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Hes My Son: The Story of MICAHs Mission M inistry to I mprove C hild and A dolescent H ealth.

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1 Hes My Son: The Story of MICAHs Mission M inistry to I mprove C hild and A dolescent H ealth

2 He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

3 Each year, about 12,400 children are diagnosed with cancer… …and 2,300 die

4 Cancer is leading cause of death by disease in children… …despite dramatically increased survival rates for certain types of childhood cancer.

5 Childhood leukemia is a blood forming cancer. It is thought to have beginnings in the womb From exposures passed from mother to her unborn baby At critical stages of development

6 Jarrett Micah-Smith McElheney was diagnosed at 4 with childhood leukemia

7 An investigation by environmental health agencies found that the McElheney family was exposed to toxic chemicals…

8 …chemicals, including benzene, which came from nearby industries

9 Their very deep well was permanently shut down.

10 Their risk for cancer increased.

11 Jarrett responded well to therapy and now is an active 11-year-old… …free of cancer.

12 It is Jarretts mission to tell his story so that others can live healthier lives. - Jill McElheney

13 After traveling to Washington, DC, in 2002, Jill realized what she had already been doing on her own -- looking for causes of illness, and offering support to families in need, was what needed to be done. Starting MICAHs Mission was her next step. Photo from Athens Banner-Herald, 2002

14 Rooted in their Christian beliefs, MICAHs Mission is not meant to exclude those individuals or families that do not share their values. Jill says, [it is] to see the bigger picture, and leave our children a better future and environment.

15 Taking Action… Citing the need for rural families to know about the possibility of contamination, MICAHs Mission has met with Georgia legislators…

16 Helping families research the history of their property Make reduced cost water tests available Set up a remediation fund Some of the topics that MICAHs Mission has discussed with law-makers include:

17 In April 2004, MICAHs Mission joined forces with local government agencies, UGA, concerned citizens and other local coalitions to form the Northeast Georgia Childrens Environmental Health Coalition

18 Bringing it Home… Simple things you can do to reduce your exposure include: Use vinegar and lemon juice as natural cleaners Remove work clothes before entering the home and wash separately Remove your shoes at the door – to reduce the amount of contaminants brought into your home

19 Contact MICAHs Mission MICAHs Mission P.O. Box 275 Winterville, Georgia 30683 706.742.7826 (p) 706.543.1799 (f)


21 References and Sources urces/fact_sheet.shtml Rural Roads, June 2004: Georgia Family Turns Sons Illness into Childrens Environmental Health Movement Unless otherwise noted, all photos were provided by MICAHs Mission or are public domain images.

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