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Marcia Girdler Project Coordinator AP/Travel Peggy Robinson Travel Supervisor Shannon Lucey Travel Clerk Jeremy Bruner Controller Fax

2 INTRODUCTION 1) Employees may be paid travel expenses when they are required to travel away from their "official station" on university business. 2) The main function of the Financial Accounting Travel Office is: To process travel requisitions in a timely and accurate manner To follow regulations of the State of Arkansas 3) Travel may only be processed when all state-required and university-required approvals and/or documents have been completed and received by the Financial Accounting Travel Office.


4 Employees traveling on official business must complete and sign the Authorization to Operate State Vehicles and Private Vehicles on State Business VSP-1 form if they have not already done so when hired. All drivers should be provided with copies of their VSP-1 and the Driving Safety Tips. For more information, please see the Physical Plant website at

5 Mileages The Office of Accounting, a Management Division of Department of Finance and Administration, has conveyed a traveler can’t claim just gasoline, but MUST claim mileage for personal vehicle. Gasoline paid with a Sponsored credit card will be netted with the mileage claimed for personal vehicle. The university will reimburse only for official miles driven at the current current rate of $.35 per mile.

6 Mileage can be found at:
The shortest route must be selected. If leaving directly from the residence, mileage shall be reimbursed between the travel site destination and the employee's official station or residence whichever is less. Vicinity miles must be listed separately on the day it was incurred the TR-1. The license plate number must be noted on the TR-1. No mileage can be claimed on rental vehicles.

7 The traveler’s insurance is primary
The traveler’s insurance is primary. Rule 4 of the travel regulations says, “The state assumes no responsibility for any maintenance, insurance, operational costs, accidents, or fines incurred by the operator of the vehicle while on official business for the state.”

8 Student Driving UCA has no insurance to cover students driving personal or rental vehicles.  If a car with a student driver is involved in a wreck, UCA could be sued.  If a UCA employee is driving students and has a wreck, the employee's insurance is primary, but UCA has secondary insurance.  

9 An itemized receipt/s zero balance tax breakdown traveler’s name.
Lodging An itemized receipt/s zero balance tax breakdown traveler’s name. One state employee can’t pay for another state employee’s travel expenses.

10 A faculty or staff member should not share a room with a student.
Students may share rooms. Faculty and staff may share rooms. You may share a room with an adult from another university but not with a student.

11 The daily maximum for lodging is limited by the federal per-diem rate.

12 For Continental United State click on the state or enter the city and state
For Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories rates For international rates

13 Missouri Max lodging by Month
Example of the Maximum Allowed in the US Missouri Max lodging by Month 2012 2013 Meals Primary Destination* County Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Standard Rate Applies for all locations without specified rates 77 46 Columbia Boone County 80 51 Jefferson City Cole County 79 Kansas City Cass County, Clay County, Jackson County, Platte County 99 61 St. Louis Crawford County, Franklin County, Jefferson County, Lincoln County, St Charles County, St Louis City, St Louis County, Warren County, Washington County, 104 66 St. Robert Pulaski County

14 For foreign travel, 10% must be deducted from the price of lodging that is listed on the federal per-diem rate. This is a state regulation.

15 Example of the Maximum Allowed on Foreign
Country: CHINA Publication Date: 09/01/2013 Country Name Post Name Season Begin Season End Maximum Lodging Rate M & IE Rate Maximum Per Diem Rate Footnote Effective Date CHINA Beijing 1-Jan 31-Dec 258 119 377 View 3/1/2012 Changchun 167 100 267 N/A 4/1/2013 Chengdu 153 88 241 8/1/2013 Chongqing 99 83 182 5/1/2006 Dalian 166 108 274 Fuzhou 161 114 275 1/1/2011 Guangzhou 220 158 378 11/1/2011 Guilin 168 268 8/1/2012 Haikou 187 122 309 Hangzhou 152 111 263 9/1/2011 Harbin 101 288 Jinan 121 85 206 Kunming 127 212 11/1/2007 Lhasa 131 52 183 Lijiang 67 77 144 Nanjing 80 224 Nanning 250 Ningbo 143 103 246 Other 147 115 262 4/1/2012 Qingdao 157 245 5/1/2011

16 Maximum Foreign Lodging
Location Type Maximum 10% Beijing China Lodging 258 25.80 232.20 Maximum you could claim

17 Special lodging authorization if over the maximum daily allowable rate.
UCA TRAVEL EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FORM, TR-1 Name of Payee: Marcia Girdler Sponsored Credit Card Yes x No Department Name: Financial Accounting Travel PO Number: P Official Station: UCA Department Index: 703000 Account Number: 717115 Campus Phone #: Private Vehicle License # MSLILLY Address: Campus Address: Wingo 113G UCA Student: X Individual: Blanket: UCA Employee: If No List Employer: Was the traveler reimbursed from another funding source for any travel expenses being claimed on this form? If so provide details. Amount of the Advance: $200.00 Are phone/internet charges business related? Mode of Travel: personal vehicle Were meals provided by the conference? None Some All List passengers/s: Special Lodging Authorization - (Total room rate - See UCA Travel Regulations) Reason why less expensive lodging was not selected: Conference hotel Per Diem Rate Cost Per Day Number of Days Total YOU MUST PUT THE COST PER DAY AND THE NUMBERS OF DAYS YOU ARE REQUESTING AUTHORIZATION TO RECEIVE FULL REIMBURSEMENT. $104 $125 6 $600.00 XXXXX 2

18 Meals The daily maximum for meals is also limited by the federal per-diem rate.

19 The maximum a traveler can be reimbursed on the first day of travel is 75% of the daily allowance for meals depending on the departure and return time. On the return trip Conway should be used to find the daily meal maximum permitted at 75%.

20 Domestic Travel Maximum Allowed 46.00 51.00 56.00 61.00 66.00 71.00
First Day of Travel 34.50 38.25 42.00 45.75 49.50 53.25 Breakfast 7.67 8.50 9.33 10.17 11.00 11.83 Lunch 15.33 17.00 18.67 20.33 22.00 23.67 Dinner 23.00 25.50 28.00 30.50 33.00 35.50 Last Day of Travel

21 Alaska, Hawaii, and Foreign Travel
First Day of Travel 75% of the daily limit Breakfast divide the daily limit by 6 Lunch divide the daily limit by 3 Dinner divide the daily limit by 2 Last Day of Travel 75% of the daily limit for last day of travel will normally be Conway.

22 UCA does not have a PER DIEM.
A TRAVELER MAY ONLY CLAIM ACTUAL EXPENDITURES UP TO THE MAXIMUM. Allowable meal expenses are determined by the departure and return times. A traveler must leave at or before 6:00 a.m. to claim breakfast A traveler must leave before 1:00 p.m. to claim lunch. A traveler must return at 11:00 a.m. or after to claim lunch. A traveler must leave before 6:00 p.m. to claim dinner. A traveler must return at or after 6:00 p.m. to claim dinner.

23 For example, on a trip to St
For example, on a trip to St. Louis MO the maximum allowed for meals on the first day is $49.50 (75% of $66.00) for a full day’s travel. Breakfast: You leave at 5:30 a.m. so the maximum for breakfast is $11.00, but only $10.25 is spent. Lunch: You spend $20.50 and the maximum for lunch is $22.00. Dinner: You spend $30.35 and the maximum for dinner is $33.00. Your actual total for the day was $61.10, but only $49.50 may be claimed for reimbursement since this is the first day of travel (75% of the $66.00).

24 On the return trip from St Louis, MO the maximum allowed for meals is $34.50 (75% of $46.00).
Breakfast: You spend $7.50 and the maximum for breakfast is $7.67. Lunch: You spend $14.50 and the maximum for lunch is $15.33. You arrive home at 5:00 p.m. Thus you spent $22.00 for meals the last day of travel. You would be reimbursed only the $22.00 of your actual expenses for meals.

25 Tips are limited to 15% per meal, not to exceed the maximum meal allowance per day.

26 Direct Billing The direct billing request should be completed when requests for payments are for food, lodging, and room rental for, but not limited to: Staff Development University Advancement Activities of the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities Faculty and/or Student Recruitment Faculty and/or Student Orientation Student Training/Development

27 University of Central Arkansas State Employee Meals and Lodging
Direct Billing Request Form Requisition Number: Date of request: Date of event: Location of event: Description of event: Reason for the Direct Bill Request: Name and Title of State Employee(s) attending: Benefit to College: Vendor: Total projected cost: Date: Request By: Dean/Department Head Approval Vice-President/Provost Approval Travel Administrator Note: Send this approved form to the Travel Administrator, Marcia Girdler, Wingo Rm113 for Direct Billing Approval. It will then be forwarded to Purchasing.

28 Direct Billing Account code should be 717117
Direct Billing Commodity code should be 96283

29 Meals without overnight stay
The following conditions apply: The day travel period must be for a period of twelve hours or more. Itemized meal receipts are required. Maximum allowed for reimbursement is $34.50 (75% of $46.00). An explanatory memo must be provided that justifies the request for meal reimbursement. The memo form is on the Travel website and it is entitled “Memorandum for Day Travel without Overnight Stay”. Must be signed by: Employee Dean, chair, or supervisor Vice president

30 Day Travel without Overnight Stay
University of Central Arkansas Special Authorization Day Travel without Overnight Stay The benefit to the university for the travel away from my official station was: I am requesting reimbursement for meals associated with this travel as I was on university business from (leave time) until (return time) on (travel date). Signature of Employee Date Signature of Dean or Chair or Supervisor Signature of the Vice President/Provost Signature of Travel Administrator

Remember that reimbursements for meals that are provided by the conference are not allowed without documentation of: Religious beliefs Health reasons Conducting official business 

32 Ways to pay for Registration and Lodging:
Personal credit card/funds (reimbursed after submitting trip expenses on a TR-1) Departmental Sponsored credit card Ghost credit card Internet - you must come to the Travel Office Registration form - the ghost credit card form plus the registration form must be sent to the Travel Office.

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS REGISTRATION PAYMENT REQUEST FORM UCA GHOST CREDIT CARD UCA Employee Name Guest of State Name Banner's Department Accounting Index Banner's Travel Account # Travel PO# address Phone # Conference Name Dates of Conference Contact Person Conference Phone # Conference Fax # Registration Amount Comment: Employee Signature Date Attached completed copy of Registration Form The Travel Office does NOT make registration for conferences. In order to pay for conference registrations over the Internet using the UCA Ghost Credit Card, you must come to the Travel Office and use one of the computers in the AP/Travel Office. Travel Office Use Only Date Confirmed _________________________________ Confirmation # _________________________________ Contact Person _______________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Travel Supervisor or Designee _________________________________________________________

34 Separate PO - Cross reference the requisitions/Travel PO’s
A copy of the conference agenda plus documentation showing which foods are provided at the conference must be attached to the TR-1.

35 Chosen method of travel must serve UCA the most economically.
You may consider costs of traveler’s time, safety, parking fees, baggage fees, hotel and meals, etc.

36 AIRLINE TICKETS Purchase at least 14 days prior to travel.
Airline tickets to be purchased less than 14 days in advance must have approval in writing from the President before purchasing airline tickets. No first class ticket! The class of seating needs to be listed on the receipt.

37 Airfare must be direct paid!
Can’t purchase airfare with personal funds and get reimbursed.

38 A traveler can only be reimbursed for one personal baggage fee per flight.
This doesn’t include baggage for equipment necessary to perform your duties while on your trip. UCA is not allowed to reimburse a traveler for preferred seating.

39 Ways to pay for airfare:
Ghost credit card Internet - You must come to the Travel Office Departmental Sponsored credit card Conway Travel or any other travel agency Normally the fees are higher Conway Travel is $20.00

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS AIRFARE PAYMENT REQUEST FORM UCA GHOST CREDIT CARD UCA Employee Name Guest of State Name Banner's Department Accounting Index Banner's Travel Account # Travel PO# address Phone # Destination City, State, County, & Country Departure Date Return Date Airline/Travel Agency Contact Person Airline/Travel Agency Phone # Airline/Travel Agency Fax # Confirmation # Comment: Ticket Cost Booking Fee Airfare Total $0.00 Employee Signature Date Attach copy of Itinerary The Travel Office does NOT make airline reservations. In order to make an airline reservation or payment over the Internet using the UCA Ghost Credit Card, you must come to the Travel Office and use one of the computers in the AP/Travel Office. Travel Office Use Only Date Confirmed _________________________________ Confirmation # _________________________________ Contact Person __________________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Travel Supervisor or Designee ____________________________________________________________

41 Cancelled Airline Ticket
Most of the airline tickets are non-refundable. Usually a portion of the ticket’s value can be used on another trip. An explanation must be noted as to why the trip was cancelled. Document the attempts that were made to receive credit on behalf of UCA for the unused airline ticket. The cancelled or voided ticket should be attached to the sponsored credit card log.

42 Rental Vehicle These are to be used for official business only and must be more economical than a taxi, airport shuttle, etc. Enterprise has the state contract. (Enterprise® Operating Alamo, Enterprise, National, and WeCar) Tina Strickland in Physical Plant can help you with local rentals For all other car rentals please use the Enterprise website Justification for the rental vehicle must be completed to receive reimbursement and must include number calculations of the cost savings. Example: Cheaper by $8.40 to rent a car than to collect mileage on my own car miles round trip from Tulsa to .35 a mile= $ Rental and gas= $161.00, no University car available. Any personal usage must be noted and deducted from the expense claimed.

43 Miscellaneous Expenses
These include only expenses necessary for performance of official duties. Detailed receipts are required on all expenses. List on the TR-1 under incidentals. Reimbursement of phone calls/internet must be for official business and noted on the TR-1. It is acceptable for dues to be included in a conference registration fee. Otherwise, dues must be paid on a Purchase Order.

44 Non-State Employees Meals, lodging, and transportation, etc. may be paid when it is beneficial to UCA. If non-state employees are claiming their own expenses, a Travel Purchase Order must be processed prior to the trip. The TR-1 shall be completed after the trip and include itemized receipts. When claiming expenses for a Guest of State, include name of guest and provide explanation. Expenses for the guest should be listed under incidentals; therefore, itemized receipts for everything (as well as meals) must be included. Other people who work for the State of Arkansas can’t be claimed as a Guest of State. They must have their own TR-1 and their itemized receipts.

45 Moving Expenses ·Approval in writing by the administrative head or vice president must be attached to the TR-1. ·The account code is ·The commodity code is 96256 ·An approved travel purchase order. ·Attach the itemized receipts to the TR-1 and forward them to the Travel Office.

46 All moving expenses are reported to Human Resources for recording on W-2’s.
All meals relating to moving expenses are subject to tax withholdings. Storage expenses are not taxable if incurred within 30 days of the move. Transportation/lodging during the move is not taxable with receipts. See IRS publication 521 for more information on moving allowance.

47 Items reimbursable: ·Packing material ·Crating by commercial moving company ·Loading and unloading by commercial moving company ·Actual transportation expenses ·U-Haul rental

48 ·Mileage for personal vehicle driven (shortest route at $.35 per mile)
·Meals consumed on the road with itemized meal receipts (must abide by federal per diem rate and are subject to tax withholdings) ·One night’s lodging if moving more than 400 miles (itemized meal receipts required)

49 Items not reimbursable, but not limited to:
·Recreational vehicles ·Boats ·Other items not normally used in the home

50 In order to do a Travel PO you will need to know:
1) WHERE - destination 2) WHEN – dates 3) WHY - purpose 4) WHO – if paying a registration directly to the vendor 5) One time or re-occurring 6) Allowable maximum rate to estimate expenses on lodging and meals.

51 Travel Account Codes: WHAT type of travel in order to determine the correct account code to use. Acct code Commodity code Individual Travel-Official Business Acct code Commodity code Group Travel Acct code Commodity code Individual-Travel Conference/Conv Acct code Commodity code Webinar and On-Campus Seminar Acct code Commodity code Dir Bill Meeting Space Rent & Food Acct code Commodity code Recruitment Travel Acct code Commodity code Charter Services Acct code Commodity code Rental Cars Acct code – Commodity code Employee Moving Expenses

52 These are the only things that are required.
Document Text: WHEN: 9/15-21/2012 WHERE: St. Louis MO WHY: 21th Annual Legal Issues in Higher Ed. Estimated airfare- $493.00 Registration -$300.00 Lodging-$125 x 6 days = $750.00

53 Document Text Where St Louis MO (lodging meals 66) When 9/15-21/13 Why ABC Educational Conference United Airlines $493.00 Registration $300.00 Lodging 6 $ without tax $750.00 Meals $414.00 Mileage $22.40 Miscellaneous $100.00 $

54 Standing Travel Order – re-occurring
2 to 12 months cannot cross fiscal years when, where, and why are needed in document text. Daily maximum rates will apply to all lodging and meals

55 Wrong Way Standing Travel PO Correct Way Document Text: Various cities
Various dates Research Correct Way Various cities in OK and AR Various dates Oct 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013 Research for grant

56 Charter Service Travel PO
Document Text: 56 passenger bus for the Women's Basketball team Destination: Tulsa, OK Departure Date/Time: 7:00 a m Return Date/Time: 11:00 p m Pick-up & Drop-off Location: Farris Center parking lot UCA bid#: UCA Refers to Group Travel PO# P in Carla Red’s name

57 Advances Advances are limited to 50% in the US.
75% in foreign countries. 90% group travel No advances are allowed for airfare, registration, or lodging. Advance checks may be picked up 1 to 2 working days prior to trip in Wingo, Room 113. The traveler must sign a Travel Advance Agreement.


59 PO processed for the estimate total expenses

60 Changing the amount of the PO will change the amount of the advance.

61 ABC Educational Conference
Continental Breakfast served Monday to Thursday Lunch provided Monday and Wednesday Banquet Thursday night

62 Travelers' Daily Meal Expenses
Traveler's Name: Marcia Girdler PO # P Cost Tip Total Date: Sunday, September 15, 2013 Thursday, September 19, 2013 Breakfast - Lunch 15.00 2.25 17.25 16.00 18.25 Dinner 25.25 3.50 28.75 Snacks 1.50 TOTAL 41.75 5.75 47.50 17.50 19.75 Maximum allowed 34.50 22.00 Monday, September 16, 2013 Friday, September 20, 2013 10.00 11.50 17.00 2.55 19.55 30.00 4.50 57.00 8.55 65.55 33.00 66.00 Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Saturday, September 21, 2013 5.00 0.75 20.00 3.00 23.00 8.00 3.30 33.30 55.00 Wednesday, September 18, 2013 25.00 3.75

63 Date: Monday, September 16, 2013 Breakfast - Lunch Dinner 30.00 4.50 34.50 Snacks TOTAL Maximum allowed 33.00

64 A TR-1 must be turned in within five working days after return to Official Station (UCA).
Failure to submit a TR-1 in a timely manner may result in suspension of advance privileges.

65 A B C

Name of Payee: Marcia Girdler Travel PO Number: P DATE DETAILED EXPENDITURES (OTHER THAN MILEAGE) TRAVEL BY PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLE Departure & return times NAME OF TOWN VISITED COMMON CARRIER HOTEL ROOM MEALS TAXI INCIDEN-TALS** PHONE TOTAL PER DAY FROM TO MILEAGE DRIVEN RATE PER MILE AMOUNT CLAIMED 09/15/13 Dep St Louis MO 34.50 30.00 64.50 Conway AR 32 0.35 11.20 Ret 5:30 AM ** 09/16/13 33.00 0.00 09/17/13 * 09/18/13 28.75 09/19/13 19.75 09/20/13 65.55 09/21/13 23.00 70.00 123.00 Little Rock Airport  5:00 PM B SUB-TOT EXPENDITURES 239.05 60.00 369.05 SUB-TOT MILEAGE 64.00 XXXX 22.40 **A)Postage B)Parking Fees C)Registration D)Emergency Car Repairs E)Guide Services for the Blind & Wards of State F) Minor Purchases G)Meals for State Guests H)Other (Explain) *Hotel tax rate RECAPITULATION 15.00% EXPENDITURE CLAIMED $369.05 Jeremy Bruner MILEAGE CLAIMED $22.40 Approval Supervisor (for Guest of State the Department Head) Signature of Traveler* TOTAL CLAIMED $391.45 Project Coordinator AP/Traveler Amount Owed Traveler $123.45 Travel Office Signature Title *By signing this form you are stating that the figures are accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge and that actual meal expenses, not per diem, are included on this form up to the maximum allowed.

67 UCA's Travel Expense Reconciliation Form
Expenses on the Ghost Credit Card, Sponsored Credit Card, or on a PO Name of Payee: Marcia Girdler Travel PO Number: P DATE NAME OF TOWN VISITED PO # or CREDIT CARD TYPE HOTEL ROOM COMMON CARRIER RENTAL CAR INCIDEN-TALS** OTHER REGISTRATION FEE (C) TOTAL DIRECT BILLED PER DAY TOTAL FROM TR-1 GRAND TOTAL DAILY EXPENSES 09/15/13 St Louis MO 125.00 493.00 300.00 938.00 75.70 * 20.00 ** C 09/16/13 145.00 33.00 178.00 09/17/13 34.50 179.50 09/18/13 28.75 173.75 09/19/13 19.75 164.75 09/20/13 65.55 210.55 09/21/13 0.00 134.20 01/00/00 SUB-TOT EXPENDITURES XXXX 870.00 391.45 **A)Postage B)Parking Fees C)Registration D)Emergency Car Repairs E)Guide Services for the Blind & Wards of State F) Minor Purchases G)Meals for State Guests H)Other (Explain) *Hotel tax rate

68 *By signing this form (TR-1) your are stating the figures are accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge and that actual meal expenses, not per diem, are included on this form up to the maximum allowed.

69 Now require supervisory approval on the TR-1 or for Guest of State the Department Head
Excessive expenses Claiming per diem rate everyday instead of actual expenses Personal use Actual travel dates (regular and standing) If trip was cancelled Other sources of funding

70 Common Errors Use the most current version of the TR-1 Form
Submit all three pages even if there are no charges put on the credit card. List any charges that were put on the Ghost Card or Department Sponsored card or paid on a separate PO for the traveler . If not employed by UCA put employer’s name. Internet charge, check appropriate box. Comment Section – Anything that you think would be helpful to process the TR-1. A good example is to explain why there is no hotel charge. When claiming mileage on a personal vehicle be sure to put license plate number on the TR-1. Vicinity miles must go on a separate line. In and Out times (time left and time returned from your trip). Correct line on hotel (white box for daily rate and gray box for taxes). Correct line on incidentals (white box for amount and gray box for explanation code). If you put foot note code H for an explanation code on your TR-1, then explain what it was for.  Moving Expenses – Approval Documentation for payment must be attached to the TR-1 and correct account code of

71 Settling Travel/TR-1 TR-1 must be completed and in the Travel Office within five working days after return to Official Station (UCA). Travel advance must be settled in 23 days after return to Official Station. If an advance has been given: If expenses exceed the advance, the Travel Office will direct deposit your reimbursement. It is now mandatory that all reimbursements be direct deposited. If expenses are less than the advance, the Travel Office will notify the traveler of how much is owed and the date that it is due. Dates and destinations of travel must match Travel Purchase Order. If expenses are more than 10% over the Travel Purchase Order, a change order must be completed. (See Purchasing Manual for instructions.)

72 Group Travel A written explanation of the purpose of the trip with a list of group members must be included. Account code & commodity code 96288 Several faculty, staff members, or students traveling together do not constitute group travel. If there is no sponsored card, a 90% advance is given 1 to 2 working days prior to the trip. Itemized receipts for EVERYTHING including meals The Group reimbursement form with itemized receipts stapled to the back must be in the Travel Office within five working days upon the return of the trip. If expenses exceed the Travel Purchase Order for the trip by more than 10%, a change order form must be processed through the Purchasing Department. Expenses not covered are flowers, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or other similar expenses.

Name of Payee: Travel PO Number: Department Name: Name of Group: Department FOAPAL: Total Persons in Group: Campus Phone #: Number of Staff: Address: Number of Students: Campus Address: Amount of the Advance: Mode of Travel: Vehicle License Number: Date City, State Lodging Meals Incidentals* TOTAL $0.00 Totals N/A *Please explain Incidentals and you must have itemized receipts. Difference ITEMIZED RECEIPTS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL EXPENDITURES, INCLUDING MEALS. Signature of Responsible Party

74 Athletics Entry fees should be paid for with a Purchase Order Invoice/pamphlet must be sent from the vendor directly to the Travel Office or to

75 Click on Check Banner messages to see them

76 If the message is too long you can see it all by clicking on the pencil.


78 You can set on any document number and select “Options” and then select the screen associated with the type of transaction of the document number where the curser is setting. For example, if you set on P and select Purchase Order Information [P ] you can see the purchase order details. A B C C A B

79 You can do “Next Block” by select “block” then selecting “Next” from the toolbar or you can do “control + page down” on the keyboard.

80 List below is the first screen
List below is the first screen. If you keep doing “next block” you can see all the detail that goes with the purchase order.

81 The letter in the “Status” block indicates the status of the process
The letter in the “Status” block indicates the status of the process. A “C” in the requisition and purchase order “Status” block indicates they have been completed, but not approved. “A” means approved. FGIDOCR

82 The “F” means the check has cleared the bank
The “F” means the check has cleared the bank. Please keep in mind that it takes about a month from the time the check clears the bank before it is updated in Banner. If there is a need to know if a check has cleared the bank before then contact the Financial Accounting Office.

83 select “Options” then “View Status Indicators”
To see a list of status indicators and what the letter stands for you can select “Options” then “View Status Indicators”


85 Go to FGIENCD to see the balance on a purchase order.

86 This is the balance on your PO

The Sponsored credit card can be used for, but not limited to: Airline tickets Charter buses if not required to be bid Hotels Meals with a team/group of students. Incidentals within the scope of normal group travel Conference fees Must have itemized receipts as well as the credit card receipts stapled together.

88 The card holder will be expected to reimburse the University for all improper receipts and/or items purchased that are not allowed per UCA or State of Arkansas travel procedures

89 Improper use of the card could jeopardize you and/or the department from keeping a UCA sponsored credit card. For example: (but not limited to) Purchase of tobacco and/or liquor Purchase of group apparel – T-shirts, jackets, shoes, etc. Not providing itemized receipts

90 Travel Card Transaction Log
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS Travel Card Transaction Log Travel Card Liaison: Card No: Dept: Card Cycle Date: PO# Traveler's Full Name Destination City & State Departure & Return Dates Trans Type Transaction Date Vendor Name Total Cost Accumulated Expenses - Total Please send a justification memo for each lodging over the per diem rate I certify that the above purchases were made for "official business" use only and were purchased in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth by the University of Central Arkansas. Date: Department Head:

91 Billing cycle is from 16th of the month to the 15th and is due by the 20th.
Due by the 20th of each month.

92 When the balance on a PO reaches “0
When the balance on a PO reaches “0.00” Accounts Payable will close the PO even on standing orders.

93 Recap of new items TR-1 Now has a place to list passengers
Must be signed by your supervisor Can’t claim just gas but must claim mileage Must attached an itinerary or agenda for all conferences There is a new form for calculating advances

94 Approving Travel Requisitions
The Travel Office approves travel requisitions three times a day. In the morning (8:00 to 9:00) At noon (11:00 to 1:00) At the end of the day (4:00 to 5:00)

95 Questions

96 Thank you for coming!!!

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