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WINDSOR HIGH SCHOOL 2009-2010. STUDENT CONDUCT We ask that each of you be responsible and respectful young adults. Treat all persons and property with.

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2 STUDENT CONDUCT We ask that each of you be responsible and respectful young adults. Treat all persons and property with respect. You make the mess, you clean it. You get something out, you put it back where you got it. You borrow something, you give it back to the person you borrowed it from. Running, pushing, yelling, whistling, racking each other, etc is not acceptable in the hallways. Lockers are school property and can accessed by administration anytime. Lockers are not to be wrote on or damaged. Any student who vandalizes or damages school property such as desks, lockers, classroom equipment, gym equipment, lights, and etc. will pay the replacement cost of the item. Students are not to openly show affection toward each other in the halls, in the classroom, or on school sponsored events. Kissing or hugging is not allowed. All students need to report to the commons upon arrival in the morning and should not be in the hallways except to work with a teacher before the 8:00 bell rings. Students must be in the commons not the foyer by the Superintendents office or outside.

3 VO-TECH Vo-tech students are required to attend the Vo-tech school the days they are in session. If we are not in session, you must still attend. Upon arrival from Vo-tech, students are to come directly to the commons and wait until their lunch shift. Any student caught going to their vehicle will face disciplinary action. If you have a class that would cause you to get dirty, burn your clothing, or cause other damage to your clothing, you will need to bring a change of clothes with you.

4 VEHICLE GUIDELINES Students are to park their vehicles correctly and come into the building immediately. Students are to park in the yellow designated spots. Vehicles are subject to search while on school grounds. Student are not allowed to go to their cars during the school day without permission from the office. Upon becoming a driver, students must register their vehicle in the high school office. If a student violates any of these guidelines, he or she may be prohibited from parking on school property.

5 DRESS CODE Review the dress code. You will be asked to change if you are not in compliance. Dont leave home knowing your arent in compliance and hoping you wont get caught. Shorts, skirts, and dress shall extend below the fingertips with arms placed at sides. Shirts and tops need to have at least 2 inches of material at the shoulder and small arm openings or sleeves. No undergarments are to be worn as outer clothing. No house shoes. Outdoor footwear must be worn at all times. Holes in jeans must be in good taste. Any holes above the thigh must be frayed not a true hole in the jean. No clothing with chains or spikes. No hats, sunglasses, head coverings, large chains or garments with inappropriate writing or graphics. This dress code is not only for the school day but for all games and activities on school grounds, while a visitor at other schools, and field trips.

6 CELL PHONES Cell phones need to be turned off and out of sight once you enter the building at 7:45. It can be turned back on and used after the 3:00 bell. If cell phones are seen, heard, or used they will be confiscated and held for 30 days. This includes the SIM card. No exception. If you refuse to give the phone to the teacher, disciplinary action can be taken. Please make sure you turn your phone off before you hand it to the teacher. The teacher will send it to the office to be put in an envelope with your name and date you will have it returned to you. If you dont want your phone to be confiscated, leave it in your car, at home, or just keep it turned off.

7 ELECTRONIC DEVICES MP3 players and Ipods are only to be used during school hours at the descretion of your teacher. If electronic devices are used or in view without the approval of the teacher, it will be confiscated and held for 30 days.

8 COMPUTER USE AGREEMENT Each of you must sign the computer use agreement before you will be allowed to use any computers in the building. Remember usage of the computer system is a privilege and your usage is constantly tracked. Any misuse of the computer systems will result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension.

9 TARDIES Four tardies in a semester counts as one absence. Tardies are cummulative, not hourly. If a student receives 4 tardies, the student will receive an ASD. The 5 th tardy the student will receive 2 detentions. The 6 th tardy, 1 day of ISS. The 7 th tardy, 2 days of ISS and so on.

10 ABSENCES Attendance and participation are part of a successful learning experience, so students with more that 9 absences in any class in a semester will be issued an academic penalty in the form of a grade reduction. Example: 10 days – 5% reduction. Seniors – 2days of pre-approved college visits. An unapproved absence on the last day of the week will result in the student being unable to attend or participate until they have been in attendance for a full school day. Example: Unexcused absence on Friday, a student would be unable to attend and/or participate until Monday nights activities, provided they are in school on Monday. All students, including those who are 18, who leave school during the school day, must be signed out by a parent/guardian in the office. Athletes are to be in school all day on the day of an athletic event. In exceptional cases a student may receive prior permission from the principal in order to participate or attend.

11 HALL PASSES Students are not allowed in the halls without a teacher or a hall pass. Students are not permitted to leave the classroom the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes of class. There are no exceptions except for those ran through the office. Plan your time during passing time. Students must have a pass to come to the office, go to the nurse, go to the library, and to see the counselor.

12 POP AND SNACKS All soda, food, and snacks are to be consumed in the commons area. A student may carry a closed bottle of water or Gatorade to class. Teachers can request no drinks in the classroom. All outside drinks must be unopened. No fountain drinks of any kind. The snack machine has been removed. We will be opening a school store in the next week or so.

13 LUNCH Two lunch shifts: HS lunch (10:53-11:23) and JH/Vo-tech lunch (11:47-12:17). Each lunch shift is 30 minutes in length. If we find that having 2 lunch shifts does not work, we will go back to the 3 lunch shifts. Students may not charge over $17.00. The lunch hour is closed. Any outside food brought to a student must be brought to the office first and can only be brought by the students parents, guardians, and/or grandparents. Parents, guardians, and grandparents only are invited to join their student for lunch. Prior arrangements is required.

14 ACADEMIC PROBATION Any student receiving a failing grade for the semester will be ineligible until midterm of the following quarter. If at midterm all grades are passing, eligibility will be reinstated until the end of the quarter. Any student receiving more than one failing grade at the end of the 1 st and 3 rd quarter will be ineligible until the following midterm. If at midterm all grades are passing, eligibility will be reinstated until the end of the quarter. If you are ineligible you cannot attend practices, games, contests, activities, dances, parties, cheerleading, athletic teams or competitions, work at concession stands, or any events that do not require attendance for credit or participation grade. Ineligibility will start the first day following the distribution of grade cards.

15 HOMEWORK POLICY AND ASSIGNMENTS Students are responsible for completing all class work and homework. Students who turn homework or assignments in on time will receive 100% of their grade. Students who do not turn their work in on time will have one extra day to turn it in for a % of credit that will be determined by the teacher. If homework is two days late it is a ZERO. Some teachers will be giving you pink slips if you do not turn in your work. This slip must be filled out prior to leaving the classroom. Disciplinary action may be administered to any student refusing to fill out the form or turn it in to the teacher.

16 TEXTBOOKS Textbooks are school property. If you vandalize or damage school textbooks, you will be required to pay the replacement fee for that textbook.

17 UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR & CONSEQUENCES This year we have changed our discipline code to leveled offenses. This gives the teacher more options when dealing with inappropriate behavior. Each time a students breaks the discipline code he/she will be disciplined according to the offense and how many times the student has broken this offense. The goal is to discourage and correct inappropriate behaviors in school. We will have a large variety of incentives and student recognition opportunities this school year for students who behave appropriately, who get to school and class on time, and for students who come to school everyday.

18 ANNOUNCEMENTS Everyday in the announcements we will remind you of the cell phone policy and the policy of not leaving the classroom the first and last 10 minutes of class. As the year gets started we will also announce at the end of the day, the number of tardies for the day and the number of disciplinary actions sent to the office for the day. This keeps you informed of what students are doing in your school.

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