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An unforgettable Week-End Four adventurers discovering the New York jungle.

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1 An unforgettable Week-End Four adventurers discovering the New York jungle

2 Introduction of people I nes M aëva S teven C oralie

3 Departure Wednesday morning Roland Garros Airport to Paris Orly Aiport Air France 5:00 am Arrival in Paris Wednesday afternoon At 4:00 pm

4 Just one day in Paris H iring of private jet Medium Jets Cost of chartering : $12709 O ne night in a Hotel The Majestic Hotel Rent of the Penthouse Room : $475

5 Departure On Thursday evening Paris Orly airport to John Fitzgerald Kennedy airport Medium Jets 11:00 pm Arrival in New York On Friday morning At 5:00 am In the Jet at the airport

6 First Day F riday R enting of limousine $125 an hour … A nd our driver : Harry

7 F riday O ur Hotel : The Michelangelos Hotel The hall The roomThe reception hall $500 a night

8 F riday 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm T he Hotel s Restaurant

9 F riday 10:00 pm - midnight Dance in a Nightclub Maëva Inès Coralie Tom, Nina, Molly, Cindy, Lola, five friends we met at the club. Steven

10 Second Day S aturday T he Tasty Breakfast

11 S aturday Our Car : T he M agnificent A scari and our playground… …Manhattan

12 S aturday 9:00 am - 11:45 am ShoppingShopping Stevens watchMaëvas Bag The Chanel Shop The Henry Bendel Shop The model who pinched Inèss dress…

13 S aturday Midday - 1:30 pm Lunch at The Louis XVIs restaurant Enough to make our mouth water…

14 S aturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm A nice walk in Central Park Central Park and its beautiful landscapes… And Steven and his lovely Jully… shh ! Its a secret…

15 S aturday 7:00 pm A Great Party on Our Yacht A great Party with friends of our friends… Hiring of the yacht: $95 035

16 Last Day S unday The Sunrise on the Sea We needed courage to admire such a sight !

17 S unday 10:00 am - midday The New Yorks Theater The Play An actor The Marvelous Theater

18 S unday Midday - 5:30 pm Another Stroll in the streets of New York Coralies bag Inèss shoes Stevens glasses

19 S unday 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm The Fashion Show Inès Finally, Maëva pitched on this beautiful dress.

20 An Unforgettable T rip to one of the most dynamic cities New York The four adventurers came back home, their hearts full with memories.

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