your starting cash. Or, if requested, a member of the Denver Police Department can escort your representative to your booth. e. Each days Starting Cash Bag will come bundled with a copy of these Procedures and Hourly Deposit Bags for your booth to make deposits with the Finance Center during that day. These deposits are explained further in this document.

14 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 4 of 8 3. Making Change During the Day. a. Several times each hour, throughout each day of the Festival, members of the Finance Committee will visit your booth to provide Quarters, Ones, and Fives in exchange for larger bills you have received from customers. b. Please be sure to check with other members of your group when our members stop by, to make sure everyone has adequate change. c. Verify the exchange of bills and coins (i.e. do not give a $20 bill for $10 in quarters). There is no way of knowing where a change mistake was made once our committee members leave your booth. d. Our members will be carrying a 2-way radio. If you are having any difficulties or problems regarding Finance Procedures, ask the Street Liaison to reach a Finance Committee Chair on the radio. e. If your booth requires more product, cups, or has other issues relating to those areas, ask our committee member or another Festival volunteer with a 2-way radio to switch to the Beverage Channel and inform them of that need. f. If change is needed before a committee member reaches your booth, find another Festival volunteer with a 2- way radio and ask him/her to call the Finance Center and relay a request for SERVICE at your booth, providing your booth number. DO NOT use the words change, cash, money, etc. over the radio.

15 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 5 of 8 4. Hourly Cash Deposits. a. At the top of each hour, you must prepare a cash bag for pick up using one of the bags that was given to you with your Starting Cash Bag for the day. Every booth is required to make an hourly deposit, regardless of how small it may be. Your Starting Cash Bag came with enough Hourly Deposit Bags for you to make one per hour during the day. i. As stated above, do not count your deposit at the booth; simply put all large bills (and smaller bills and coins if you have a lot of them) in the bag and seal the bag. You should keep enough 5s and 1s to service your booth effectively, but please do not hoard cash at your booth, for obvious security reasons. ii. For those of you who have been with us in previous years, you will remember that the policy regarding coins was that all coins had to be deposited in the last deposit of the day. Last year, we changed that on Day 2 and started accepting coins in any deposit you wanted and it caused no problems. So, you may deposit coins whenever you wish. The last deposit of the day policy is rescinded. b. Upon sealing the bag, tear off the matching serial number stub and keep it in a safe place. You will need this stub to match against your deposit reports. Hide the deposit in one of your dry storage bins inside the booth until a Finance Committee member comes to retrieve your deposit. c. Finance Committee personnel will be making hourly pick ups of cash from your booth--but this will not always be at the same time in each hour. These people will have a FINANCE BADGE that also says PICKUP SERVICE. These are the ONLY people to whom you should turn over your cash bags. VERIFY their badge before giving them your cash bag! d. If your booth has gone two hours or more without a pick up, inform the next committee member who comes to make change and they will contact Finance. Hourly pick-ups assure that no booth carries the risk of a large amount of cash on hand. e. These hourly deposit bags are labeled with your booth and organization name. NEVER give one of your bags to another booth or they will be credited with your deposit!

16 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 6 of 8 5. Processing of Deposits. Here is the major change from previous years! a. You no longer need to come to the Finance Center every hour to process your deposits. Finance Committee personnel will process deposits, under the following procedure: i. After picking up your hourly deposit bag, the Finance Committee member will bring the bag directly to the Finance Center. ii. Two Finance Committee members will together (in double-custody) open the bag, double-count the contents, and prepare the necessary deposit receipt and bank deposit slip. The serial number on each deposit bag will be logged on the deposit receipt for you to match with the tag you tore off when you prepared your deposit bag. This deposit receipt is a two-part form. iii. Both members who prepare your deposit will sign the deposit receipt. iv. After the Festival, you will receive a report which includes the yellow copy of each deposit receipt (on request). b. The following are our internal accounting controls so that you can be assured that you are getting credit for all of your hard work and that security is being maintained: i. The only Finance Committee members picking up hourly deposits will be individuals who: 1. Have worked with Finance Committee in previous years. 2. Are personally selected by the Finance Committee Chairs for this task. 3. Are known by the Chairs to be people of honesty and maturity to handle this task. ii. You will have a record of each bag you have deposited, so long as you tear off and retain the serial number tag from each bag. 1. You will have been given 4\10\12 Hourly Deposit Bags for each day depending on your situation, enough for you to make one deposit per hour. 2. Finance Committee staff will log each deposit by both time and bag serial number. 3. You can match the bag receipts you have kept with the report you will receive at the end of the Festival. iii. All hourly deposit bags will only be opened at the Finance Center in double-custody, and both committee members will certify the integrity and amount of each deposit.

17 READ IF: ALL FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 7 of 8 6. Final Cash Pick Up of Each Day. a. Follow the same procedures as for regular hourly deposits, except that at the end of the day include ALL cash and coins. This deposit bag should be the first thing you do at the time the booth closes. DO NOT HOLD ANY CASH OVERNIGHT IN THE BOOTH. NEW STARTING CASH IS PROVIDED DAILY. b. The Finance Committee member who picks up your final deposit will also pick up your credit card machine, if your booth has one. Please have it sealed in its bag and ready to go also. c. Finance Committee members will be rushing to collect your final deposit of the day at the top of the closing hour, so please have it ready! d.Thats it for the day. Well see you the next morning when you come for your Starting Cash Bag and credit card machine (if applicable). 7. Post-Festival Reporting. a. The Finance Committee and Beverage Manager Renee Ortiz will work together after the festival to provide you with the following information. i. Daily Deposit Report, listing each deposit bag (with corresponding serial number – you should have the matching stubs) and the total amount enclosed in each bag. ii. Your Settlement Report, in the same format as prior years, will have daily sales totals, subtracting sales tax, times the appropriate percentage amount to come up with the commission due to your group. You will need to carefully review this document, sign if in agreement, and return it to Renee. b. Since these are new procedures this year, we are not sure how soon after the festival the numbers will be available to you, but hope to send it via email by Friday, July 10. c. Yellow copies of the deposit slips will be held for 60-days and can be mailed to you at your request.

18 READ IF: A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B3, W1, W2 FINANCE PROCEDURES, slide 8 of 8 8. Credit Card Procedures a. Select beverage locations will be accepting credit cards this year. ONE wireless, battery-operated machine will be provided for each location listed above. b. When the Booth Supervisor picks up the starting cash first thing each morning, he/she will also receive this machine. It is very easy to operate, will come with a laminated page of instructions, and a member of the Festival staff will train each booth manager on proper use each morning. c.Each transaction is as easy as (1) swipe card, (2) enter dollar amount and enter, (3) wait approx 10-15 seconds for processing. The machine will automatically print the MERCHANT COPY first. That is our copy and should be deposited with your cash throughout the day. The machine will then ask if you want it to print another copy, which would be the CUSTOMER COPY. Please ask the customer if they would like a receipt, and then press Yes or No accordingly. d.To conserve battery life, the machines will automatically sleep after non-use for a period of time. Press the ON button on the top to wake it for the next transaction. There is a battery icon on the screen that displays the current battery life. Please alert us when the icon is down to 1/3 remaining. e.Extra rolls of receipt paper will be provided with the machine each morning, along with instructions on how to put in a new roll. f.Along with basic function instructions, we will also provide instructions on how to VOID a transaction, if needed. When a transaction is VOIDED, it prints a VOID receipt. IMPORTANT: write the reason for the VOID on the back of this VOID receipt, sign or initial the VOID receipt, and deposit it along with your other charge receipts and cash. While the Festival policy is still All Sales Final, we do understand that mistakes happen. DO NOT give a cash refund for a credit card purchase, no matter what the circumstances. g.You will be given emergency cell phone numbers to call if the machine is malfunctioning.

19 READ IF: ALL ONSITE COMMUNICATIONS Whenever you are in need of additional supplies, below is the order in which you should contact us with your requests. BEVERAGE HEADQUARTERS: If you need something that we have at Headquarters (ie. more straws, paper towels, etc) please come to HQ to pick it up. RADIOS: If you need additional product, please have someone with a radio notify us of your needs. Make sure to communicate your Booth Number, and your exact needs. For example: P4 needs more Diet Pepsi, G2-Grape, and Ice. Remember not to say anything about money over the radio – use the finance channel and ask for service. MY CELL: If you are unable to reach me or a Beverage Committee representative on the radio, please call my cell phone at 303-570-4482. You can also send a text message to that number with your booth number and exact need. ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME: Due to the size of the festival grounds and the congestion created by the crowds, it can be difficult to navigate supplies to your booth. Please provide 45 minutes notice whenever possible.

20 READ IF: A1 – A4 ALCOHOL BOOTHS – PRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCTS FOR SALE: Sponsors of the Alcohol Booths are Freshies Mixers and Skyy Spirits. All four locations are selling two frozen drinks and four cocktails on the rocks. All drinks will be pre-batched in large coolers or buckets – there will be no live pours available. Booth A1 is also selling 4 varietals of Cru Vin Dogs wines (2 white, 2 red), by the glass or by the bottle. A complete menu with pricing will printed at each location. All cocktails are $6.00. Wine prices vary, see price signs on site. FROZEN DRINK MACHINES: For those groups who have been with us a while, these are not the small plastic machines from a couple years ago. They are INDUSTRIAL machines that can freeze a lot of product, fast, and will stay frozen throughout the day. A1, A3 and A4 each have 2 machines (one for each flavor). A2 will have 4 machines (two for each flavor). Batches of liquor, mix and water will be prepared in large white buckets and then poured into the machines. You will have a back-up bucket full of mix ready to be frozen that you can pour into the machine as the indicator light goes on. Detailed instructions will be at each booth, plus the owner of the equipment will be onsite Friday and Saturday mornings to assist. Notify the Beverage Committee immediately if you have any problems with the equipment.

21 READ IF: A1 – A4 ALCOHOL BOOTHS – PRODUCT INFORMATION, continued DRINKS ON THE ROCKS: Batches of liquor and mixers will be prepared in Cambro /Gott coolers, and should be poured over ice. Your booth will be supplied with a small cooler to keep your clean ice in. Do not dump your clean ice out of the plastic bag and always use the ice scoop to stay in compliance with Health Dept regulations. The Bloody Mary mix clogs the spouts of the Gott coolers, so we will be adding the vodka directly into the plastic gallon jugs that the mix comes in. STRAWS AND NAPKINS: You will be supplied with both straws and napkins. To save on costs and also reduce waste, please do not automatically give these items out with each purchase. They are meant to be supplied on request only. ICE: Behind your booth is an ice bonner – a large square cooler with flaps on the side, that holds approx 30-35 bags of ice. Please let each shift of volunteers know to look for that bonner before calling for ice. Believe it or not, ICE is one of our highest costs every year – please do not waste it, give it away, etc.

22 READ IF: A2 ALCOHOL BOOTHS – FRESHIES COCKTAIL CABANA Freshies is not only the official supplier of the drink mixes, but they are also the sponsor of the Freshies Cocktail Cabana. This is a 30 x 30 tent on Fillmore Plaza, which includes your service area and tall cocktail tables for festival-goers to have a place to hang-out. Since this location is prime viewing for the Janus Main Stage, we anticipate that it will be packed throughout the event. Attendees are not required to make a purchase to be inside the Cabana – but we sure hope they will! Please keep your eye on the tables, and clear them of cups as you have the time to do so. If youre busy at the service tables, radio to the clean-up company and ask them to come by. We want to ensure that the area is inviting for more people to come in and be customers.

23 READ IF: B1 – B6 BEER BOOTHS – PRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCTS FOR SALE: Heineken is the official beer of the Arts Festival, and the brands being served include: Heineken – draft / kegs Heineken Light – glass bottles (poured into cups) Amstel Light – draft / kegs Dos XX – draft / kegs New Castle – draft / kegs New Castle Summer Ale – draft / kegs POURING INSTRUCTIONS: A draft tech (aka beer guy) will be at your booth for the majority of the festival. He will demonstrate proper pouring techniques at the beginning of each shift. Sometimes they forget, so please remind them to do those trainings. Foamy kegs are not typical and should be reported to the draft tech immediately. Waste from improper pouring techniques can be very costly, so please be aware and adjust accordingly.

24 READ IF: B1 – B6, BFN1&2 BEER BOOTHS – PRODUCT INFORMATION, continued HEINEKEN LIGHT – GLASS BOTTLES: Heineken Light is only available in glass bottles, and the Arts Festival does not allow glass containers on the festival grounds. Please pour each Heineken Light into a plastic cup, then place the empty bottle back into the box to make transport to the recycling center easy for our clean-up team. Bottle openers are packed inside your supply bin. COUPONS: Heineken will be giving out $1 off coupons from their sampling booth at 2 nd & Clayton. These coupons are ONLY valid at the Festival Nights locations (B1, BFN1 & BFN2) from 5 pm – 10 pm on Friday and Saturday nights and are ONLY good for $1 off a Heineken or Heineken Light. A sample of this coupon will be brought to your booth Friday afternoon. Treat these like cash, and deposit them with your money. (One coupon per beer – max $1 off per beer.) DRINK VOUCHERS: Theres a very small number of drink vouchers that will be good for ONE free beer. Treat these like cash, and deposit them with your money. NEW THIS YEAR! We have streamlined things, and are now offering just one size of draft beer: 20 oz. And pricing is also streamlined, $5 draft, $4 for the Heineken Light.

25 READ IF: BFN1&2 BEER – FESTIVAL NIGHTS TWO CART LOCATIONS located on Fillmore Plaza during Festival Nights (Friday 5-10 pm and Saturday 5-10 pm) will be selling cans of Heineken, Heineken Light poured from glass bottles into cups, and plastic bottles of Aquafina Water. (No wine sales from these locations this year since we have added a wine tent at Fillmore Plaza.) GETTING STARTED / SET-UP: You can first go directly to the Plaza. The beer guys will be setting up the troughs with beer and ice, and Pepsi will be delivering the water. When its getting close to 5 pm, you confirm that you have product ready to sell, and some of your volunteers have arrived, please go to the Finance Center to pick-up your starting funds. They will have your money aprons there for you as well. RESTOCKING: If you dont see anyone with a radio, call or text me with your needs. END OF DAY CLOSING: Please plan to pack all product back up at the end of the night, even on Friday night. We will restock you for Saturday night.

26 READ IF: KIDZ KIDZ BEVERAGE BOOTH – PRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCTS FOR SALE: 12 oz Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Aquafina = $1.50 Prepackaged Ice Cream Products = $2 Snow Cones = $2 small, $4 large (cherry, grape & blue raspberry) Root Beer Floats = $3 PEPSI STOCKING INSTRUCTIONS: ~ Chill product in blue bins with ice (do NOT drain water out of the blue bins – ever) ~ Have designated bins for flavors so you are not having to search for each purchase ~ Ice is located in the large cube shaped bonner behind your booth (grey or blue boxes). Please alert your volunteers to check here for ice before calling for more. ~ Tip for restocking – pull cold product to the front and add warm product to the back of the blue bins. That way the cold product is always in the front. ~ When you are running low on a particular flavor(s), ask someone with a radio to call the beverage channel. Please remember to let us know exactly what you need.

27 READ IF: KIDZ KIDZ BEVERAGE BOOTH, continued ICE CREAM INSTRUCTIONS: Cold Front Distributing provides the ice cream cart, products, and a runner to make deliveries to your booth. Since products are pre-packaged, service is very easy. Only open one box of each product at a time, and radio the Ice Cream channel if you need more. SNOW CONE INSTRUCTIONS: ~ About 10 to 15 minutes before the opening time, start running ice through the snow cone machine. Do this by using the large metal ice scoop or the plastic pitcher to pour ice into the top receptacle. Then press down on the handle to push ice through the grinding mechanism. ~ As customers place orders, fill cones or cups with ice using the small scoop. To ensure quality, do not pre-fill cups unless there is a line of customers. ~ To remain in compliance with the Health Department, always wear plastic gloves when handling ice and always use the ice scoops. ~ Customers can put on their own syrup. Let them know that the small cones need one pump of syrup and the large needs two. ~ Check levels of cups, syrup, ice, napkins and straws frequently. If you are running low, go to the HQ to pick up more supplies, or radio the beverage channel to bring more.

28 READ IF: KIDZ KIDZ BEVERAGE BOOTH, continued ROOT BEER FLOAT INSTRUCTIONS: Keep several 2-Liter bottles of Root Beer in your ice bins along with the other products. Only prepare floats as ordered, since they do not keep well in the heat. Fill a plastic cup about half full of Root Beer, then open a pre-packaged cup of vanilla ice cream, carefully place the ice cream in the cup, then slowly top it off with Root Beer. Going too fast or putting ice cream first will create too much foam and delay the process. Serve with a spoon.

29 READ IF: P1 – P8 PEPSI BOOTHS – PRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCTS FOR SALE: Pepsi is the official Soft Drink and Aquafina is the official bottled water of the Arts Festival. The product line-up this year is: 20 oz Aquafina = $1.50 20 oz Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Lemonade, Green Tea, Mountain Dew = $2.50 G2 Grape & Fruit Punch = $3.00 STOCKING INSTRUCTIONS: ~ Chill product in blue bins with ice (do NOT drain water out of the blue bins – ever) ~ Have designated bins for flavors so you are not having to search for each purchase ~ Ice is located in the large cube shaped bonner behind your booth (grey or blue boxes). Please alert your volunteers to check here for ice before calling for more. ~ Tip for restocking – pull cold product to the front and add warm product to the back of the blue bins. That way the cold product is always in the front. ~ When you are running low on a particular flavor(s), ask someone with a radio to call the beverage channel. Please remember to let us know exactly what you need.

30 READ IF: P1 – P8 PEPSI BOOTHS – PRODUCT INFORMATION, continued RECYCLING Large Aquafina branded recycling bins will be placed around the festival site. Please encourage customers to recycle their bottles when they finish their drinks. HELPFUL TIP Work in pairs so that one person is handling product and the other is handling money. It is much easier to handle money with dry hands. Dipping into the ice water can get cold, so remember to switch off.

31 READ IF: S1, S2 SNOW CONES – PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS PRODUCTS FOR SALE: Snow Cones = $2 small, $4 large (cherry, grape & blue raspberry) SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS: Set-up Snow Cone machine on back table and plug it in using extension cord. Place bottles of syrup on the front table. Open one bottle at a time and insert syrup pump. (Reuse pump every time a new bottle is opened.) Lay carpet remnant under syrup so any spills do not land on the ground. Set out the napkin dispenser and straws on the front table for self-service. Locate your ice supply, in the large cube shaped box (either gray or blue) behind your booth.

32 READ IF: S1, S2 SNOW CONES – continued SNOW CONE INSTRUCTIONS: About 10 to 15 minutes before the opening time, start running ice through the snow cone machine. Do this by using the large metal ice scoop or the plastic pitcher to pour ice into the top receptacle. Then press down on the handle to push ice through the grinding mechanism. Pre-grind no more than one bag of ice at a time – otherwise too much will melt before it can be purchased. It will be a balancing act to figure out how much to grind at once – pay attention to the rate of sales and adjust accordingly. As customers place orders, fill cones or cups with ice using the small scoop. To ensure quality, do not pre-fill cups unless there is a line of customers. To remain in compliance with the Health Department, always wear plastic gloves when handling ice and always use the ice scoops. Customers can put on their own syrup. Let them know that the small cones need one pump of syrup and the large needs two. Check levels of cups, syrup, ice, napkins and straws frequently. If you are running low, go to the HQ to pick up more supplies, or radio the beverage channel to bring more.

33 READ IF: W1, W2 WINE – PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS PRODUCTS FOR SALE: W1: 4 Cru Vin Dogs Varietals (2 white, 2 red), sold by the bottle and by the glass W2: 13 Cru Vin Dogs Varietals, sold by the bottle, by the glass, or through a tasting program Prices and menus will be posted at the booths SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS: Organize supplies, including cups and only open one sleeve of each size at a time. Using the corkscrew provided in your supply bin, open one case of each product. Please do not open any more than one case at a time. Replace the cork into the bottle to minimize spills. Locate your ice supply, in the large cube shaped box (either gray or blue) behind your booth. Using the wine chiller buckets, ice down 6 bottles of each white wine. The Pinot Noir should not be chilled as its best served room temp. Tip for restocking bottles – pull cold product to the front and add warm product to the back. That way the cold product is always in the front.

34 READ IF: W1, W2 WINE – PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS, continued SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS: Our glass of wine is 5 oz. We will provide a sample cup with the 5 oz line marked so you know how full to pour each glass. Although it can be tempting to pour all the way to the rim, customers can actually get upset if the glass is overfilled and spills on them or is difficult to handle. Plus, wine inventories are defined by this 5 oz rule, so if you over-pour, inventories will be off and your group can be held accountable. Sales by the bottle – KEEP THE CORK. It is important to note that all wine purchases at the festival must be consumed on the event site. People can walk around with their wine, but please let them know when they purchase that they will not be allowed to take it home. You can explain to customers that this is a matter of liquor license regulations – we are only permitted for the festival grounds. Empty bottles can be placed back into the empty cases. Place boxes behind your booth so the trash company can take them to the recycling dumpster. Please do not allow anyone to throw waste in the bottles as it can contaminate an entire load of recycling. Check levels of wine and cups frequently. If you are running low, ask someone with a radio to call the beverage channel and remember to be specific letting us know what you need.

35 READ IF: W2 WINE PAVILION NOTES SPECIAL NOTES FOR W2 – WINE PAVILION: Cru Vin Dogs personnel will be working in the tent all weekend, along with their charity partner volunteers. Follow their lead – they are the wine experts! Your group will be doing ALL of the cashiering, and they will be there to assist with pouring, talking about the wines, etc. The tasting program is $5 for 3 tastes and $7 for 5 tastes. Custom glassware with the CCAF and CVD logos are available for $2 per stem. Quantities are extremely limited. (Because of the small quantities, CCAF is not including these glasses in our rule against glass on the site, so customers are welcome to walk around with them.) Festival-goers are not required to make a purchase to enjoy the seating available in the Pavilion. Please assist us in keeping an eye on the tidiness of the tables, and call for the cleaning company when needed.

36 READ IF: ALL A, B, and W RULES FOR LIQUOR SALES PLEASE ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING RULES: Post laminated liquor license each morning in a visible location within the booth ID everyone to be sure they are 21 or older If you think the purchaser may have a fake ID, notify security No sales staff under 18 can serve an alcoholic drink ; sales staff must be 21 or older to pour an alcoholic drink (by state law) Only two alcoholic beverages per customer are allowed at one time (by state law) Do not serve a customer who is visibly intoxicated (by state law) WINE – keep all corks. No full bottles may leave the event site. You have the right to refuse service to anyone if you have doubt

37 READ IF: ALL (except Pepsi booths) Health Department Regulations The supplies that are picked up from headquarters on Friday morning will include: Sanitizing BucketsHand Washing Station (1) 2.5-gallon bucket(1) Water jug (6) rags(1) 2.5-gallon bucket (to catch gray water) (1) small bottle of bleach(1) soap dispenser (1) tube of bleach testers(1) paper towel roll Go to the corner of 2 nd & St Paul or 2 nd & Milwaukee and fill one bucket about half full with water. The fire hydrants will be ready for use. Turn the spigot slowly and always remember to turn off the water after use. Add only 2 capfuls of bleach to the bucket of water. Use the bleach tester to test the sanitizing solution. Your solution should be at least 100 parts per million on bleach tester. Store the rags in the sanitizing solution when not in use. Place the water jug on a table in your booth. Set-up one empty bucket underneath the jug to catch any water. Sales staff must wash their hands after breaks and before serving customers. Soap dispenser and paper towels must be visible to the public.

38 READ IF: ALL (except Pepsi booths) Health Department Regulations, continued A laminated copy of our non-profit status will be provided in your supplies and serves as our health license. Please use tape to post it in your booth (above the hand washing station). Ice scoops must be used at all times. Never use your hands or cup to dispense or serve ice. Dump wastewater, sanitizing solution, and catch bucket water in the wastewater barrels located directly behind your booth. You may be sharing a barrel with the closest beverage booth. If barrel fills up completely, contact a Beverage Committee volunteer and they will make arrangements for pickup. Never dump wastewater in gutters, planters, lawns or storm drains. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW! At the end of the festival, return all sanitizing and hand washing supplies to Headquarters. CCAF volunteers will be checking that all supplies are returned properly. The Health Department will be checking your booth, so please be prepared for inspection. CCAF does not know the exact times the Health Department will be onsite, so please follow regulations at all times. Because Pepsi is all bottled, there is no need for hand washing or bleach buckets.

39 READ IF: ALL GENERAL INFORMATION Schedulers, know your volunteers… volunteers, know your schedulers. Communicate with each other a few days prior to the festival to confirm shift schedules. There is no drinking of alcohol while working at the Festival. Stay hydrated. Headquarters is stocked with cold Aquafina to keep you hydrated. When you need a break from your booth, want to grab a drink, sit and relax for a few minutes, please go to the NPP Headquarters. It is important that you not help yourself to the water, soda or other products that are in your booth, since a mismanaged inventory can result in financial penalty. If you want to send a runner to bring back up to five drinks at once, that is also permitted. While the show opens at 10:00 a.m., we are ready to open at 9:30 a.m. to welcome our guests even as they arrive prior to the scheduled opening. Help us keep the event clean. If you see a piece of trash, please pick it up and put it in the nearest trash can. We want our event to be clean and comfortable. NO: Bicycles, Glass Bottles, Roller Blades, Skateboards, Large Placards or Signs. NOTE: All packages are subject to search. Baby strollers ARE permitted at the Arts Festival. Everyone is welcome at the Arts Festival, regardless of age, dress, haircut or personal style. The only requirement is that our guests treat each other with respect. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into, or removed from, the site. No smoking is permitted within any tent, structure or in any seating area on the site, and is also prohibited in your beverage booth.

40 READ IF: ALL HELPFUL HINTS Count back accurate change to customers Keep track of booth inventory levels at all times Know the names and responsibilities of your volunteers Organize inventory on counters and in storage areas Clear booth of all trash and cardboard Approach the customer; stand towards the front of the booth; anticipate sales (no loud hawking please) Help customers; direct them to other areas of the Festival; answer questions Authorize all transactions; count deliveries and record properly Use the pouring and serving techniques demonstrated in training at all times Wash your hands before shift begins and after breaks Wipe up spills immediately; use waste water barrels Open only one sleeve of cups at a time

41 READ IF: ALL WHAT NOT TO DO: Do not put out tip jars at any time – they are not allowed Dont reduce pricing on any products; no discounts or refills, no empty cup give-aways, no trades Dont turn your back to the customer and leave product within easy reach Dont sell ice – refer everyone to headquarters to purchase ice Dont leave the booth wearing your money apron. You should never remove money from the booth at any time. Dont combine your inventory (product, cups, ice, etc) with any other booth Dont drink, eat or smoke in or around your booth Do not sit on top of the ice bins NEVER pour damaged product on lawns or in storm drains Dont leave spills on tables or booth counter tops Dont let trash build up in or around booth Dont pre-pour product; ice will melt, cups will warp, customers will be unhappy

42 READ IF: ALL GENERAL FESTIVAL INFORMATION: ATM: Eight ATM machines will be located throughout the event site Accessibility Hour: This is a reserved access time for seniors, individuals with mobility concerns and those requiring less crowded conditions to view the art. Accessibility hour is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 5. The Arts Festival is fully accessible during all other hours to disabled visitors and seniors. Diaper Changing: A diaper changing station is located on Milwaukee Street between 2 nd & 3 rd. Disability Parking: Reserved parking for vehicles with valid disability credentials is a located near 3 rd & Steele. First Aid: Anyone needing medical assistance should go to the First Aid Booth at 3 rd and Fillmore. Festival Stores: Festival Stores are placed at locations throughout the grounds. All of the Festival stores accept credit cards and feature a variety of apparel and commemorative posters. Lost and Found: Lost & Found is located at the Information Booth at 3 rd & Fillmore. Items not picked up will be taken to the CCAF office after the event. Lost Parents or Children: Direct lost persons to be reunited at the Information Booth at 3 rd & Fillmore. Rest Rooms: Portable facilities are located throughout the site along 2 nd and 3 rd Avenues in the alleyways. Emergency Calls: Contact the Festival office at (303) 355-2787 or call Renee Ortiz at (303) 570- 4482.

43 READ IF: ALL TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Drink plenty of water Make eye contact & smile Wear comfortable walking shoes Welcome every guest Wear sunscreen Remember… your enthusiasm is contagious. Most of all… have fun!!

44 READ IF: ALL TRAINING IS ALMOST COMPLETE! In order to certify that you completed this training, email the statement below to: Subject Line: CCAF NPP Training Statement: I have read the information included in the 2009 CCAF NPP Virtual training, I understand the information as presented, and I agree to follow all instructions. Be sure to include your name, your organizations name, and your Booth Number. If you have any questions, please also send them via email. Thank you in advance for your participation in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

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