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Center for Government Interoperability CFGIO

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1 Center for Government Interoperability CFGIO

2 Mission CFGIO is designed to save governments from tough economic times Shared Low cost Integrated software applications

3 Non-technical description for business people

4 Economics of duplicative software purchases Business software can be thought of as a set of instructions that any computer programmer can create

5 The city of Beverly Hills purchases instructions from lawn experts on how to take care of its municipal lawns (1)water the lawn (2)mow the lawn The above instructions represent computer instructions

6 Los Angeles duplicate purchase (1)water the lawn (2)mow the lawn

7 All cities, counties, states and federal lawn managers make duplicative purchases (1)water the lawn (2)mow the lawn

8 This type duplication is what government actually does when purchasing business software Beverly Hills Los AngelesAll US cities

9 CFGIO allows for government to collectively purchase the instructions by paying for a Beverly Hills Los Angeles All US cities share a single version 1. License-free copy 2. Only one time 3. Sharing copies of it amongst paying government agencies Price goes down, quality goes up

10 CFGIO creates a nationwide marketplace like eBay Services beyond watering and mowing

11 New instructions are only paid for once Continually provide new instructions Become partners in improving government

12 Collective purchasing power

13 Private industry will have a better chance of selling a much larger variety of projects including large new projects because the cost is now acceptable to government through its group purchasing power

14 New products = More citizen services

15 Private industry/government interoperability planning in action

16 This further improves the innovation and planning partnership between lawn experts and government Vendors are moved out of duplicative products to new or enhancing products

17 CFGIO creates national forums to spur interoperability

18 Redesigning incentives improves the business model

19 Key concepts Private industry will not have intellectual property rights Only one production version of a government function will be allowed: 1.Channels private sector innovation to new development, enhancements or interoperability 2.Other developers can count on integrating with only one specific subject area system for planning purposes Door 2. Stable target; which property database? THE only property database

20 Enables nationwide planning CFGIO stabilizes current and future, state and federal connectivity allowing interoperability planning

21 Duplicate effort CFGIO transforms into New services (1) Police vacation schedule (2) This enhancement is put out to bid in the marketplace like all other products

22 Stovepiped systems CFGIO transforms into Interoperability High school connect inventory system connects to their fiscal system

23 Individual product planning CFGIO transforms into Government- wide planning 1. DoD handoff 2. Soldiers falling into cracks

24 What is missing in today's environment is that government is not set up to give private industry incentives to consolidate and integrate government

25 The incentive is actually the reverse 1. Property records cannot rollup standards 2. Vendor wastes energy going 3. Incentivizing silos 4. CFGIO designs incentives

26 Enterprise-wide system integration is key Bidding systems already exist such as GSA Advantage, DoD EMALL and FedBid A missing key component is interoperability with other products

27 CFGIO emphasizes enterprise-wide interoperability Cross-agency coordination Business process reengineering Innovation Efficiency Many of government's largest problems are related to business software systems that are not integrated

28 Without continually updated interoperability, you cannot re- engineer your business processes CFGIO was designed at the outset to build interoperability

29 Open source on the cloud

30 Scope A single CFGIO is recommended for all states and federal government Each system will be 50 times more expensive if CFGIO does not handle all states and federal government. Each state running its own CFGIO will create 50 new silo systems. Nationwide planning will be balkanized. Planning and discussion forums will be severely impoverished due to lack of participation. Only the depth of a national audience is enough to bring out the best analysts willing to join discussions. Starting small should not be confused with limiting scalability. We dont want to design lack of scalability

31 eBay-like bidding system Broker 2. Put yourself into shoes 3. Click

32 Subject areas are only for new or enhancement products 2. Notice forums

33 Video tour 2. Florida attorney general 3. Not working hard to save the world like DOIT. If the numbers arent there; TIME D 4. Tendency for vendor to build out 21 st Century 5. Requirements management





38 Developer demos Demos showcase integration Improved requirements management

39 CFGIO Laboratory Developers integrated testing area Interoperability testing with all currently existing systems One version lets them plan with other systems others are developing 2. Police working on a fresh crime

40 CFGIO Lab for government clients Mirror of the production version Allows clients to collectively test, compare and comment upon software from many vendors Improves requirements management

41 Private industry is allowed to demo integrated systems not yet requested by government

42 Much larger community of analysts plan government's "to be" vision

43 Business functionality is missing because it lies in between the cracks of silo systems

44 Developers given a framework to build functionality in previously neglected areas

45 With permission to pre-build integrated solutions, vendors will strive to fill in missing interoperability throughout government so that the whole web of government is rapidly improved

46 Clients need to test drive the demos

47 CFGIO Lab creates working demos that vendor and government developers have built One hand of government knows what the other

48 CFGIO breakthrough concepts Group software purchases Integration of all business software purchases New government/private-industry partnership model From an integration perspective, current incentives drive government to self destruct 2. CFGIO creates framework for efficient nationwide planning 3. CFGIO incentives quickly fill gaps with quality systems

49 Perspectives

50 Organizational Structure Perspective Organizations are not designed to make group purchases CFGIO gives agencies someone to go to; helps them discover opportunities; Too busy to join committee

51 Sociological perspective Government leaders meet collaboration resistance Takes inertia problems out of individuals hands; Changes time dynamics

52 Legal/financial structure

53 Economists perspective Governments needs include integrated services but current purchases are made with a limited scope This creates an inefficient market which does not serve all of governments needs. Government procurement process distorts the market CFGIO creates an efficient procurement market addressing governments needs comprehensively

54 drives inefficiencies out of government by adding missing governance for the creation of interoperable software systems

55 Transform government By incentivizing the right kind of innovation, the Center for Government Interoperability provides a new framework for sustained government improvement

56 Implementation plan Dog catcher; Dont need NIST, servers; Save cash –starved governments; generate revenue;

57 Questions?

58 Center for Government Interoperability CFGIO Contact: Alex Glaros,

59 Appendix When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted to transform the city's underperforming public school system, he used funds from private organizations to test ideas before spending public money on a citywide rollout, a strategy that proved to be vital to its success. College example CLOUD HELPS UNIVERSITIES CUT COSTS BY 74 PER CENT – - A group of seven Colorado counties have found a way to drive their hosted software costs downward each year. Instead of purchasing cloud computing services from a vendor that will raise its prices progressively, the agencies are purchasing hosted software services from one another. In 2008, Pueblo County, Colo., began delivering cloud- computing-style hosted county assessor and treasurer software services to six other counties.

60 Review of how markets are channeled through a new business model Microsoft allows only one version of a utility, e.g., a disk writing utility

61 But it allows the world of vendors to market improvements for that utility. Microsoft still uses world markets to find products, but channels them into a confined, single area that is constantly improved.

62 Otherwise, the operating system would be unstable

63 Outside companies have a stable location to go to for planning purposes

64 Two processes are integrated Planning Product improvement

65 UMass Boston

66 Transformational to business side Projects were completed much faster Project quality was much higher Greater programmer collaboration Greater business side collaboration Productivity went through the roof

67 Solutions in all areas of business Inventory Finance Project management Etc.

68 Many unexpected business benefits were revealed

69 Unlocked data allowed more opportunities for innovation and agility

70 Clients were extremely satisfied New business advantages Data was prescient Easier to get reports Reduced workload Reduced errors

71 Success factors: (1) Continual contact with clients (2) Modeling data to translate data model into client solutions

72 UMass Boston Each time a new software system was installed, it was completely and totally integrated, not just partly, but with every possible data connection fully implemented. Every table and field was examined for enterprise integration.

73 Continually tuning the organization

74 UMass Boston One of the first data-integrated organizations in the country

75 UMass Boston data governance Built process improvement into the DNA of the organization

76 FBI FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III

77 FBI had competent vendors and project managers install their system On time On budget On scope. Good data modelers QUIZ: What was missing?

78 Answer: a comprehensive way looking at the interconnection of problems and prioritizing them in coordination with the enterprise data vision Hidden requirements were not identified. No organizational structure existed to ensure enterprise-wide interoperability. A process that continually takes the enterprise-wide view of how to implement change. They just added systems to the rest like a manager of a fleet of cars adds a new car. They didnt check for interoperability. The problem was repeated over and over again for each new FBI project. Data governance was missing.

79 Legal foundations permitting operation AUTHORIZING STATE STATUTES State of California Statutes California Code California Government Code Title 1 General Division 7 Miscellaneous Chapter 5 Joint Exercise of Powers Article 1 Joint Powers Agreements

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